My mysterious love affair (Kaira) – chapter 6 by Rithuparna (Final)

Yesterday was all like a dream… He was as charming as a prince… He wasnt looking at me… I missed his strong gaze, i missed calling him mendak… I would like to go see him but what should i say to others?

Gayudeedi saw me thinking n asked me why i seemed sad, i didnt want to say it but words just actually come out,, “I want to see karthik… ” For a second i saw shock on her face n then she brushed it away saying “Lets go”

We went to the maheshwari mansion n gayudeedi came with me to his room…. He was not in the house… Grandma did tell dat he went to a frIend’s house. Gayudeedi took a diary which sat nearby the window n she opened it to find a folded paper… I came to see what it was n opened it up to see the drawing of a young girl… Is it just me or does she look like me wen i was young?but y should karthik have this…?

Gayudeedi looked at me: “Its u, it really looks like u wen u were young!!Buy y, y karthik?!!(shes sad now)

Naira:We have seen eachother wen v wer young during our trip to rishikesh… Ive even talked to him…

Gayudeedi is speechless.. N walks away…

I dont know but i do feel joy inside my heart… to draw my picture n keep it with him safe all these years, he might have felt the same way i did….

I couldnt wait longer, i ran out the house and stopped in front of a bike. It was karthik n he get off from his bike looking at me with such a caring look… i couldnt help it anymore n before he could ask me anything, i hugged him forcefully saying “I love you, I love u so much . Ive loved u from d first tym i saw u”

“I never knew u did n its the best thing that can ever happen… Ive loved u all these years… It was magical… I felt dat u will b an imp person in my lyf, d first tym i saw u.. ”

Yes ours was really a pretty mysterious love affair….

Hey, its karthik now,, after i came to know her love for me, i just presented the 100 Coconuts ive promised ganeshji… Fate is really a mystery but mine was different, it was magic or how could i ever fall for someone n meet her again after many years…how i felt shes important n she, herself felt the same way? Mine was the really mysterious love affair ever..

So we told everyone the news in her house.. Akshara aunty was happy for naira.. Naira hugged aunty n talked after many years..

I informed my sis keerthy… N my mom n pap…

We got married on a valentines day… !!

So we shared love for eachother, one could ever cherish in a life time n my princess is carrying my life within her n due soon…

Thank you for reading our story…


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  1. Vinni05

    Wow cute part
    Eagerly waiting for ur old ff
    When u will start

    1. RithuparnA

      Ill start again from tomorrow… Thank u so much vinnie…

  2. Nice chp.
    So its ended here.
    Waiting for new or old ff !!:)

    1. RithuparnA

      Yup ill restart my old ff… Thank u im glad u liked this chapter…

  3. it’s amazing…..

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u so much komal….

  4. Amazing!!!
    Loved it!!!!

    1. Thank u kaira…

  5. Soumya85

    It was so cute story…waiting for ur old ff

    1. Yes, i will restart soon…

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