Mystery #kanchi os# part 2 by vrusha!


Hi guys I m vrushti back with the new part of os mystery!!! Part one was written by our beloved trishu but the mystery was not disclosed so I thought to disclose it as I have some idea about it!!! So its a vrusha os! First part by trisha and second part by me….hey trishu I m not a great writter like u but tried something to write with my small imagenary mind…..hope u all will like it guys and if dont and if dont then I m present here to take ur sandles and rotten tomatoes!! Hey anne dear I read ur os prem ya paheli and loved it sorry that day I was having my exam so didnt commented but wanna tell u that its a bit a very bit similar to ur os actually I was surprised with a bit similar concept!!! But dont worry its not fully similar!…so now enough of my bakbak…

Lets start…
Recape- sanchi was new intern in sdch but when she joined there was no name of kabir heard by her!! Eventually she gets to meet kabir’s soul! Their journey of love starts…they both keep falling for each other but eventually he gets disappeared!! After some days he comes back fit and fine but didnt recognise sanchi!! Sanchi becames sad and loose hope that he will recognise her but afterwards he makes her realise that he remembers the time they both spent together!!….. but the mystery is that how did he came back as he had a car accident?!! The first part tells us that when he gained consciousness he found himself in car and that too he was driving the car!!!

So now lets start….

There was a daily routine of everyone of sdch…no big news no drama nothing…the days were going as they go always!! It was like a daily simple dal made in home but as the days were passing some rumors were adding masala with tadka to this dal! Yaa u r right! The rumors were kabir and sanchi’s love affair!! Which was now become a breaking news for everyone!….all started gossiping behind kanchi…..kabir didnt minded it at all as he accepted that he loves sanchi but sanchi was irritated by such gossips as she was having a aim of fulfilling her mother’s dream and become a big doctor….she started hugely avoiding kabir!! Kabir tried to talk her but of no use as she was not ready to listen…he was wanted to say something important but as she was ignoring him he couldnt tell her!
One normal day…
Kabir called sanchi to his cabin for some profesional work!….
Kabir- dr sanchi I want u to read the book named phycology of humans for ur next case which I m going to assign u as u .
Sanchi-ok sir I will read it from hospital library….
Kabir-no miss sanchi that book is not available in sdch library u will get it only in city library! I want u to go and read it there!!
Kabir-that too today!!
Kabir-that too now!!!
Sanchi-ok sir!!! (Her eyes became wide as her eye ball will now drop down!!)
She leaves from there angrily!!!
And as the orders of mr.khadoos she goes to library….
In library
She starts finding the the book in science area but while finding her attention was caught by history area!! Her legs unknowingly started walking and finally stopped in front of a big book named epic love…it was a biography of a two lovers who died for their love!…she took that book and started reading it….while reading she went into flashback!!
The story starts from…
A girl shouting…
Girl- no!!! No!!! I m not gonna marry that senapati’s boy!!!
Her friend- but I have listened that he is very brave and handsome!!
Girl- but he is not a rajput!!! I will only marry rajput!!
(The girl is 16yrs old rajkumari swarda!!)
Her friend got irritated by her and went away….
Swarda to herself- no I cant marry him!! He is not brave!! Only rajputs r brave!!! I will run away from here!!!!

So guys story continue soon…
Love u all…

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  1. Riyarocks

    haha….CVR…..tune toh kamaal hi kardia……superrrrrrr se uparrrrrrr waala part tha…but tune precap kyun nahi dia???hame kitna tarsane ka plan hai apne os ke nxt part ke liye??? ok ok zyada nahi poochoongi….I know, tu bohut busy hai aaj kal…..chal…baad mein baat karte hain…..luv u sweetieeeeeeee……….

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank you love u too

  2. Anonymousaa

    OMG this is so awesomeeeeee.
    I am soooooo happy that u r continuing that OS.I really wanted to know what might have happened in the past.
    I remembered Magadheera with the history idea though I know this is different.
    I am toooo eagerly waiting for next part.Plz post asap.

  3. Its really unpredictable for me that some one has such credentials to move on story as such. U r such a fab. Writer. Dear if possible pls. Complete the story of other writer who drop the same in middle. I highly obliged if u or any other writer complete the story of a danger game of love and sabbir/kanchi married to Mr.Khadoos. if u know the writer pls. Request from my side to complete the same. I highly obliged.☺?

  4. Sooo amazing…. Update soon

  5. Anee

    hey vrushti dear no need to say sorry…I’m glad that u liked my previous Os….but dear ur idea imagination is really osm…continue it dear sooonnn..eagerly waiting for ur this fantacy os…I really loved fantacy adventures…luv uh dear.

    1. Anee

      Dear…means don’t worry about it…instead of sorry…

  6. It’s amazing dear please update soon can’t wait even I want to know what happened in past

  7. Dhruti

    hey vrushti dear…… are you? btw os was superb and sanchi bola gaya hi psychology book and she going to read love story book when kabir know what he will do with her that can’t be imagine…………….i’m waiting for that one part that os was awesome and mind blowing………and no need to say sorry because it was superb os………… you and where is trisha?………….

    1. Dhruti

      and one request update this s regularly if possible please…………….

  8. RuCh23

    Awesome Vrushti ??? please continue soon ??? I know you have an amazing story planned for us ???

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanku soooo much dear and I have already posted it and it uas also appeared on tu page…..u can read it dear and thanks again for ur such sweet compliment….

  9. Khamoshi

    RJN ..sorry for late commenting..but ur mystery part was awsm i must say.. how u created library scene..i just felt i am reading some suspense novel. Too good dear. Post soon

  10. Sorry for late comment dear….mystery part was unbelievable …. U nailed it sweetie….lots of love to u.

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