Mysterious life Episode 1


Hi guys.. thanks for ur support.. now let’s begin the story
A girl is shown writing his diary

14 years have passed in my school life . Every time I see him I feel something different.. he is so genuine and friendly.. but every time I look into his I feel completely lost in it.. something is attracting me towards him .. but I dont hve the courage to tell him.. I feel smthing different when he is near me..what’s this feeling called.. ? omg I am all confused.. This is my last year if l miss this chance I can’t see him in my life.. so pragya gear up.. and try to make frndship with him…
So it is none other than pragya.. she then closer her diary .. and lies in her bed thinking abt abhi..
In hostel
Ishani and kushi are packing their school bag…
Ishanni.. hey kushi this our last year in school.. hereafter we all will be separated ri8. .saying this a lonely tear escapes from her eyes..
Kushi.. oh my chote.. why are u crying.. we will all be one.. we won’t be seperated..
Ishanni.. really .. will rv be with us..?
Kushi.. oh so u are worried as u will miss rv .. ri8.. so u will not miss us.( in fake anger)
Ishaani.. oh kushi.. don’t overact.. u know i love ranveer alot. But I havent told him yet.. so I am little afraid of losing him.. will he accept me when I propose him..
Kushi.. chotee.. who will say no to u.. he will surely accept now don’t cry ..
Sarla. You both haven’t slept yet.. tmrw you hve school ri8. .
Kushi and ishanni.. ya mom.. we already slept.. ( kushi and ishanni treats sarla as their mom.)

A girl shown proposing a boy .. the boy too accept the proposal when they both were abt to hug each other the bell rang..
A girl shown waking up frm her sleep.. she is none other than bulbul.. it this alarm always disturbs my dream.. how nice would be when it happens in reality.. she again tries to doze off into her sleep but disturbed by alarm sound. . She is then looks the time .. it 7 am.. omg I am running late.. if I am late to the bus stop that chashmish won’t spare me.. saying this bulbul got up.. frm her bed to get ready for school..

A room is shown with heavy music
Two boys are shown doing workout it’s none other than abhi and purab ..
A lady comes with two glass of milk .. it priya.. boys enough of us work out now drink this milk and get ready for the school..
Purab … oh mom we are not small kids to drink milk..
Priya.. oh really and twists his ear.. purab mom it’s paining.. and he drinks the milk Priya that’s my boy.. while abhi laughs at him .. purab : abhi is there any exercise to make our ears strong.. abhi stare purab ..
Purab.. hehe sorry..
They both then came down to hve breakfast..
Abhi .. where is the business magnet ma
Priya. .he is with dad…
Purab to abhi.. because of this rv we both got escape from our father boring lectures..
Ram.. I heard it boys..
Abirab.. oops.. good moring dad..
Ram .. don’t try to change topic. What were u telling. .
Priya .. don’t start ur fight in morning itself cms and hve ur breakfast..
Ranveer .. good morning guys.
They all sat and had their breakfast ..
Then abhi purab and rv went to school by car.. while priya by scooty and ram to office in his car..
In raizadia mansion..
Arnav.. bye di .. bye granny..
Anjali wait arnav and takes arti and gives him sweet..
Arnav ok di bye. He then goes out and calls kushi..
Aranav .. hey kushi are you ready can I come to pick u..
Kushi .. ya arnav we both are ready..

Ok guys this the first part I know this episode is little boring . But I will make next episode interesting

Credit to: Unknown

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    Nice start yaar…..Go ahead…..

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