Mysterious life Episode 3

Hello.. guys.. I will be out of town for 2 days so I am posting 2 episodes this time
So it was the weekend..
Pragya is shown writing… suddenly her phone rings .. it’s a call frm kushi.. she attends the call..
Prague.. hey kushi tell me .. why hve u called so early in morning.. ?
Kushi.. that’s actually we frndz the thought to meet this noon in arnav home are u cming with us.. ?
Pragya. . Oh.. sorry guys actually that light house teacher gave lots of assignment. .a I I hve to finish it ya..
Kushi. . Ok.. pragya . I won’t force.. I will tell abhi that u r not cming..
Pragya..?? what abhi is coming.. kushi ..ya he is also our gang na..
Pragya… then I will come.. kushi.. that’s okk u carry on with ur works.. pragya.. i am telling na I will come.. so I will .. tell him to pickup me too.. kushi.. okok.. (teasing tone) and she cuts the call

Pragya. . Mom noon i am going to arnav house.. ok tell me where is my fav baby pink chudi..
Ragini.. actually pragya I hve given that dress for try cleaning.. u are gng to arnav house ri8 better wear jeans and go..
Pragya.. ok mom.. and went to her room to select a dress to wear..
It’s almost 1hour pragya is inside her room..
Ragini comes to her room to check what she is doing.. and saw the room messed up with her clothes..
Ragini. . What’s this pragya .. why hve u messed up is room..
Pragya.. actually I have no dress to wear to arnav home.. Ragini. . But pragya.. u always like to wear simple dress na..
Pragya. . But this tops looks so old.. ragini starts showing her some tops but she rejects all.. that’s when Neil enters..
Neil .. what’s happening here.. ragini .. your daughter na she wants new dress..
Neil.. really. . Ur wish is fulfilled.. nd handover her a parcel..
Pragya opens it and saw a beautiful white and black top.. pragya liked it.. and she jumped in the bed as if she is in cloud nine.. Ragini .. now I got us dress na.. dress up and come fast.. they both then went from the room…

In Neil and ragini room.
Neil.. I think some one is angry on me..
Ragini.. every time u buy agift for ur daughter .. but not me.. I think u never loved me.. saying this she opened her cupboard. . She was shocked to see a parcel inside it.. Neil comes and hugs her com back. It’s for u my sweet darling wife.. she opens it and there was a beautiful red colour Saree.. and a necklace. . Neil took the necklace.. and makes her wear it.. and brings her near the mirror.. looking superb.. ragini.. thanku Neil for this .. while Neil kissed on her forehead..
Suddenly they hear a sound.. it’s our pragya who took picture of that moment.. and they all shared a family hug..
They hear the car sound.. pragya.. I think they cme.. ok mom and dad bye..
Ragini. . Take this too da.. I hve kept anjali fav dish.. don’t frget to give it to her..
Then pragya wnt out and sat in the car frnt seat as in the back.. prabul were there..
Bulbul. .. pragya looking awesome in this dress.. pragya.. thanks bulbul..
Pragya thought that abhi would compliment her.. but he was only concentrating on his driving.. pragya felt little bad..

In hostel
Kushi . Hey chote how much time will u take to get ready..ishaani.. haan coming kushi..
Ishaani comes wearing a red top and white leggings. . Ishani.. am I looking good..
Kushi . YA chotee.. u are looking like Angel. .. ishaani. .really..pouting her face..
Just then sarla comes and keeps a black for on her neck.. and tells that now no one will bad eye on u.. they heard the bike sound outside.. they went out and saw arnav and rv in bike.
Kushi.. what happened guys.. why hve u cme on bike..
Arnav.. actually kushi. I hve given car for service .. so we came to pickup u in bike..
They waved bye to sarla ma and sat on the bike.. kushi hugged arnav by his waist .. asusually.. ishaani was happy since it is her first side with rv in bike .. she sat on the bike.. and though to place her hands on rv shoulder but hesitates .. he watched it through the rear mirror.. and told ishanni that she can place her hand on his shoulder..

In arnav house..
Abhigaya and prabul have already reached his home.. pragya went and gave a tight hug to anjali di.. and gave the box her mom gave.. prabul and abhi too came in and got blessings from nani and anjali..
That’s when kushi cmes running and hugs anjali from back and kissed her on cheek..
Kushi. . Di I missed u alot .. arnav.. don’t start buffering my sister drama queen..
Kushi.. see di.. he is getting jealous seeing us close.. Arnav.. no she is always my di and pulls anjali towards him.. kushi.. no she is my di.. and pulls her to her side..
All thought again they started their fi8. .Nani.. now u both stop ur fi8. .otherwise u both have to bear punishment fom me.. arshi in chorus.. when did we fi8. . all laughed on their sily talks..
All the frndz were happily chatting to each other..
Ranveer took arnav to a side..
Rv. . Thanks arnav.. for helping.. me..
ArnAv.. oh.. rv what’s the need to tell thanks.. you told that u want to know whether ishaani loves u.. so I told a small lie that car is the way no thanks in frndship..
Rv then shared a friendly hug with arnav..
Arnav.. by the way hve u made arrangement to confess ur love.. ok I will go and send ishaani..
Arnav goes and tells ishani that anjali di called u.. she too went. And arnav sat near kushi. ..
Ishaani enters the room and it is so dark.. di where are u..

Suddenly she hears a voice.. ishanni.. i am going to confess something to u.. I dont know whether it is correct to say this in this age.. but I just thought to tell u.. I won’t force u to answer soon.. actually ishaani.. do u remeber.. our first meeting in the park.. that’s when we were in fifth.. i was sitting in the park crying.. u came and sat near me.. and asked why am I crying.. I told u that today is parents death anniversary. . And I miss them alot.. U told me that they are always near me.. just that I couldn’t see them..and u also told me to write my wishes in a balloon.. and to fly it.. and it will be made true.. u know ishaani I still do it for my every parent death anniversary. . And I feel relaxed by doing it.. I was so eager to meet u. And I again i saw u in tenth when I joined in our school.. from that moment I felt different.. I thougt that my life would be happy with.. u.. and I started loving all ur small antics.. even the way u eat choc.. hearing this ishaani eyes where filled with tears.. she was so much happy.. lights came and she saw ranveer in his knees in front of her..
Ranveer. . I won’t tell u that I love u.. but I want to u to be with me for my rest of my life.. will you.. ? ?????ishanni.. couldn’t respond she felt as if in cloud nine.. she hugged rv.. and cried.. ranveer was confused by her action.. why r u crying hve i told smting wrong.. ishanni …You idiot .. I love u idiot.. saying this she again hug rv..
Screen freezes in rv and ishaani hugging.. ????ya I am frm tamilnadu..

Credit to: Unknown


  1. Jo

    Rv confess his love to ishani.. so romantic…

    Pragya was so nice…. I like her character….

  2. amazing akka ple continue this as I love all the character in u r ff.and upload next episode soon. because I am waiting to read. please please please please

  3. jeffisha

    Hey super..i am too frm tamilnadu..i am a schl I luv this schl luv story..suuppeerrbbb..

  4. Even guys I am also from Tamilnadu ma and the epi was fantastic dear and I need u took show some romantic Scene between abhi and pragya I liked rv’s romantic confession of his love to ishanni

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