A mysterious murder (teaser)


So guys this is a random idea which I got and thought that it would be a great os
This is part 1
Abhi: a federal bureau agent
Pragya: a suspect in a murder case

Lets begin:
It was a cold evening.
The sun was setting in the horizon. A house stood among the other looking pretty well build.
It wasn’t big but the design and build to it was beautiful.
A girl was sleeping having covers up to her face
She was murmuring
‘I didn’t do it no I didn’t do anything leave me no aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh’ and jerked awake
‘calm down Pragya breath’ said Pragya
Suddenly there was a very loud knock on the the which mad e Pragya so scared that she fell of the bed
P:ouch while holding her head she went and wore a gown and moved towards the door

She opened the door
3 men were standing staring her mysteriously
M1: are u miss Pragya arora
P: yes I am

Pragya POV:
Oh my why are they here who are they police might as well but I didn’t do anything oh god help me
M1: u have to come with us
P: why should I u who are u
M1 sighed in disbelief
M1: u leave us no choice
Some one puts a mask on Pragya ‘s face

Guys I know it is really small but its actually a teaser please do comment that if u want me to continue well actually I have to go some where that’s why it small
Bye bye amigos

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  1. silent reader

    Nice continue it iam eagerly waiting for episode …….

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    Superrrrrrrr…..waiting for story…

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    Awesome teaser dear. Plz continue

  4. Nice ….continue

  5. Fantastic…..

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    Superb….. Continue…..

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    nice upload next part soon

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