Mysterious life Episode 2


Ok guys thanks for the comments. .. ok let’s go into the story..
Pragya is waiting for bulbul in bus stop…bulbul comes running to the bus stop.
Pragya: hey bulbul y r u late .. if I get scolding frm that light house teacher .. I won’t spare u … and gives angry look..
Bulbul.. look there bus arrived …. and changes the topic..
Prabul boarded the bus.. got down near the skool..
They both were running as they where late.. prgya was in front.. while bulbul followed her..
When pragya was climbing the stairs she got slipped.. and someone caught her from back its none other than our abhi.. pragya looked into his mesmerising eyes..
Pragya in mind.. omg these eyes makes me speechless every time..
Abhi.. pragya are u alright..
Pragya came back to senses.. and told ya I am ok..
She then turns to see bulbul who was continuously blushing looking at purab..
Pragya pulls bulbul and goes to class..
Abi to herself crazy girl.. and a lonely smile comes in his face..

Pragya goes and sits near kushi while bulbul near ishaani..
Pragya was blushing thinking abt the incident..
Kushi noticed and asked what happened chashmish.. your cheeks are red..
Pragya.. you know kushi today.. and describes the incident..
Kushi.. so this the reason.. ok.. did u tell him thanks..
Pragya. . Oh.. kushi no I forgot.. kushi. .:. ok it’s good chance for u to make frndship with him.. ok I will call him u say thanks ..
Pragya..: no.. no.. kushi don’t call him.. before pragya could finish kushi called abhi as he sits right of them with arnav..
Kushi..: actually abhi pragya wnts to tell u smthing .. kushi whispers to pragya hey come on tell him .. Pragya: then turns and looks him.. oh.. don’t look into his eyes.. she looks down and says thanks abhi.
Abhi: what I coudnt hear you..
Pragya lifting her head I said thanks for helping me..
Abhi..:that’s ok don’t be so formal.. saying this abhi turns..
Pragya.. hey kushi what hve u done .. see I just stammered smting.. I would hve told him later clearly..
Kushi : when next year.. and laughs..??
They both continued their silly fights.. just then teacher came to class.. all stood up to wish them..but bulbul and ishanni were still dreaming .. prgya and kushi shook both..
Bulbul hey chashmish again u disturbed my dream.. this time to i missed my hug from pur.. she was and to tell his name .. when she notice that whole class is looking at her.. she then turns and looks teacher..

Teacher.. from whom I missed the hug bulbul.. ?. .
Bulbul ..: actually. . Mam… it’s from.. ..pragya..
Teacher.. but I heard some other name.. bulbul..: no mam.. I swear..
Teacher. Ok sit..and teacher starts to take attendance.. that’s when a girl comes running its our aliya.. excuse me mam.. Teacher : come in sleeping beauty it’s the time u come to school..
Aaliya.. actually mam.. today I stuck in that I was late.
Teacher..: I really don’t know how u cme with new excuse every day… aliya slightly pats her head.. But this u can’t escape… u hve to put 15 situps..aliya : but mam am not a lkg student…
Teacher :if u again say a word then ur punishment will be double.. aaliya nods her head started doing situps .. whole class laughed looking her expressions. .. completing her punishment aaliya came and sat near bulbul and ishanni. .
Aliya : one day I will break her leg the same way she did..
Ishanni.. come on be cool aaliya .. we do some voodoo hoodoo.. for her..
Three periods were completed .. now it’s break time..
All were hving some chit chats..
Just then someone called her chashmish.. ( only bulbul used to call her chashmish..)
She saw it was abhi.. she was shocked how he know this name.. she stammers and asks.. how do u know this.. abhi: oh pragya.. just now bulbul shouted this name in morning..
Pragya murmers to herself it this bulbul na.. this time I won’t spare her..
Abhi.: hey pragya can u help me with this prblm.. pragya was happy as for the first time abhi asked for help.. she helped him and abhi solved it in minutes..
Abhi..: hey pragya you are really genius.. pragya blushed as abhi appreciated him..and.. by the way I like it name chashmish.. can I call u by that name…. pragya was shocked what to reply but just nodded her head.. and turns..

Bulbul and ishanni bought some snacks and were returning to class. That’s when purab and rv enters the canteen..
Without noticing they both clashed each other and snacks packet fell down from bulbul hand .. she bends down to take and notices purab.. he too bends to help her..
Purab.. can I give u the hug that u missed in dream..
Bulbul was shocked.. she did not know what to answer.. and tried to leave.. but purab hold her hands.. and told u haven’t answered my qn yet
..bulbul i dreamt abt pragya.. and not u .. I dont want hug from u..
Purab : really .. bulbul.. yes … and ran frm the canteen..

So the first day of 12th was happy for all.. that’s how the whole week goes.

Ok guys I am ending my story here.. but this weekend will be all funfilled..
And once again thanks for ur comments..

Credit to: Unknown

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