My mysterious love affair (Kaira) – chapter 1 by Rithuparna

Hey guys I’m requoting the same story I started months back… I got busy with exams and even stopped watching yrkkh… I promise I’ll be back soon but now it’s just a story winding up in 2-3 episodes…

Life’s not like u expect it to turnout but it happens like beyond your imagination. My life turned out to be an unpredictable story and I think it did happen for the best… My story starts…

It was a real bright morning at rishikesh… I was playing cricket with my friends… It was my turn to bat and when it was the time for a shot, I was distracted by a young girl’s voice… She might be younger than me n came calling her brother Nash, who happened to join us during his trip here. I have hardly ever being moved by faces but seeing her, my attention was completely drawn to her, a really beautiful girl, creating a drive of knowing her more… Nash n his sister excused themselves from the sight and we were to start the game again when I insisted on leaving with my partner in crime at that time, krish…

I wanted to follow them but while we went, they were nowhere to be seen. Sad, I kept walking with krish and krish, noticing my face stopped on his way
Krish:it feels like a certain somebody has lend his heart to an unknown girl


Krish:you!! Did u think I wasn’t noticing u… The moment that girl came, u couldn’t look away and you have been acting all weird since she left…

Karthik:hey hey cut it out!! It’s not like that, lemme explain?!!

Krish:it’s been years I’ve known u… U can’t lie to me dear, I can read u…

Karthik smiles n starts walking, krish follows, Karthik suddenly stops in front of a shop displaying fashionable sport gadgets and doesn’t notice somebody coming the opposite side… They both literally crash on each other and the girl has her arms around Karthik.. Karthik blushes n says sorry without noticing who he had bumped into… He looks up to see that it was exactly the same girl he was drawn to and naksh came calling ‘Naira, watch ur step, take my hand’ Karthik and naksh makes eyecontact n naksh starts to say something and is stopped by an angry naira

Naira:what the he’ll were u doing, stopping like that, u really intended to make me crash into u right?

Karthik:why should I do that to this girl when there are a lot of beautiful girls out here in rishikesh? What do u think you are? It was you who crashed onto me maybe from noticing how handsome a guy I was…

Naira:u handsome?!! Hehe.. U r nothing more than the stupidest frog I’ve ever seen…

Naksh:Karthik, I’m really sorry that all this happened. She is really fond of ice-cream n she was like running towards the ice-cream parlour.

Karthik:no problem, where are your parents?

Naksh:they went for boating

Karthik:ok, I’ve gotta go, I hope we will meet again soon(smiled at naksh n looked mischievously at Nairas side before going,)

Even though I acted all tough in front of her at that time and left without asking whatever my heart wanted to know, I couldn’t stop thinking about her… Her doe eyes had that magnetic effect on my heart n it was there longing for seeing her again. She was my princess in all my dreams thence… It was really a magical feeling that I had felt for the first time and I never knew what to call it – obsession? Addiction? Or… Love?!! Is it love?!!… If I was an artist I could have made a portrait as her image was that clear in my mind but coz I wasn’t, I even attempted that but stopped when I heard someone laughing beside me… It was krish n he has his eyes caught on my drawing.

Krish:what are u drawing Karthik, it looks funny whatever it is…

Karthik:hmm… Stop making fun of me… I want to draw this seriously but I can’t, will u help me out… U draw well na!!

Krish:and what in the world do you want me to draw for u?

Karthik :I asked will u do it, answer me…
Krish:sure, what should I draw, tell me!!

Karthik:do u remember that girl we met during the last cricket match? Naira, was her name, i couldn’t stop thinking about her ever since…

Krish:Karthik, even though the very cutest of the girls were crazy about u, u never fell this hard for anyone, now here u r head over heels in love with a girl u only saw once. Do u really think u would see her again?

Karthik:I think I will meet her again, idk why, it’s like I wasnt in love for no reason and that we r meant for each other.. Can u draw for me plz??!!

Krish:ok, I don’t remember her face clearly, please describe how u seem to remember her…

I started explaining, he drew just quite beautiful a masterpiece but those eyes lack the beauty the real one has… But it really looked like her… I’ve kept it with me ever since n I used to pray to vigneshwar to meet her again and promised him 10coconuts every year… Years passed like days, but I never met her, the 10coconuts had multiplied into 100over the past 10yrs and I didn’t have the job to pay for it. The price has gone up from 5 to 20 n to buy 100,i can’t imagine when I’m here jobless.

I still kept that picture of her with me n looked at it like a lost love… Over time, my mind started telling me that it is really silly to wait for meeting her. Many a times I’ve also searched for her name in all social networking sites I could ever think of but never found her… I was trying to forget her but destiny was like I would meet her again unexpectedly!!

I got a job at Singhania group of companies and I was on my way to catch the morning 8:30 bus when……

Wait for next episode update tomorrow…

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  1. omg this is amazing pls update asap

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u so much..

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    Wow wat a start just loved it
    Amazing one
    Can’t wait for next part
    Pls upload asap

  3. This was superb. ..waiting for next

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  4. superb…waiting for next

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      Thank u so much

  5. RithuparnA

    Thank u so much everybody

  6. RithuparnA

    Yes, I’ll update as soon as possible… 🙂 I’m glad that u all like it… 🙂

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  7. Awesome
    Dear u r the same ff writer in your previous ff naira was pregnant nd girl born ,keerti and naksh came from airport and keerti had fight wid boys.

    Pls don’t finished that ff easily…continue pls.

    1. RithuparnA

      Fenil, yes that was me, I’ll continue it after I’m done with this… I’ll wind this up in just 3 episodes in karthiks pov…

    2. RithuparnA

      I’m so glad that u still remember my ff… Ya I’ll update that again soon…

  8. Vrushy

    Awsome update.
    Can’t wait for next !!

    1. RithuparnA

      Thank u vrushy…

  9. Good start…. Will read and comment on the second chap!!

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  10. Awesome!!
    Will read the next!!

  11. Awesome!! I’m sorry i read the second first n dis next but i really love ur writing!! Please update chap 3 soon…!!

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