A mystery girl (OS)

A mystery girl

Hi friends. I am new here. This is my first ever OS. I need all ur loves and supports. So plz support me for my new journey as a writer.

Note: No proof reading done. If u will find any grammatical mistakes or any typical error then kindly ignore it.

So now stop myself and starting my story whose name is


Story starts from a dark room where three persons were talking something a very serious matter that seriousness was showing on their faces.
1st girl: I will be destroyed him . For him my lfe, my soul is not with me.

Boy: Don’t worry. We would be won . We will be destroyed him fully.so no one can not dare to cheat a girl in future.

2nd girl: Relaxed. Don’t stress urself.we will win because truth is our side. And every evil is die at end so now he will also end.
Three persons are hugged each other and make promised will destroy the man.

A big office has shown a mid twenty handsome boy sit on a chair holding a small girl photo on his hand and thinking about something when he listened a knock on the door and came back to the reality.

Man: Come in.Everything is ready Aman ( secretary )

Aman: Yes sir.( man looked Aman angrily)
Sorry si.. Sanskar but its office . Here I am only your secretary.

Sanskar and Aman ‘s fathers were business partner and they both are friends from childhood. Something happened in his life for which he is doing secretary job on Sanskar ‘s office.

Sanskar: But 1st you are my friend then secretary . By the way lets go. We are late.

This time a beautiful early twenty girl stood in front of a big industry and on the top of roof has written as SM INDUSTRY in capital letter.when she entered the office a bunch of girls sat in front of a cabin. In front of the cabin SM CABIN has written as in bold letter. Everyone are very nervous because this is an interview for pa of S.M who is a ruthless and angry man. A small mistake and u will be thrown out of office. But this girl is looking very normal and calm like she doesn’t care about it. She sat a corner and waited for her call. After sometime Aman come and told her go inside.

Girl: May I come in sir( her melodious voice back to the man in reality)

sanskar: Come in and have a sit

Girl: Thanks

sanskar : I think u know about the post and will also gain some information about ur boss . So 1st tell me about you.

Girl: I am Kavita Malhotra. I have completed my graduation and PG in Oxford University on scholarship and before some days I have returned back to India. I want this job because SM company is Kolkata’ s no. 1 company and India’ s one of the most leading company.

Sm : Impress . So miss Kavita u are appointing as my pa . From tomorrow u can join. Aman gives her appointment letter and all the details about her job.

Aman: Yes sir and kavita congratulations and come outside I will give all the details about ur job.

Kavita: Yes. Thank u sir tomorrow I will join u and left the room.

Aman handed over the appointment letter and make understand all things.

Aman: Ur 1st work u will reach at correct time because sanskar does not like late comers. Then at 9 a.m he drinks his black coffee without sugar. Then most important thing he doesn’t like the person who doesn’t obey his orders and does not finished his given work on time. If u will manage these particular things then u can stay here more than 6 month. So best of luck.

Kavita: Thank u Aman. But Aman, sir’ s previous pa what is her name ha Ragini why she left this job? Anything happened with her? Actually I just want to know that’s why I will not repeat that type of mistake?

Aman: ( in serious tone) kavita u are appointed as sir’s pa so just do this job. I will meet u tomorrow. By and left the place.

Kavita: (Monologue) don’t worry Aman I have come here only will do my job and this is my job only.

Next day in office

kavita and sanskar in her chamber discussed about something when one person entered the room.

Person: Hi sanskar . How are u ?

Sanskar: (Look the person) hi Nikhil. ( Nikhil sanskar’s college friend and one shareholder of his company) I am fine. U remembered na today is the most important day for us. We will be got this contract any how. You know if we will get this contract then our company will get the 1st position in India. We have tried our best since last 6 month. We cant loose this.

Nikhil: Don’t worry friend. U will be got this contract only. And I know how much time u have spent this project so no doubt ( he saw the girl who has stood beside sanskar) asked to sanskar( through his eyes) who is she?

Sanskar: She is my new pa Kavita Malhotra.

Nikhil: ( to kavita) hi (forward his hand) I am Nikhil Sareen friend cum shareholder of this company.

Kavita: Hi I am Kavita( shake hands with Nikhil) but she feels some strange behaviour from Nikhil like he rubbed her hand like having other intentions and his eyes were showing lust towards her .

Sanskar: So lets go . Meeting will be started after some time.

All left the Chamber towards the meeting hall. All are worried who will got the project. At last it goes to SM company. But two person don’t happy get this news.

Night same three person are discussing something.

1st girl: He got this project . Now he became india’ s best businessman now he is more powerful than before. Now how can we defeat him. I tried my best but I couldnot stop him. See now we loose it. Now how can we fight with him?
Boy: that’s true now he is more powerful than before but trust me we will be won Kavita ( yes the 1st girl is kavita) and we would be won at last. And our work will start tomorrow itself. We can’t wait more. Kavya u know na what will u do?( 2nd girl is Kavya)

Kavya: yes sahil we will be started tomorrow itself. All my paper work has done today. I will send it tomorrow in SM office.
Kavita: I am wanting to see his reaction when he will see the papers. So mr Maheswari game will be start now.

Sahil: He is a police officer. Loves kavita like his own sister. Boyfriend of Kavya.

Kavya: She is a best lawyer in Kolkata. girlfriend of sahil. Her sister is kavita.

Next day office

At office room sanskar, Nikhil, Aman and Kavita are present when watchman come to the room for handed over a courier

Watchman: (to Aman)sir this courier has come on name of Sanskar sir

Aman:who has sent it

Watchman: don’t know sir I just received now

Aman: u may go now. (Watchman left from room)

Sanskar: what is this Aman.

Aman : don’t know sanskar. Its seems like some court papers .

Sanskar: court papers! Ok open it.

All are watching Aman very carefully but kavita is only watching sanskar and his each expression.

Aman: sanskar this is a case paper . Anyone filed a case against u.

Sanskar: which case ?who filed it?

Aman: (serious face) Sanskar anyone filled ragini’ s kidnapped case against u. And the lawyer is kavya sharma.

Sanskar:who is kavya sharma and why anyone filed Ragini ‘s kidnapped case? What nonsense is this?

Nikhil: Kavya Sharma! Sanskar, she is the best lawyer in Kolkata. And what ever I have listened about her she doesn’t lose a case till now.

Aman: Exactly Sanskar now a days she is the no.1 lawyer in Kolkata. But I don’t get that why are she fighting against u? And who filed a case against u. Everyone knows that u are loving Ragini so much. Don’t know where is she? Why does she leave u?

Sanskar: Aman fixed a appointment with miss Kavya. I want to meet with her personally.

Aman: But sir, she doesn’t meet anyone about on the case

Sanskar: Aman I am giving u money to listen ur lame excuses.

Aman: Sorry Sanskar

Sanskar: Then do what I said and inform me quickly. And all of u leave now.

( before leaving kavita saw to sanskar and smriks. Ur count down starts now Mr Maheswari )

Sanskar: (monologue) where are u Shona? See everyone are thinking I have done something with u . But u know na ur sanskar loves you. Plz come back soon. I can’t listen anything if anyone will tell something about my love ❤. Who filed a case against me. Where about I know u, you are a orphan and u have no relatives . Who is this Kavya and why is she interested in this case?Oh god . Like I will make a mad very soon.

Kavita chamber

Kavita: ( hold a photo where two girls hugged each other and kept a smile on there faces) where are u Ragini? See I came back India before 10 days. But still now I am not meeting with u . U promise me when I will complete my study and come back to India u will be the 1st person who will present on the airport.( a tear escaped her eyes) but u did not come. One month Ragini one month u won’t received my phone calls ?. Where are u ? What happened with you? Plz Ragini tell me na . I can’t leave without u. Plz come back( holding the picture cried loudly) wiping her tears and said I don’t leave u Mr Maheswari. U would be got ur punishment very soon. U should be punished.

kav: ( on phone) target ? has leaved from here. Now ur work has started. Best of luck.

Kavya office

Sanskar has sited in front of Kavya.

Sanskar : So u r Kavya Sharma. Am I right?

Kav: Yes, and u r Mr sanskar Maheswari ( in murmur voice) and our target.

Sanskar: Excuses me

Kavya: Sorry but why were u wanting to meet with me? If u will want to talk something about case then i am sorry I can’t help you.

Sanskar : But I think you will only one person who can be helped me. Tell me who has filed the case against me. What he wants. Tell me.

Kavya: Wah Mr here miss Ragini missed from above 10 days . And till now nobody has known about her. When she missed she was staying in ur house. So u r the 1st person who will be suspected.

Sanskar: But I am not doing anything dammit ( loudly)

Kavya: This is not ur office nor I am not ur employee. So behave urself. U are in my chamber.

Sanskar: ( calmly) look I have not done anything. We were going to married soon . And this is not a forceful decision for both of us. We are loving each other. But I think u are not believing me. So fine we will meet on court. ( and leave)

Kavya:( On phone) he leaved now but I am thinking we are missing something. We will talk about it later . By

Night sanskar room

Sanskar:( holding the small girl photo on his hand and remembered some past events)

Flash back starts

In a garden a small 7 year boy has bowed his head and stand in front of 4 senior boys who are laughing on him continuously. And the boy has stood kept silently.

1st boy: U know friends sanky ( the 7 year boy is our sanskar) doesn’t know how to wear uniform . Till now his mother is wearing him his uniform ( all laughed)

2nd boy: Really then his mother will see everything.

3rd boy : He also don’t know how to brush.

4th boy: Really poor boy ?. Hahaha…

This time a 5 year girl came here with her friends and listened all these things.

Girl: ( told to her friend loudly) u know yesterday when I was going to my home principal complained something about a student to his mother and his mother has beaten him in front of principal. And see this one is same boy( forwarded hand towards 1st boy) and this boy( forwarded hand towards 2nd boy) who forgot to zip his pant chain and this day everyone laughed on him. Poor boy. And he is( when she started telling something about 3rd boy everyone left the place quickly. All girls laughed on them. The 1st girl moved towards sanskar

Girl: Why u r not told anything? They were talking rubbish and u had kept silent?

San: I don’t want create any scene. The 1st boy is my neighbour. If I said something then he will be complained in front of my parents. By the way thanks. I am sanky. ( forward his hand towards the girl)

Girl: I am Shona . Friends ( both shake their hands) I am living this orphanage ( pointed a building near the garden) Now we are getting late . See u tomorrow in this time here. By

After this day sanky and Shona are very good friend. Everyday he was going to park for met her and sometime he was going to her orphanage. So orphanage ‘ s father has known sanky as friend of Shona


Sanskar: I miss u Shona. After 18 years we have met again . This time u also leave me. Plz come back. I can’t stay without u. I love ❤ u Shona. I love ❤ u.( cried holding the photo closed near his heart)

Same night at Kavita’s room

Kavita : What happened Kavya? Why are u so silent today ? After sanskar and ur meeting u are thinking something . What’s the matter now u will tell us .

Sahil: Yes kavita is telling true . After evening I also saw u , you are thinking something very deeply. What’s the matter baby told na ( hugged her in sideways )

Kavya: ( released from hug) actually I am thinking are we going on right path( kavsah saw her surprisely) sanskar told that he loves Ragini and believe me I could feel the love, pain and truth on his eyes. I can’t forgot these two eyes.

Kavita: What rubbish are you saying? Here Ragini is missing only for this man and my friend is supporting this man .

Sahil: Really Kavya I don’t believe u . U believed this man who is the main caused of all these things.

Kavya: I know u don’t believe me. But I am thinking this is a total different matter till now which we also cannot find it. By the way she called me today. After one month she is coming back to India.

Sahil: And u are saying now.

Kavya: Sorry but I forgot it.

Kavita: Now what will we do? Here we are not started our mission. But I don’t want trouble her. So before one month we should complete our mission . 1st we will search Ragini.

Sahil: But we don’t know anything. So how will we proceed?

Kavita: Don’t worry. I am thinking if I will search in office then I will get some information which can help us.

Kavya: Ok then tomorrow we both will search Ragini’ s hostel room . Now we are leaving u sleep. Good night

Kavita: Good night

Morning in office

Sanskar: ( hand over a file to kavita) kavita gives this file to Maya( receptionist).

Kavita: ( on reception) Maya, Sir gives this file to u. U will check it and attached with data in computer.

Maya: ( while working in computer) ok kavita I will do it after some time. Now I am adding our previous employees data on office project. So after that I will do it.

Kavita: U need any help Maya.

Maya:Actually yes if u r free then plz u tell the datas and I am feeding it on computer.

Kavita: Ok. Give me the files.

They both do their work . At last one file left when she read the cover page her eyes are brimming and in a trembling voice told Ragini Gododia. When she turned the page she has surprised to see the picture.

Kavita:( to Maya) who is she?

Maya: (Look at the photo) she was sir’ s previous pa Ragini

Kavita: Are u serious? She is sir’ s pa

Maya: Obviously, we worked together for a month.But u asked me like u saw a ghost ? . By the way tell me her details.

After some time they had finished their work and kavita ran to her chamber and 1st thing she did she called sahil and told her meet victoria cafeteria with Kavya after one hour.

After one hour all are met at cafe .

Sahil: What happened kavita? Why are u called us like this? ( sahil and kavya look each other and then looked kavita’s blank face. Who does not say anything from after their arrival time .

Sahil: What happened kavita? Why are u so silent?

Kavya: Yes kavita tell us ? What is the matter? Why are u so silent today?

Kavita: ( murmuring) she is not my Ragini. Today I saw her photo she is not my Ragini.

Sahil and Kavya don’t understand anything.

Sahil: What r u saying . We can’t understand anything.plz say clearly.

Kavita: ( loudly) till now what we are thinking and what we calculated everything is wrong. The girl who worked SM company from before one month she is not our Ragini.

Kavsah tell in union: What?

Kavita: Yes guys she is not our Ragini. See this picture who worked past one month in SM company.( saw a girl photo on her mobile)

Sahil and kavya looked at each other and told : who is she?

Kavita: Exactly friends who is she? And main thing how she got Ragini’ s documents? And where is Ragini now?

At this time a girl come there covered her face with scarf and she searched someone. At that time kavya’ s phone ring . She excused herself come from outside and dashed with same girl.

Kavya: I am sorry . I couldn’t see u.

Girl: Its ok ( this time her scarf had felt down on floor and revealed her face)

Kavya: Shocked to see the girl. When she came back to her sense she couldn’t find her. The girl already had left the place. She ran back to kavsah.

Sahil: Kavya, Why are u running ? What happened?

Kavya: Vo vo I saw her out side of the cafe.

Kavita: Whom were u saw Kavya?

Kavya: Ragini who was working on SM company ?

Kavita : what? Now where is she?

Kavya: I don’t know when she had gone from there.I am sorry

Kavita: How could u so irresponsible Kavya u know she is only one way where we can get information about Ragini. Now where will we search her?

Sahil: Relax Swara. I think she will not go far away from this place. So come on lets go we will search her.

Everyone left the place and searched the girl. After sometime Kavita saw the girl ,who stood on the auto stand.

Kavita: Hai u listen

Girl:( saw Kavita and ran from there)

Kavita: ( followed her) hai listen why are u running? I said stop now.

At this time a truck came on opposite side and made an accident with this girl . The girl died at the spot. Kavsahkav are surprised to see the dead body.

Other place one person told something his boss.

O.p: Ur work has done and disconnect the call.
The boss is laughing madly.

Boss: No one can come between me and my dream. No one.( again laughing madly)

Kavita was looking the girl blankly. When her phone beeped various times which come back to her reality. She attend the phone.

Kavita: Hello.

Sanskar: (in phone) where are u dammed ? After sometime meeting will start and u are no where. After 10 minutes. I want to see u in front of my eyes . Is that clear miss Kavita.

Kavita : Yes sir( disconnect the call and leave the place.

In office

Kavita: ( Stand in front of Sanskar in meeting hall) I have some emergency so I left the office hurriedly. I am sorry for that.

Sanskar: Ur one sorry and I will forget all ur mistake. How could go outside without my permission. U know na today is a big day for our company and foreign delicates are coming to see our project and u are( interfere by Aman)

Aman: Sir foreign deligates has come.

Sanskar: Then invite them.( to kavita) where is the file?

Kavita: In ur chamber.

Sanskar: Then bring it quickly.

Kavita searched the file on the table when the papers are fallen on the floor .when she collected the papers she saw a photo. when she saw the photo she was surprised to see it. At this time Sanskar entered the chamber and saw Kavita has caught a photo on his hand. He immediately went towards her and snatched the photo from her hand.

Sanskar: (look angrily ) what r u doing here? How much time u need will bring a file?

Kavita looked him without blinking her eyes.

Sanskar:(greeted his teeth angrily and said) I asked something to u . Answer me dammit. U don’t have got any manner. How could u touch my personal things.(hold her arms very harshly )

Kavita: (winks in pain) sir leave me.It’s hurting me.

This time Aman entered the chamber and told

Aman: Everyone waiting for u Sanskar.

Then Sanskar and Aman left the cabin.Kavita was looking blankly towards the door and then she also left to attend the meeting.

When Kavita was going to meeting hall she listened someone is talking the price code of tender on SM company. She was trying to see him but couldn’t see him because he stood far from her and his back faced to her. After sometime meeting started and the tender goes to SM company. Everyone clapped for Sanskar but someone hell angry with this decision.

At night a man continuously was drinking alcohol( drinking injurious to our health for advertisement) and then thrown every bottles which present on side table of the house bar.

Man: I can’t loose it. Every time u are defeating me all the time Mr Sanskar Maheswari. If this stupid girl didn’t act very smart then now ur all property belongs to me. But this cheap girl ditched me at right time and has shown me her true colour. So she should be got punishment na. So I punished her( raised his hand upwards) and sent her there. But I missed u Suhani my darling. If u never ditched me then u are living a happy life. But sorry dear I cannot forgive a cheater.
And behaving like a mad . He remembered how he made a plan against Sanskar with his girlfriend Suhani. How he changed her identity and appointed as his PA. How he mixed some medicine in Sanskar juice and unconscious state he locked him with his girlfriend. And forced him for this marriage. And these happened because of this innocent and foolish girl Ragini Gododia and how can I forget this photo mean Ragini ‘s childhood friend Shona . Because without her this plan has not gone to its end.

Flashback starts when false Ragini was Sanskar’s PA

Before 1 month a big industry shown and upper the industry has written in big letter SM industry . There many employees are working. Then a handsome mid twenty old boy come from his BMW car. He is looking very dashing and handsome. Any guesses who is he? U all r 200% right
he is our hero sanskar. When he passes through the corridor all girls employees are drooling over him like he is a candy and they will eat in one bite. He is the hot topic of his office. But he is care about it. Then answer is no. He is not care about it. He is a arrogant and ruthless businessman who does not care anything and specially anybody.

Sanskar:( To his pa ) everything has arranged . This time I don’t want any mistake from our side. This meeting is very important for me.

Pa: Yes sir. Everything had done on time. I also checked it. So u don’t worry.

Sanskar: Ok.i trust u Ragini.( guys she is Suhani who has came here on Ragini ‘s identity which I told u just before the flash back)

Ragini: Thank u sir

Sanskar : Then lets go.

On meeting room every board members are present when sanskar enter with his Ragini. Everyone stand for him

Sanskar : ( authority voice) good morning to everyone plz be take ur sit.
The meeting is going on and lastly everyone clapped and the deal goes to sanskar.

In office sanskar chamber

Sanskar : Thank u( to Ragini)

Ragini: But why sir? Its my duty and ma……

Sanskar: I know I know its ur job but phir bhi thank u.

Ragini : Its ok

After one week everything is perfect going in office. Today is a busy day for SM industry because he has got a share holders for his dream project.

Sanskar: ( to Ragini) everything is ready.

Pa: Yes sir . Sir before meeting u signed these papers .

Sanskar: Ok. Now leave all board members are waiting for us.
In meetings hall one person come infront of sanskar and hug him

Person : Hi sanskar

Sanskar: Oh hi Nikhil after many years we are meet again

Nikhil: Oh yes because after our education u are so busy in ur business and no contact with anybody.

Sanskar: No yaar not like that actually u know na after my father’s death I have engrossed myself in business.so that’s why I have no time to meet all of u. I am sorry ?

Nikhil: Its ok
Then a voice come behind Nikhil

Ragini: Sir everything is ready . After sometime meeting will start we will leave now.
Sanskar: Yes . Nikhil meet my pa Ragini Gododia

Nikhil has turned and saw a beautiful girl standing in front of him . He is just gazing her in his lusty eyes . Just then a announcement announced . All are leaving the meeting hall. After some hour meeting is over very successfully.
All are congrats sanskar and evening a party arranged for his success.

At evening partyhall

Everyone gathered and enjoying and congrats sanskar . This time at a corner a man handover a packet and money to a waiter and pointed his finger towards sanskar. The waiter nodded and mix the packet on a juice glass and handover it to Sanskar.

Other side Nikhil collided with Ragini.

Nikhil: I am sorry. Actually I can’t see u

Ragini: Its ok. And then she left to washroom. At that time someone come behind her and spray something on her face and everything has blurred in front of her eyes and someone took her in a room.
other side Sanskar drink the juice and he feel some uneasiness and went to his room for fresh .when he entered the room it locked from outside. Sanskar shouted for open the door but after sometime he also senseless on the floor. After sometime the door was unlocked and a man entered the room and saw the senseless Sanskar and he put him on the bed next to a sleeping girl and laughed loudly

Man: U r destroy now. Wait and watch tomorrow is ur last day . Good by Mr Maheswari.


Sanskar opened his eyes very difficulty because some noises were coming which was disturbing his sleep. Very difficulty he opened his eyes and in front of his room many people are gossiping and reporters were flashing light from their camera . And he slept in all naked on his bed and his all belongings lied on floor. But he was surprised when he listened some sobbing sound beside him . When he turned his mind did not work. Ragini sat beside him all naked and crying buried her face near her folded two legs.

Reporter 1: Sir who is this girl? What is ur relation with her?

Reporter 2: Sir how many long u know each other ?

Reporter 3: When u will be declared ur relation on public ?

Reporter 4: Sir what is the name of…

Sanskar: Just stop it stop now. (shouted) guards, guards just get out all of them from my room.
Guards are out all the reporters .

Inside room

Sanskar: I am sorry I don’t know how it happened but trust me I don’t do this and I can’t do this with you Ragini. Because I respect you.

Ragini: I know u sir. U can’t do this to me. I trust you. But after this how I will face our Society. Everyone will badmouth about me.I am an orphan sir. No one with my side sir.i don’t want to live sir. I can’t tolerate it. Now I am wanting die sir and catch a knife which is present near the table . But at nick time sanskar saved her and promised to marry her.
After this incident everything is fine. Sanskar mother accepted Ragini whole heartedly. After one weak their marriage is fixed. All the rituals are starting. But sanskar did not happy with this marriage because he loves someone else. Yes he loves his childhood friend Shona. She is very cute , naughty and his best friend. In childhood he was a shy boy but his Shona was a tom boy. When anyone teased him everytime she was standing for him, protecting him . She is his best friend Shona. But everything is changed now. Now he cannot belongs to her and this thing is more paining to his heart.

Before 4 days marriage Sanskar and Ragini sat in ragini’s room . They are talking something about marriage and Ragini was showing some cat log for mehendi design then a photo fall on the floor inside it . When sanskar saw the photo he couldn’t believe that the photo has his life. He can’t describe how he is feeling now. He is happy.
Ragini : Surprised to see his expression. So she asked what happened sanskar everything is fine.

Sanskar: Ragini this photo how it is with u. U know she is my best friend Shona and I am searching her. But till now I don’t find her.( In excitement) u know I love her then reality strike him. He told everything in front of Ragini. I am sorry actually I loved her in my childhood. But she was my past. U are my present and future.
Immediately Ragini hugged him and said I love u sanskar I love u.
Sanskar was surprised on her confession but he didn’t tell anything. After sometime Ragini broke the hug and saw his eyes with fully love and affection and told
Ragini: I also love u sanskar . I am ur Shona sanskar I am ur Shona.
Sanskar surprised with her confession but happy to find his love after so many years.

Sanskar: (Hugged her) really Shona u have come. I am happy Shona and I love u . In these years I have searched u everywhere. Where are u in these day?

Ragini: Nothing sanskar after I have finished my school our orphanage head had sent me in other Kolkata branch. Here I have finished my education and in my campus I have selected for ur company.
Sanskar: Shona u r near me and I was searching everywhere. I am happy Shona . This day is best day of my life.
And they both hugged each other.
Next day Ragini went for parlour and after 4 hours she didn’t come. Everyone searched her everywhere but no one could not find her. 5 days are left but there no news about Ragini.every one sad but for sanskar he lost his life or Shona again.

Flashback end.

After this flash back story started from beginning where kavita was appointed as his PA and u have known rest of the story .

At present

After some days in kavita ‘s home

Kavita: 10 days left but till now we aren’t finding anything without her name. How will we find the real culprit? Now only one week left from final hearing. And we have got nothing not a single proof against him.

Sahil: Relax kavita . Try to understand me. We tried my best but seriously he is very intelligent. He doesn’t leave a single clue behind him.

Kavita: Next week she will also come. And I don’t want to trouble her.

Sahil: Trust me kavita we will find out the real culprit but have some patience. I know how u r feeling now.

Kavita: No , u can’t feel how I am feeling now. I am feeling helpless. I have no patience now. I want this man. ( sahil come to her side and hugged her in sidewise)

At office

In this 10 days many things have changed. Mainly the relationship between kavita and sanskar. Sanskar have grown his feelings towards kavita. ( don’t kill me now read till end . U will be got ur all answers) yes now he is feeling something for kavita like he feels Shona . But what is this? He also don’t get any answer on his question.

In sanskar chamber

Sanskar worked with kavita on a project this time Sanskar coughed and when he brought the glass from table his hand touched with kavita’s hand who already hold it. They both look at each others eyes like they want to read those eyes . After sometime kavita came back to reality when she heard something from outside. Without any eye contact she left the place hurriedly left her mobile on sanskar’ s table.

Sanskar : (think) why I feel happy when u around me? Why my heart beats are beaten very fast when I touch u? Why I breathe heavily when I just listen ur voice? Why I feel like this? Why why why….. He closed his eyes by frustration and loose his tie and take a deep breath. When he relaxed his head on his chair and was thinking something he listened a call came on Kavita ‘s mobile and when he saw the caller id which flashing a name Swara Bose.
He attend the call.

Other side: (a girl) hi how r all of u. And u asked me something before I am telling u next week I am coming to india. At this time
Kavita came to the cabin for her phone . But when she saw Sanskar is talking someone on her phone she panicked and snatched her phone from Sanskar’s hand and left room give some excuses.

He registered the name before sometime he saw on kavita’ S mobile.

Sanskar:(in deep tone) Swara Bose. Some flashes are come in his mind. “No her name is Swara Bose not Ragini Gododia” which told by Shona’s orphanage head.

Flashback starts

Before some days when he returned from market he saw the orphanage head where Shona was living in her schooldays . ( In starting I told that Sanskar was going Shona’s orphanage to meet him and the father of orphanage has also known him as a friend of Shona.)
Snskar: father u r here. ( Now onwards I will write father indicate orphanage head)

Father : Looked him and asked can I know who r u?

Sanskar:(happily) Father I am Sanky Shona’s friend .

Father: Sanky the shy boy. But now see u r looking handsome like Shona is looking beautiful.

Sanskar: have u met with Shona?

Father: yes child before one week she came to me and took my blessings and left from there . But she said that after 10 days she would take a big decision in her life. And then she will come to meet me .

Sanskar:(think) if she is safe why not she contact with me. Why is she ignoring me. She told that she loves me. Then why she is doing all these things!

Father: Sanskar r u fine my child!?

Sanskar:( broke his thought) yes father I am fine. Actually I am wanting to tell something..that..

Father: without any hesitation u can tell me. what’s the matter my child.

Sanskar: father before 15 days we are engaged and showed him the engagement photo.

Father: really child . I am happy for both of u. U bother are made for each other and saw the photo and surprisely asked who is this girl?

Sanskar: ( looked at father’s face and said )she is our Shona means Ragini Gododia , father.

Father: I am thinking u have mistaken . Because she is not our Shona. And her name is Swara Bose not Ragini Gododia. After that Father left the place with a heart broke Sanskar in alone. He couldn’t think anything. 1st time in his life someone has cheated him.

Flash back end

At night when kavita returned from office some one kidnapped her. After sometime we saw at a dark room a girl tied her hands and legs on chair. After sometime she came into her sense and she found herself in a dark room.

Kavita: Hello anyone present here. Plz some one help me ( tried to free herself).
This time a boy entered the room where his eyes are only showing from the darkness.

Kavita:( nervously ) who r u? Why u have brought me here? Please leave me. What have i done with u? Tell me dammit ( said loudly)

Kidnapper: ( come to near her placed his hand on his lips) sssshhhhh…… Calm down baby calm down u know when u r angry u r looking more hottt and s*xyyyyy( more stress the last two words which feel disgusted to kavita)

Kavita: U r the one na who killed suhani and wants destroying sanskar completely.

Kidnapper: Smart girl. I like it. But for u I loved it.

Kavita: If ur problem with sanskar then why u targeted my Ragini? Where is she now? What happened with her . Pls speak out b*****d .

Kidnapper: Chuchuchu angry woman but I loved it . U know I loved your all shades . What am I feeling now for u, you know I am just wanting u on my bed and making u mine and enjoying with u full night( feel disgusting listen the talk of the man) but I can’t do that. Because u r now my trump card. By using u I would be fulfilled my dream and fully destroyed Sanskar .

Kavita: By using me. What do u mean by this? Why he will be bothered about me?

Kidnapper: Really u r such a cute girl. Till now u don’t know sanskar is having a so called feeling for u which called love baby. ( kavita was looking surprised to him). I know u don’t believe me but sanskar also doesn’t aware his feeling towards you. Now Its my turn to helped him point out the feelings towards u. And I will play my drum card to finished him.

Kavita:( Suddenly remembered something) where is Ragini?

Kidnapper: ( in serious look) really u r a mad or what. U r tied here like a prisoner. Next moment what will happen with u don’t know and this situation u r asking me where is Ragini? For your kind information she is world ‘s biggest dumb girl which I never saw before. She told everything to us about her life which helped us will achieve our target very easily and how can I forgive her childhood friend ‘s photo which helped us very much. But u know when I killed her( kavita was just keeping his words in her mind and tears are flowing her big eyes ) she told me her friend her soul mate will come and would be punished me my all deeds. ( laughed madly) but after sometime he kept silent and stared kavita and Said in murmur sound) Shona. U r Shona. U have come here for Ragini. Oh my god she was saying truth. U have came here for her. (nervously) but u can’t do anything. Now no one can come between me and my destiny said that he left the room.

(So I am thinking ur some doubt would be cleared now. So now onwards I would be used Shona instead of kavita)

Next day in office

Sanskar: ( to Aman ) where is kavita? U know today we would go to construction site and till now she does not come.

Aman: Sanskar, She is not receiving her phone .

Sanskar: What blo*dy happened with her?

Aman: Sanskar, relax we should be did something. By the way sanskar I want a leave for 2 todays. My mother admitted in hospital yesterday night.

Sanskar: U r telling me now.How is aunty now? U go, I and Nikhil will be checked everything. U would only focus on aunty and will give me all details in every hour. Ok

Aman: Ok . Thank you yaar and hugged him.(left from there)

After 2 hour in office

Sanskar: ( to Nikhil) till now she doesn’t come and her phone is continuously showing switched off. And this watchman has gone till now he also doesn’t come.

At this time watchman entered the chamber and told

Watchman: Sir kavita mam did not return home from yesterday night . And her home locked from outside.

Sanskar: What? Ok u may go now. Nikhil I am thinking anyone is planning against me. See na 1st the hotel incident, then Ragini will be left me before 3days on our marriage and now kavita was kidnapped.

Nikhil: (In deep thinking )yes

Sanskar: What are u thinking now? Lets go we should be complained in police station.

Nikhil:(in tensed face) but sanskar how can we complain? If this news will be leaked then u know na it will be affected our business. So …..

Sanskar:(cut Nikhil’s word) I don’t care anybody. Kavita is my responsibility so I will helped her( he doesn’t know that what he is just saying to Nikhil)

Without any options Nikhil said yes and after that sanskar and Nikhil left police station.

At station when they both reached they went into inspector room where sahil were reading some case files.

Sanskar: Inspector I will have filed a case.

Sahil: ( raise his head from file) oh Mr Maheswari u r here. Anything serious.And u r wanting would be filed a case but for whom.

Sanskar: My PA ( sahil was seeing sanskar surprisely) I mean kavita Malhotra. She was not returned home from yesterday night and her phone also switched off. ( he forwarded a kavita photo) plz sir u have searched her . I don’t want to loose her. In past I lost more precious person’s but not now.

At this time his phone rang and he saw the caller id and it comes from a private number.

Sanskar: Hello sanskar is speaking

Kidnapper: ( laughing loudly) sanskar I know ur name . And for ur information I have called u. So I know everything about u.

Sanskar: Just shut up. I don’t want to listen ur rubbish talk. And going to cut the call

Kidnapper : Don’t try to cut my call Mr Maheswari. And for ur information I can only help u to find out kavita. How u known about her? Where is she now? She is fine . Tell me dammit.

Kidnapper: Relax Mr Maheswari relax . I know in this short time period u have a strong feeling towards her. Actually this is not a big thing. U know why because she is really hot.

Sanskar fist his palm and shouted on him: Just shut up b*****d I don’t want listen anything from ur blo*dy mouth. Now tell me what u want from me.

Kidnapper: Smart boy. So coming to the point. I am wanting 50crores will release ur lovely kavita. So tomorrow I will send the address and u have 24 hours to arranged the money. So be quick. ( cut the call)

Kidnapper: Tomorrow is ur last day sanskar maheswari. I would be punished u for ur all deeds which u have done with me past. Tomorrow I would be killed kavita and u will arrest for her murder. And then u r finished. ( laughed loudly)

Next day on deal place ( sent by kidnapper )sanskar reached with money where Shona stood a far distance . Her hands , mouth are tied and her eyes folded with a piece of cloth . He run towards her.

Sanskar: Kavita( till now he does not know kavita is only his Shona)
At this time someone stroke his head by stick from behind. When he turned and saw the person then he could not believe on his eyes.

Sanskar:( in whisper tone) Aman

Aman: Yes sanskar. I am only ur Aman. U know what has happened with u in these past days all are done by me.

Sanskar: But why u r did all these things? U r my best friend Aman.

Aman: Just shut up sanskar. I am not ur friend. If I am ur friend na then I am a partner in ur company not a secretary. U know this business started by my father and ur father. But some reasons my father lost some contracts. For this his shares values decreased continuously. For this only he went in depression and suicide own self. Ur father promised him to take care me. But see now I am only ur secretary and u r the no. 1 businessman in India. So I planned everything. So good by sanskar for a worst life who has waited for you. Then took a gun from his pocket and pointed towards Shona and we heard a gun sound .

Sanskar: Aman( screams loudly) yes at correct time sahil shoot Aman and he died on spot. Sanskar placed Aman ‘s head on his lap and cried loudly like a baby . Kavya freed Shona from clutches and they ran towards sanskar. She comes towards sanskar and placed her hand on his arm. Screen freezes there.

Then scene shifted to court

On Judgement day Kavya proved Sanskar ‘s innocent and Aman is the real culprit . Sanskar freed from all the allegation .

Next-day in Sanskar ‘s Chamber he closed his eyes and he was thinking all the incident which happened recently. He is sad because till now he don’t find his Shona. Every scene he was rewinding from starting.

Father told: no she is not Shona. Her name is Swara Bose not Ragini Gododia.

Sanskar: On kavita ‘s phone swara was calling.

Father told:after 10days a very big day for her .
Sanskar: Ragini’s case hearing date was fanalized before 10 days.

Sanskar:Swara Bose was calling Kavita after one week she will be returned in india.

Father told :she met me before some days. How it can possible.? One time two Swara Bose how can present two different places.

Father told: after that she will meet me . He opened his eyes and left the room immediately .

After sometime in orphanage father and a girl was talking.

Father: Shona I am proud of u my child. Today where will Ragini present surely she will proud on u and ur friendship.

Swara: (sadly) I know father. She will happy to leave me alone from this world. She will happy to break her all promises. I hate her father I just hate her. She promised me after returned from USA She will the 1st person who will attained me in air port. But she did not come that day.( crying very badly and hugged to father)

Father: every one come here for a reason. When this reason end the person back to God . This is destiny beta. Every thing will be fine now.

At this time Sanskar entered in orphanage and saw father hugged a girl whose back towards him.

Father:(saw Sanskar and told) Sanskar beta u r here come I will meet u with Shona.

Shona:(when listened Sanskar name patted from the hug and wiped his tears)
When Sanskar came near to Shona their heart beats beated very firstly. When Sanskar stood in front of Swara he was surprised to see the person. Only one name come from his mouth “Kavita”.

At this time a peon came to father with a file for some signature and both left the place.

Sanskar: shona(in whispered tone)u r my Shona. In these days u r near me but I couldn’t recognize u. I am very bad lover. Every time I was thinking I will recognize u from a crowd . But see I couldn’t. (Tears are flowing from both of their eyes)

Shona: Sanskar it’s not ur fault. I also did not recognize u. When this day ur chamber I saw my picture I know that u r my Sanky. I was wanting to hugged u and cried on ur arms. But I couldn’t. I also sorry. They hugged each other very tightly because they are wanting to feel each other which they both are lounging for each other in these years.

Sanskar:(departs from hug and asked) wait I have many questions. First answer all the questions neither I would be a mad.

Swara: ok asked

Sanskar: 1) u r Swara Bose then this day how ur name flashed on ur own phone?
2)then who is kavita malhotra?
3) how u know Ragini Gododia?

Swara: Relax. How many questions u asked me at a time? Ok now I will give u all answers for ur questions. ur 1 st question answer is I don’t want take any risk in my plan. If any one see kavita ‘s name in my caller id then it has created a big problem for me.
Then 2nd question answer is kavita is Kavya ‘s sister.

And 3rd means last one Ragini ( a sad face) she was my bff in my new orphanage. She was not a bff but like my sister. But she is not here with me. She broke her promise. I can’t forgive her. She is a cheater.( cried whole heartedly)
Sanskar hugged her immediately and patted her head with his hand.

Sanskar: Sshhh u know na I can’t see you like this. Stop this now and give my answer

Swara:( looked Sanskar innocently and said cutely) Which answer sanskar. Now only I gave you answers on your all questions.

Sanskar: Not these questions.

Swara: Then

Sanskar: U love me.

Swara: ( listened these words from sanskar she blushed and her pinkish cheeks are turned into dark red. Now her cheeks are looking like a tomato ?)

Sanskar: Don’t keep silent and ( in strict tone) don’t lie to me.

Swara: Why I would tell lie when I love u (said frequently then realized what she said now and bowed her head)

Sanskar:( lifted her face and said in huskily voice) never bows your face in front of me . And I love u my shona

Swara: I love u more my sanky.

Sanskar: I love you infinite” my Mystery girl”( swara looked her in amusement) what !u are my mystery girl because u entered in my life in a mystery and solved all problems .

They laughed together whole heartedly and joined their heads to cherish this moment.


I am seema. I tried my best to give u thriller story and if I succeed in it then plz give ur comments in comment box. If u have any doubt then also u asked me on comment box. I am waiting now for ur comments.

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