My mysterious love affair (Kaira) – chapter 4 by Rithuparna

Naksh, my future brother-In-Law 😀 thinking of my need for a place to stay, took me to another bungalow looking house, there i was welcomed by an elegant looking lady, who inteoduced herself as Varsha, nakshs mami. We were welcomed and There, i heard a familiar voice and found mishti with another young girl.

Mishti came to me with the other girl.

Mishti(Stands close to me): Hey kuhu,meet my bf,karthik,Hey bf,how come u r here?

Kuhu:Hes ur bf n u r asking him y he is here,he may be here knowing that u came here,na karthik?

Karthik:Yes,yes…Kuhu did understand me,but my pretty lady here didnt…i missed u so much,mishti

I heard footsteps and saw someone approaching us,i looked to find my princess coming towards us n smiling at me…(Everytime,i see her,i fall for her…The way her eyes look at me n only me,i just melt away in its beauty,wishing to live in her eyes forever…)

Naira:Mendak?U r going to live here?

Karthik:Yes,i was unable to find a place for rent…So naksh took me here saying its ur mothers house…

Naira:so u r lucky enough to enjoy grandmas tasty food everyday.I love her cooking especially her cupcakes.

Karthik:Wow!!I would myself like to try some…

Mishti:Bf, u dont even notice me when nairadeedi is around…

Naira:Well,i wont steal ur bf f urs,mishti,dnt worry

Karthik: (U will,i will make u)

Naira:What are u staring at?Is there something on my face.

I just take it as an opportunity to touch her n rubs her cheek with one of my fingers saying “Face powder” Her skin is as delicate and softer than the petals of any flower.Again,her eyes see me n only me n im stuck speechless…She blushes n deep red with anger too

Naira:Was there powder or u did it on purpose to touch me?

Karthik:Why should i? I do have a gf u know?

Mishti: Deedi,ya he has a gf n dats me so y should he make up a reason to touch u?

Suddenly i hear somebody calling my name to find a smiling akshara n gayathri…That girl is really staring at me,isnt she?Is it bcoz she thinks i was purposely crashing on to her,i really cant read that expression she has..

Akshara: Hey Karthik,welcome to the maheshwari house…

Karthik:Why is everybody here,something special?

Akshara:Yes we are all here to surprise mom on her birthday.We are hoisting a surprise party too…

Karthik:Oh thats great…

It was night and we were asked to get ready.My sister keerthi did tell me a little game n it was,if u wear red when u love somebody and find them also in the same colour,u will have a happy relationship with that person…I wore red and used my best spray and i was about to go down through the stairs when the power went off and somebody with a huge cry was embracing me tightly.I was held like that till the power came n i saw naira in an embrace with me.She was looking deep into my eyes and i was also doing the same.

Precap:A beautiful kaira dance…

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