My mysterious love affair (Kaira) – chapter 5 by Rithuparna

There, she is, beside me, in a red saree, in a tight embrace, staring at me in shock n I too am looking at her in a mixed feel of shock and surprise… She was as beautiful as ever and i couldnt think of looking away… the girl i love,is here in red with me,,is this what keerthi was talking about…If its true,ill get her.(Ohh karthik,stop staring at her,or she may get the wrong idea!!The thing u must do is to create a good name for urself in front of her n wat r u doing now,staring??Just stop it already)Now i slowly look away n she too releases her hand n walk away without turning back but shes about to fall n luckily i catch her hand and raise her n again we r in an embrace…I try to move away n she is the one staring at me intently…

Heyy karthik,whats the fun in this when u r doing all the narrating huh?!! Well guys,its me naira,now its our story,lemme do the narration now…See i did really fall for somebody years back,about 10-11Yrs before…I saw him first playing cricket with my brother…I noticed this guy especially coz he was really brilliant in the game.he was batting all sixes and fours n gradually driving the team to victory…I couldnt stand seeing naksh getting defeated so i interupted the game calling naksh(I also wanted that guy to notice me n he did…I could feel his strong gaze on me,but y…n i dont know why i was so happy when i found him looking at me)

Naksh:Naira,isnt it rude to interupt something,even if its a game,when a lot of ppl r involved,u c u r not a kid anymore,u cn understand cant u?

Naira: Naksh,i didnt want to go boating with papa n mumma,so i thought i could come here n watch ur game…i called u coz there was this icecream man n i really wanted icecream,can we buy some?

Naksh:Ok,lets go

We were running now but i felt something missing,or maybe someone??!!Was it him?!!I dunno,but y?!!I looked back but he was not there anymore…

I ran now n naksh followed me like a parent does after a child…N i accidentally crashed on to someone,,i fell on him n i did see his profile bfr he saw me,it was that same boy i saw playing cricket with naksh…Another boy was also there teasing him…I was really relieved seeing him,but i wondered y,i nvr bfr felt this way…?

Naksh gives a hand fr me to get up.The boy had also gotten up.
I didnt want it to look awkward…I looked away bfr he saw me n got angry at him calling him a frog.He also angrily responded…I knew it wasnt his fault either but i dont want him to see me shy or ashamed,,oh god,y do i feel like this in front of a total stranger.

Naksh understanding the boy:Karthik,im sorry instead of my sister u know shes like a child sometimes n she was running towards that icecream parlour.

Naira:(Karthik…So thats ur name?!!Im really sorry to have done this to u but i dunno,i totally couldnt help it)

Karthik: So where are ur parents?

Naksh:They went boating

I just felt conflicted and i wanted to speak to him badly,for an unknown reason…Idk wat im doing,wats wrong with me?! But he just went and gave a look at me before waving bye to naksh.I met his gaze there for a minute…I really loved that mischief in his eyes.Yes and hes like the prince in my dreams,wait,oh what am i thinking again…

We are to depart soon from rishikesh n we have only one day left here…It was morning and last night i couldnt stop thinking about karthik,what is it that makes me miss him and want to see him again?

Naksh was asleep by the couch in the room we were staying.Mom n dad were packing things already,looks like theyve bought too much already!! I patted naksh on his shoulder n naksh woke up from his deep sleep with a shock n gave a huge sigh seeing that it was only me!!

Naksh:What is this naira?Couldnt u see i was asleep juz now?

Naira:Naksh,i really loved that icecream we had yesterday.Can u buy that again for me today bfr we go…We wont have tym tmrw na?

Naksh:Alright but lemme sleep some more time,ill take u there in the evening..!!!

Naira:Ok(So i hope i can c karthik again…Im happy fr dat reason,dats strange…)

We went there in the evening n found a table to sit,naksh told me to wait there n went to order…I took this as an opportunity n was about to run to their cricket playground but i saw karthik and the other boy from yesterday having tea in a hotel near the icecream shop…I didnt want him to see me,so i sat on a chair where i could see him frm a distance…

Naksh came with icecream n was looking for me in the old tabled,i waved seeing him n he came to me.we started eating icecream n i turned towards karthik n saw a girl beside him…She was so gorgeous n juz looking at them could make others feel like they were meant for each other.Well,its not like any girl who sits near karthik will be his gf but i couldnt help but feel a lil jealous!!N i was staring angrily at her…Idk i was eating icecream at the same time n during sometime,we made eyecontact too n she stoped her eyes there on me finding me looking at her…I was back to my thoughts quickly n on purpose droped my icecream purposely on my dress n got naksh to come home with me to run away from the scene…Oh god,my thoughts have been mysterious,ever since i saw him…

That night i was getting angry with naksh,mumma,n pap for silly things,idk why…It felt like i was stressed n mumma did get angry with me…

It was next morning and we were to leave,i was really sad,i looked back from the car n naksh asked me if im sad bcz i loved rishikesh.

Naira:Yes,i really loved the days here…Ill miss having icecream here,it was really tasty and i really loved everything here…

Naksh:Me too,i wish we could come here again,sometime

Our car moved forward n there was mind crying silently in the fear of missing him…Yes ive realised that mysterious feeling in me,yeah,he was my first love…

I did fight with mumma again after i reached home, i knew that it wasnt her mistake but it somehow got serious n i ran away from the house n rode a train to rishikesh, also in thought of seeing him… I took my savings with me so i had enough money with me… I searched for shelter in whole of rishikesh but i failed and sat nearby the river, sad… a girl came n sat bside me… She showed actions n i understood that she couldnt talk… she was asking me why i was sitting alone!!I told her my problem n she showed me a building what looked like an ashram n it was there i lived then… I used to go with her to the icecream parlour but nvr saw karthik, ever again n during a point of time, i forgot how i felt, giving my life itself for dance…who thought years later i could meet him n know him more…

The moment we met again, i didnt know it was him but i adored him. I felt like telling truth for whatever he asked me when we met in the bus, though he was a stranger and ever after he revealed he was karthik, that same guy i ever loved, i was like, he still remembers me n i was so happy to c him too… I fell ever so in love with him again….

Gayudeedi was so happy that day and was planning to celebrate my grandmas bday. We were excited.. i never thought ill meet karthik there too… I couldnt help staring at him whenever i saw him…

While i n deedi were getting ready for the party, i noticed her happiness

Naira:Gayudeedi, u seem pretty excited for some reason… Can u tell me?

Gayu:Its nothing but ill just tell u something…ive heard,when u love someone if u wear red thinking of him n see him also in same colour ull have a happy married life with him…

Naira:So u love someone?

Gayu:Yes n im gonna wear dis,,ill surprise u telling who it is after i know how he feels…

Naira:I guess too can wear red eventhough im single u know simply…(I dressed in a saree that mom had designed for me spcly…It was so beautiful n eventhough i was angry with mom,i wore it coz it was red)After getting ready n trying myself to look cute,i was running the stairs when suddenly the power went off n i,who was afraid of dark was about to fall down…I suddenly got grab on to something?! Or someone?! N he/She was really warm,it wasnt a she but i was in a tight embrace in my fear,whoever it was n was really shocked to see that it was my prince…He was in red just like my mind wished n i couldnt stop staring at him..He was also staring at me…N tried to avert his gaze…Well he shouldnt stare at me like that,afterall he has already told me that he did have a gf. I remembered the moment he touched me,i wanted it to last longer but he told me that it was coz i had something on my face,,but i really wished that he felt the same way i did.

I tried to step away from him n ended up being about to fall but those strong hands again found me n v ended again in an embrace…Now i couldnt look away from him anymore… i didnt want anyone to notice us n moved away from him…

The party began n i searched for karthik. I saw gayu deedi with karthik n she had her hands on his shirt…I thought how did they get close too soon n walked towards them…Gayudeedi noticed me n told me that karthik had one of the buttons on his silkshirt come off n she was stitching it for him…I felt relieved as it was nothing else going on between them but i did see gayudeedi looking at him like a child does seeing the moon.I just blamed my thoughts for thinking it was strange.

Grandma came in a redsaree n grandpa was also in red,,they hugged eachother n grandpa kissed n wished her hppy bday,we threw flowers at them hiding ourselves behind the colourful curtains that were hung almost everywhere,music played n grandma was surprised,grandpa invited grandma to a dance…N everybody started dancing finding a pair…I looked around me n saw karthik looking at me,he invited me for a dance and we danced together for the first time….

He held me ever dearly n our bodies were almost touching…I felt almost breathless at that thought but i saw him n my body was moving automatically with him like we r on a spell…It all felt like a spell n more like a dream…

Precap: A voice saying “I love you”

Hope u liked nairas pov….Tomorrows gonna b d final episode n its gonna b cool…Wait for it n i pmse it will b worth the wait…So if u liked todays epi,comment asap after u r done reading…I need ur support n love to go on…See u!! Thank u!!

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