A mysterious murder (Part-2)


So guys I’m back well I did not feel like writing but after reading all of your ffs I was in love with them all and so I am going to finish all my os and even start an ss so lets get into the story
Some people come to Pragya’s house she opens the door to face them and a few seconds later BLACK OUT

Lets go:
A room is shown
Its completely black. A bulb is dangling over a table and a chair. 2 men walk in with a a girl who has a black mask on her head. The make her sit and leave

Pragya’s POV:
I opened my eyes to find myself sitting. Everything was completely black. I recalled all the events that had occurred to ty to understand what was going on. I was jerked out of my thoughts when someone took of the mask
A man stood there in front of Pragya. It took sometime for Pragya to adjust to the light

Pragya’s POV;
I again opened my eyes to find a tall handsome man standind infront of me. He looked very hot. He wore a whit shirt with black jeans exposing his abs. iwas lost in him when all of a sudden he signaled me that if I was there
Pr: who are u? where am i?
M: MISS Pragya please hold yourself . if u fire so many questions at me how will I be able to answer.ok I’ll introduce myself my name is abhishekh prem Mehra , senior fbi officer and I am here to interrogate u. u say where u are u are at crime branch well I’ve never been so nice with anyone so please do cooperate or else u very well know how people have different sides just like your book

Pragya’s POV: oh my how did he know about my noveloh no Pragya tu to gai ab behter is ski baat ka jawab de but if he asks about that have to counter him

Abhi’s POV: when I frist saw her I was mesmerized by her beauty and felt like love at first sight if she wasn’t a susoect I surely would have proposed her. Poor soul let just get done with it
A: u might have heard about the death of the mr razaida singh
P: that gangster(worriedly)
A: yes that gangster
Calm Pragya be calm
P:yes but what do I have to do
A: well u are a major suspect
P: I wasnt even there
A: then where were u
P: at the pub with my friend Rahul

Abhi’s POV:
Friend and that to Rahul oh my if this alby does checkout that Rahul is so dead roarrrrrrr
.the alby did checkout so Abhi escorted Pragya out of the room
A:would u like to have coffee
P: sure
Pragya felt guilty she had lied to him the fact that she ws there was killing her.
They had coffee.
A: so u wrote that book it really inspired me romantic side cruel side and many more sides but how
P: tears dwelled up in her eyes its hard to explain

Abhi hugged her and consoled her
This kept on going until one day Abhi invited Pragya to a farm house
P: Abhi u know I don’t like dark where are u
A: I know sweetheart
What did he just call me sweet heart oh no
Abhi walked in. he walked towards her bent on his knees will u marry me
Pragya was stunned

A: oh come on don’t make me bend for so long
P: Ye……yessss
They hugged eachother
Pragya started to shiver
A:what happened Pragya
P: I need to tell u something the truth coz I cant lie any more
They were sitting cuddling to each other A:what
P: I was there that night when that gangster died
A: what
P: yes I’ll tell u . when iwas 12 my mother sold me to him for money when I became mature I realized the fact and was broken down. He was about to make me a part of his prostitution racket. When I came toknow this I confronted him that night.he tried to getover me but I pushed him and got hold of a gun I pointed it at him and a few seconds later he was on the floor but I promise Abhi I never shot him I was just trying to get out of there and started to cry bitterly
A: hugging her even more tight the cupping her face I believe in u
The next day Abhi stared to find who the real murderer was
He enquired about how many people were there but all the evidence was pointing towards her

Than he saw a cctv footage
And he was shocked to see what was there in it. Then he decided to catch her
Pragya was at her house when she heard a knock on the door it was tanu her friend
P: hey tanu
T: Pragya and they hugged each other
They were talking about random topics when Pragya heard another knock onb the door it was Abhi
He winked at her and said: u are under areest miss Pragya
Tanu smirked Abhi took Pragya outside and then eavesdrooped tanu’s convo on the phone: yes he believed it although I killed him hahahaha I was there that day as he destroyed my life by making me a pr*stitute he deserved it
Rockstar tune plays and Abhi enters clapping his hand
A: well played tanu but sorry this rockstar can’t resist to play along u are under arrest
T: what the u cant arrest me I haven’t done anything its Pragya
Pragya walked in and slapped her hard

P: I trusted u
A: now no need to explain yourself as I have it all recorded but u shouldn’t have taken law in your own hands.
The police arrived and took her away
P: thank u for believing in me.by hugging him and kissing him on his cheeks
A: aha some one is in romantic side ahhhh
P: well I wanana thanku so lets go home
A:Where do u wana a thank me
Asked Pragya seductively
P: blushing any where might as well in bed
Abhi smiled
Lets go before your mind changes my shy queen


Thank u all for supporting me and please do comment as a wrote this all for the ones who wanted me to continue and might post out another one by evening . I love y’all and where are u srimathi. Please do upload monesha. Thank u reshma and durga . thank u all

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