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Hello guys this is Mitali here, with a new os. Guys this is my third last piece of writing as my school is opening soon. Thank you very much too all the people who gave their love to me. Thank you soo much. I’m glad that I made a new family here on TU. Thank you.
Let’s start.

A girl, sitting near the window, thinking something. Just then her mom called her. Her mom said “Come on, your third semester of 6th is going to start from tomorrow.” The girl nodded.
Next Day,
The girl stepped inside the classroom, she looked at the benches and the students but it seemed she was searching something in that crowed. She spotted someone. She seemed to be happy. She went near the person and sat beside the person. The teacher took the names of children to find if someone was missing.
She said “Twinkle Taneja.” Twinkle stood up.
The teacher said “Yuvraj Luthra.” He was not present there. Just then, he entered and said “Sorry for being late mam.” The teacher said “Next time this will not be tolerated.” Yuvi nodded and came inside. Twinkle’s eyes glazed when she saw him. Twinkle tried hard to speak in front of him but all went in vain.
One day, she gathered the strength to talk to him. She went in front of him and spoke “Hi, I’m Twinkle.” He replied “Wait, why r u babbling. Speak slowly.” Twinkle took a deep breath and said “I’m Twinkle.” Yuvi said “I’m Yuvraj. Nice to meet u.” Twinkle gave a smile to him. He smiled back. He went flowing in her beauty. He was about to speak some words, Twinkle went from there. He was surprised by her behavior. Some days later, Twinkle realized she developed a crush on Yuvi. But, Twinkle was a nerd, she felt that he would reject, therefore had no courage to tell him that she like him. One fine day, she went near him, but before she could speak, he spoke “I love you.” This made Twinkle 50-50, 50% shocked and 50% happy.
She was going to say and Yuvi said “Twinkle it’s just a dare don’t take it seriously.” Oops it was dare. This left Twinkle heart broken. Twinkle felt to cry, a tear was about to fall but she quickly ran from there.
She stood against a pillar and said “Twinkle u can’t lose him tell him that u like him.” Twinkle took a deep breath and walked towards Yuvi.
“Yuvi, I like u.” Twinkle said.
“Really, but sorry Twinkle I don’t.” Yuvi said. This made deep hole in her heart.
“Okay, just wanted to tell u.” Twinkle spoke. That day was her worst day ever, the whole day she stood still, sat still? Her family members were surprised by her behavior. They tried to communicate, she spoke nothing. She decided to plan her career and then, do these things because she knew what would happen. After that she hated the thing to be a nerd. She tried her best to convince Yuvi, but all went in vain. Due to this her percentage also went down, although she was a bright student.
After some days Twinkle told her parents about it. They yelled at her to do such things in this age. Twinkle promised she would never repeat the mistake again.

Twinkle studied hard and once again became a bright student.
But, one fine day, Twinkle was standing in her house balcony and suddenly saw a charming, handsome guy. She just went flowing in his looks. She didn’t know his name or from where he was or where he lives. She couldn’t find out his name because she had no friends because she was a nerd. She liked his face, but his behavior wasn’t that attractive. She liked him at the very first sight. Something like love at first sight.
One night, the boy was playing badminton. Twinkle accidently came in her house balcony and saw him. This time she observed him head to toe. She liked him, but her mind resisted her to do so. She stopped listening to her mind and catched what her heart said to her. While playing the boy looked up and saw Twinkle, two times. Then, Twinkle’s mom came. She looked at the boy who was looking up near Twinkle. She said to Twinkle did she like him. Twinkle said no. her mom patted her on her back and said “this is my Twinkle, I know u won’t repeat the same mistake again.” and her mom went inside. Twinkle went in deep thought whether she should tell her mother she liked the guy. Then, her mother called her inside, but she still wanted to stand and keep staring at the guy.
Next day, Twinkle washed her hairs to look more beautiful in front of him. But, she thought “I don’t know the person, I don’t know from he is, is he permanently living here or just a relative of a person living in the colony who has come here only for a week. All sorts of questions were roaming her mind, but, she stopped it and spoke “I should not develop any negative vibes.” She developed a smile on her face and went in the balcony. She saw no one. She was just coming in the balcony and then going inside, just to see the boy once she did this step till night, but she never saw that the guy again. She thought “I was correct he was just a relative of someone in the colony. Last night was the last time I saw him. I don’t even know his name.” Twinkle became upset and lost all her hope. She had fallen for him, but he had disappeared from her life all of a sudden.
After the last night, she never saw that guy again and was wondering who he was? Why he attracted her? It was all a MYSTERY for her.


Guys how was it.
I hope u liked it.
And guys I wanted to tell u that this story is a real one. This has happen with someone most dearly to me and that person is still wondering who the boy was.
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Stay blessed.

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  1. umm all i can say is that…it happens…bt one question what is the link between yuvi nd the guy..?? confusing u see….
    btw u r in which class mitali??

    1. thanks tara for your comment n yes there is no link between yuvi and the guy, just my friend also fell for for a guy in second and i was telling u her love life story. its her real story. n i took permission from her for this. n I’m in 9th

      1. *just my friend also fell for the guy named yuvi only in 6th std

      2. Hey mitali I m also in 9th standard

  2. Good one mitali…

  3. Nice one but still a incomplete story of someone’s life …..she will forever think who was the person ; why she was so attracted towards him and other thoughts will always arise in her mind but sadly she won’t have any answers to it.
    It was very nice …

  4. Really nyc dear

  5. nice has happened before for me was three years back and until now im hoping that i can meet him back..

  6. Really good one

  7. Nice….

  8. Literally perfect

  9. Ati uttatum mitali

  10. different from others. loved it😄

  11. Good one mitali.. keep up the good work..

  12. Nice Mitali… it’s a mystery for me too.. but, frankly speaking your way of writing was fab!

  13. It was a different from others wali story. We all write story which get complete in the end. Its a so true story. Actually these ages have lots of attractions which eventually causes pain.

  14. Awesome so different from others

  15. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow what a one shot really loved the concept 🙂

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