My mysterious love affair (Kaira) – chapter 3 by Rithuparna

I knew that there wasn’t any other reason for my heart to act like this seeing people but from the first time I met her, I got a feeling that she’s going to be an important part of my life. But, I lost hope when my waiting to meet her took long, but seeing her again, even though I never knew that she was the same girl… Life’s a mystery n every new day gives clues relating to our fate… The moment I came to know she was the same girl, I ever fell for the first time, my heart knew no more happiness and confusion than that… The confusion in my mind was becoz I’ve seen things like this in movies n never imagined that it would ever happen in mine too… Yes, this is the chance God has given me to make her mine and I shall make full use of it…

As I was thinking to myself like this, naksh called me to go in and while I was to go in, somebody in a hurry knocked me down and fell on me… When I opened my eyes, I saw that it was a girl but not the girl my heart wants to see… Her stack of papers scattered all around us… When I looked at her, I found her staring at me… Meeting my gaze, she got up and told ‘sorry’ I got up and helped her to take her papers telling ‘no problem’ while naksh came and showed me the way to the office room. Naksh saw us talking and introduced her to me as his sister ‘Gayu’… He introduced me to her as well… I smiled to her and followed him to the office room.

After a discussion of maybe half an hour, I was to go back to the office, when I found a little girl flying aeroplane… She really felt like a smart one for her age… I saw naira on a phone call in the same room, beside a window… I thought, I should take her as an opportunity to come to this house once in a while, so that I could meet naira. The smart little girls plane came to my side n I caught it. She was looking at me angrily, when I had bend my body to her size and talked to her… (naira also saw me but I made it look like I didn’t even notice her being there at all, my eyes were on the little girl)

Karthik:Heyya pretty lady, what’s ur name?

Girl:it’s Mishti, who r u?

Karthik:I’m karthik, I joined today in your office… I really was attracted by ur beauty… Will u be my girlfriend? (I say getting on one foot with the plane on the palm of one of my hands…)

Mishti: ( looks confused but takes the plane from my hand) let me think… Mm… I might be too young for u n smaller, isn’t that a problem?

Karthik : it’s never a problem… Please accept my proposal, I really need a girlfriend and I love u to make u mine….

Mishti: if that’s OK, then yes….

Karthik: (I again bent myself to her height faking a smile) oh thank you so much, do u know how happy I’m now!!

Naira had finished her phone call and was watching us this whole time and maybe finding me not looking at her, came to us…

Naira: well well mishti, you got for ur self a bf… My my, even ur nairadeedi didn’t have bf, till this age…

(she eyes me n smiles, I’m mesmerised by the beauty of her eyes once again… So she doesn’t have a bf n I do have a chance to make her mine… Oh ganeshji, I’ll give u the 100coconuts if u help me make her fall in love with me… Umma)

Naira: hey hey, someone’s lost in thought already, ur bf is surely a strange from, u know mishti..

Mishti : hey naira Di, u guys know each other already? I just met him n I really love him… He really looks like a prince, he’s not a frog…

Karthik: Naira, I’m the same from who met u about 10yrs back, during ur trip to Rishikesh… Remember, u crashed on to me n got angry with me n then also called me a frog…

Naira: aha, really!! How did u know that it was me? I thought u looked cocky n familiar…

Karthik:i recognised u from a family picture hung in the office room…i think it’s taken during your trip in Rishikesh…

Naira : (gets upset) see you later… (looks behind me)

I turn back and see a really fine lady behind me and she smiles at me…

Lady: hii, I’m akshara, nairas mother…

Karthik : mam, nice to meet u… I’m karthik n I joined today as assistant manager in ur office.

Akshara :yes naitik did mention ur name to me…

Mishti: mama, he’s my new BF. ..

Akshara: oh pa, Wat am I hearing? U made a bf already? … Good!!

I excuse myself saying bye to both of them and on my way to the door, finds gayu staring at us… And me… I smile at her n make my way to the office.

Precap: it’s dark and I find someone embracing me…

Guys… Sorry for making this short but I really didn’t have much time to write… I’m having exams on Tuesday and yesterday, I didn’t update coz I was in the hospital with my dad who’s still in the icu.. Please pray for him… I’ll be unable to keep up with updating for a few days but I promise I’ll make the next episode longer, winding it up… I will also restart my old ff showcasing Kaira couple as parents… Pls comment asap after u finish reading this ff… I need your support to go on…

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  1. Vinni05

    Don’t worry ya ur dad will be fine
    Awesome part just loved it

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u so much vinnie… :*

  2. it’s awesome….Don’t take tension…ur dad will b fine

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u… I’m glad u like it…
      Ya I really hope he will be fine soon…

  3. Fenil

    Amazing and selfish move by karthik
    waiting for next

    1. RithuparnA

      Yes karthik really is selfish to own whatever he desire, isn’t he? Let’s see his masterplan in the next part….
      I’ll update next one soon… Thank u, I’m really glad u enjoy my ff…

  4. Loved it!!.
    Awesome chapter!!
    And you don’t need to worry for the update we completely understand!!!
    I pray that uncle gets well soon
    Take care

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank you for understanding… I’ll surely make the next part an interesting one…
      He had a growth in the kidney… They’d removed one of his kidneys… He was in the icu… Now he’s being moved to the room… I hope he gets fine soon…

  5. Anyan

    Don’t worry your dad will be fine
    we all pray for them and i love this part

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u so much anyan… I’m glad u like my ff…

  6. Nice chap….don’t worry your father will be fine……

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u paru… Ya i hope he gets fine soon..

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