Mysteries to Solve(episode5)


Hii guys I hope u won’t mind if I don’t update on Saturday and Sunday…but I assure u that u ll be pleased with my ideas….u know be in mobile for a long time makes my eyes weak due to which I get headaches alot….

I hope u won’t feel that it is going so childish…
Thank u for ur support till now….
Here goes the story….

Arnav goes to the boys mother and Kunj goes to the boys father to console them.

Pragya:Uncle, Aunty pls control urself. If u breakdown like this than who ll find Kaur(the boys name).?
Ishu:Yes Aunty, sambal lije apne aap ko, varna Uncle bi toot jayege.(s Aunty, control urself, otherwise uncle ll also break down)
Arnav:Don’t worry uncle, v have come here to help u. V ll surely find Kaur…
Pragya:Can u pls tell us clearly wat actually happened that day…
Uncle:That was the worst day of my life…
That day I took a day of from my office. So I and my son decided to go to the park to have some fun.?
We were playing with the ball. Then my son was not able to catch the ball, so he went behind the ball.
A phone call from office made me busy, so I was not able to keep an eye no him.
After finishing the phone call, when I turned to find him he was no where to be found, only his ball was there….
Arnav:Did u search for Kaur in the park???
Uncle:Will not a father search for his child, when he is lost. I searched for him all over the park. He was nowhere to be found.?
Ishu:Okay Uncle, will leave now. Take care of ur health. We assure u that v ll surely find Kaur for u. It is a promise from us. We have decided that v ll find him for u.
Aunty:Ishu and Pragya beta, if u do that, I ll surely be grateful to u. Both of u are like angels to me.?
Ishu and Pragya in thoughts as to how to tell them that they are working separately. Wat if we work together….?
Arnav and Kunj in thoughts as to how to find that kid….

They reach their pads to convey this info…?

Swara and Lucky:This info is not enough. V need more info and v can get this nly by going to the park where they went….
Rags and Sanky:Wow u r becoming mature now a days.!.!?
Abhi and Raman:I think that is the crt idea. So u both non-identical twins go to the park and find some clue.
Swara and Lucky:Bhai don’t call us like that. I hate ppl calling us like that. I have my own name and identity.?
Ishu and Pragya:Wow, u r talking about these things. I didn’t expect this from u….
Khushi and Twinkle:Okay pls keep quite. V r here to solve a mystery, I hope u get that to ur foolish brains.

Arnav and Kunj:U all don’t know wat happened there, that loser gang was also there. I think they r also up to in solving the mystery. I don’t know wat u all ll do, I want to solve this case before they do.?
Abhi and Raman:Y didn’t u tell us this info before, if they really up to in solving this mystery then v should be the first one to solve this case did u all understand this.
Ishu and Pragya:I think v should join hands with them in solving this case. Wat say guys… It ll be easy for us. We can also find the sooner too. This ll be grt news to his parents.?
All:No never in our life time….(all with a slight anger tone)?

Sry guys NO PRECAP.

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