mysteries to solve

Hii I was a silent reader till now. Now I have planned to write my own ff. This will be full of mystery and adventure to solve.
But I have a confusion as to which character should I use in my ff. I would like take your suggestions:
My story will have three main characters
(you can suggest your favourite couple)
Also please do say should I start from their school days or from their college days???
If you also like to suggest your own favourite couples from any serial you can you have full freedom.
I will be very happy if you suggest your likes as comments
Thank you….!
I will be waiting for your votes…
I will assure you readers that you will enjoy this ff , if you don’t please do not hesitate to comment your thoughts and ideas.

Credit to: shalu


  1. SidMin

    Twinkle and Kunj
    Swara and Sanskar
    Ragini and Laksh
    Plz and from college days coz Romance between Kids does not sound good

  2. Aniya

    I would like swasan and sandhir that is sanyukta and randhir from sadda haq also start frm college life
    all the best for ur ff?

  3. arshi

    my options are 2, 3,4……as there are many ffs related to ishra n swaragini team but with these 3 there were no ffs …so place them in ur ff…but please keep arshi in this one….It was a kind request…..

  4. arshi

    And start from there college days….If it was school days then it will be dragging one……I hope u r not hurt by my words

  5. Lama

    Hii Shalu…I like to suggest Twinkle-Kunj, Abhi-Pragya & Swara-Sanskar…it will be better if you start from College days…btw Intersting Topic

  6. jasmin

    Hey dear…if u want to us to choose then i would like to choose..
    n plzz start from college days…
    nice topic…
    n intresting story i guess…

  7. Romaisah

    Tbh just twinkle and kunj sounds good along with sid and aanya or roshni from jamai raja or avani n raj aur pyar ho gaya n romance shyd start ay college days up to u tho :)…

  8. Ishra my luv

    Ishra,Ishra,And only ishra ke uppar ff bnao plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz request i luvvvv ishra

  9. fan

    ishra , arshi ,swasan , and ya start from school days because nowadays many write ff’s on college days .

  10. A.K

    |Registered Member

    Abhi-Pragya,Twinkle-Kunj,Ragini-Laksh (different combination?) And from college days plz plzzzz

  11. Shalu

    |Registered Member

    Thank you readers for your comments, my next update of the character intro will reveal the answers of your request(ideas)….!
    Thank you

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