Mysteries to Solve(episode4)



I know this ll be childish but wat can I do they r just kids. I ll surely make it mysteries when they grow up….
Hope u ll support me with ur comments like this…
Here goes the story….

Ishu and her gang was called as “Six Warriors ”
And Pragya and her gang was called as “Rakshas ki Sena”(Devil’s army)?
Both the gangs had their respective meeting in their pad?(their favourite hanging place)
Both parties ll have the same kind of conversation.

Abhi and Raman:As the elder most male of this gang there ii s a decission to be announced that v ll help that person in finding his son…?
Khushi and Twinkle:Bhai….everyone over here knows that pls proceed further. U r breaking my head.?
Abhi and Raman:Shut up u dozo head, always interfering in between when I speak.?
Arnav and Sanky:U can have ur fights at ur home pls proceed with the matter for which v all r present here.?
Abhi and Raman:Where was I….?
All:Finding his son…?
Abhi and Raman:Haan…so does anyone have a plan as to how to proceed with this case which has been presented to us.
Swara and Sanky:Y don’t v go and talk with his parents as to how the whole incident happened, by that v may get some idea as to how to proceed with this case…
Ishu and Pragya:Not a bad idea. Vaa tum tho aaj kal bauth intelligent ban rahe ho.?( Wow u r becoming intelligent now a days)
Swara and Sanky:Kya dhi, aap tho mera masak udaa rahe ho.?(Wat dhi, u R making fun of me)
Ishu and Pragya:Wat yaar, achaye ka zaman hi nahi raha yaar. Main tho tumhe congratulate kar rahi hoon par tumh ho ke merepe shak kar rahe ho.?(Wat yaar there are no good times now a days. I was congratulating u but u r doubting me.)
Rags and Lucky:Shall v get into our investigation if ur fights are complete..?
Ishu and Pragya:Yaa…v ll go meet them, but if all of us go to there house they may feel uneasy. So I ll go cause I was the one to tell this info and only one person should accompany me. So who wants to come??
Arnav and Kunj:I ll come cause I m ur brother and they know very well. May be I can help them from coming out of their sadness. What say..!
Khushi and Twinkle:Wat a change. The so called hard hearted person is showing concern for someone other than himself.?
Arnav and Kunj:Whatever…u say I won’t even take it into consideration then y r u wasting ur time and energy.?
Rags and Sanky:U can fight later, now shall v proceed with the investigation pls.
Abhi and Raman:Okay..fine u two go to their place and gather some information, pls come back with useful information okay. Don’t come with rubbish information.?

Ishitha and Arnav and Pragya and Kunj reach Harshad Villas(that persons house).
While entering the house both the duo meet each other and r super shocked…?
Arnav and Kunj:Tum dono yah par kya kar rahe ho…!?(Wat r u both doing here)
Ishu:Hii…Pragya right. My dad told me about u. May I know wat ur doing here?
Pragay:Hi..Ishitha, my dad also told me about u. I came here to meet Harshad uncle. Do u know that he lost his child? V came here to help him.
Ishu:Oh..!?V also came to meet uncle and to help him in finding his son!!!
Arnav:Dhi shall v go inside. v have a mystery to solve right.
Kunj:Dhi come, y r u talking with these losers..
Arnav:Hey hello mind ur language okay.
Ishu:Arnav come v ll go inside.

They go inside where both the parents r sitting in a very sad state.?

Precap:first step to solving…

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