My mysterious love affair (Kaira) – chapter 2 by Rithuparna

It’s just a normal sight to see crowds here in Rishikesh n whenever there was one, I used to watch them. These crowds were often around a bike stunt area or a live circus but now I didn’t hear bikes or see anyone in a rosewater and I was wondering what it was. I had not much time but entered to just sneak a peak… I pushed to the front through the crowd… I was really struck by the sight of a woman dancing with elegant steps… I couldn’t look away from her, there were several little girls with her but my attention was on this lady. Her graceful movement made that sight feel herself to me like that of an angel demented from heaven. Oh… Oh…

Wait a minute, I’ve felt like this earlier, but it was years back n even though I wanted to meet her, we never met. Her name was naira… I thought I would never fall in love again but now, I found my heart pounding to every step of hers… I was watching her n only her till the end and forgot to look at the time. She bowed to everybody and a little girl embraced her,, the angelic girl said to the little girl ‘oh punki, did I do it right? I was afraid that I’ll do wrong being unable to practice because of the fever.. I feel I did better than I imagined’ punki now pats the angelic girl on the shoulder n it is after they left that I came back to my senses ‘oh God, it’s 9:15,i missed the bus, now how can I reach there before 10.00…im late on my first day in the office, way to go, oops…’

I walked hurriedly to the bus stop, I saw a bus to the place, n to my astonishment, I discovered that it was the same bus I thought I’d missed. It may have been late thanks to my luck… The bus was able to take off when a ladys voice called out to stop n it stopped. I turned back to see who it was and found that angelic girl getting in the bus. I was again staring at her, now she really noticed me staring and came and sat beside me n smiled. I couldn’t stare anymore and thought what’s wrong with me coz I feel like looking at her, her smile is beautiful too… She looked at me and was about to say something…

Angelic girl(Street dancer) :do u guys think that they could make a girl fall for them by just staring at them like u did before in the street n now in the bus…i thought u could burn through my head with an intense stare like that…

Karthik:oh, who said I was looking at u? I was looking at that beautiful headband u were wearing… Where did u get that from? I really wanted to buy it for my fiancee u see!!

Street dancer:( hiding her surprise) oh this!! Actually it was a gift from my father… I don’t know from where he bought it… Happy to hear that you like it…

Karthik:yeah, it really suits u, u look like an angel with that on your head… Mm… What can I call u?!!

Street dancer smiles:Naira… Where are u headed to n ur name?

Karthik:Naira… Dats a sweet name(oh… I remember this name… Wait it’s the name of the girl I fell for the first time, oh it might not be her anyway coz she doesn’t live here…) actually I got a job in Singhania group of companies as Assistant manager n it’s my first day there…

Naira:(surprised) thank you…should u be reaching there a bit earlier than this on your first day? The manager there is a really strict when it comes to punctuality.

Karthik:hey!! How do you know all this?

Naira:it is because our family owns the company. I’m ur boss’s daughter

Karthik:omg, I can’t believe this, so we r literally headed for the same place… N why r u here in Rishikesh?

Naira remains silent:actually I ran away from the house 10years back. Im going back now after all these years…

I didn’t ask her the reason why she would run away like that as she was really sad… I remained silent till we reached our destination before 10.00.we got down from the bus and boarded an autorickshaw together. She showed the way n we reached what looks like a big bungalow… N the security guard in the gate asked who it is, Naira answered ‘Ramubhai, don’t u recognise me, it’s me Naira…’

Ramubhai:beti, is that u? I’m so sorry, it’s been so long n uve really grown dat I couldn’t recognise u… (opens the gate)

The autorickshaw goes in and we step out. The office is beside their residence… The whole compound maybe about 2-3 acres of land… There is the beautiful view of garden near the house n Naira calls me when she finds me adoring them

Naira:u can enjoy the scenic beauty later, now go n join in the office already, I’ll show you to your boss…


We both go in together n finds a young man in his formal wear, waiting to go to the office. He looks at Naira and is stuck not looking away. Nairas eyes are also now fixated on him and she runs to him and embraces him. Not seeming to understand what’s happening I remain silent.

Naira:bhai, Its me naira, even though I left years back I couldn’t forgive myself for leaving u n papa behind like that. I’ve been learning dance at Rishikesh all these years. Papa really wanted me to learn dance na? That’s why it’s took me this long to return.

Bhai:naira, do u know how much u have made us worry? Mummy was worried that she believed she was wrong in scolding u… She hasn’t spoken much since u have left but she smiled. Her smile was like a reflection of her own belief that ull b back… There are no more mandirs remaining here that she’d visited n prayed for u to Cum back safe.

Naira:naksh , where is papa?

Naksh: papa was depressed like mummy n went in search for u about 2 weeks back. We’ve not seen him thence n he contacts once in a week. He hasn’t told us where he is but that he will be back only with u…

Naira cries :oh papa, what have I done, I’m so sorry..

Naksh embraces naira again n gently pats her back. Naksh now notices me.

Naksh:it was u?! You are karthik, aren’t u? The new assistant manager?

Karthik:Yes, sir, it’s me… Naitik sir told me to join today.

Naksh:I’m in charge now and he did mention about u in his last call… I saw ur photo in u resume n was expecting u…

Karthik:yes sir..

Naksh:wait at our guest room n I’ll be back to u in 10minutes..
Naira, come in, everybody’s been waiting for u…

The go in n I follow. Naksh shows me the guestroom n I go there n notices something on the wall… It’s a photo of Naitik and family… The young Naksh n naira r in the pic… Wait, doesn’t that girl seem familiar? Wait is this naira the one I met years back? No, it can’t be….

On thinking this, I hear Naksh calling and follows his voice but…….

Wait for tomorrow’s episode….!!!

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  1. RithuparnA

    Guys, damn autocorrect in my new phone… U may find it wrong seeing ‘These crowds were often around a bike stunt area or a live circus but now I didn’t hear bikes or see anyone in a ~rosewater~’ it’s not rosewater, what I typed was ropeway…

  2. Rithuparna, u r really an awesome writer. Loved this episode!!

  3. I just loved to read this in karthiks pov… It’s so damn sweet!!
    Waiting for the next episode…

  4. It isn’t real but iI just feel like I’m listening to someone narrating his story to me…
    Excellent! Becoz it really feels real…

  5. Good work… Mashallah…!!

  6. I loved d Kaira scenes!!
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  7. amazing…!
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      Thanks, I’m glad dat u like it

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    Second mistake it’s not demanded it’s descented

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  11. Interesting!!!
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      Kk I will…

    2. RithuparnA

      Thank u I’m glad u like it

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    Awsome post.
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