mysteries to solve(episode 3)


I hope u all liked my ff till now….
Here goes the story…

Ishu:guys…! Why don’t we join hands with them. I like that Pragya. She is very smart and grown up.☺
Abhi:yaar Ishu, pls don’t tell me that u are attracted to that Fuggi.?
Khushi:Even I like dhi’s idea. They r also thick friends like us and ll do anything for their friends…??
Swara:BBB, just stop it they never can become like us. We are just “a-ma-zing”.? So be careful before u say anything. Okay..
Rags:But shona,….?
Swara:No but vut, what I said is final. And I am still angry at you, so pls…?
Arnav: Guys we can talk about this later. I think we should go to class now.
They leave to their classes.

Guys Kunj, Twinkle, Sanskar, Laksh are in the same class with Arshi and Swaragini. Pragya is in the same class with Ishra and Abhi. Sry for the inconvenience in the intro. This part is set.

All are characters reach their respective houses.

A small boy is seen playing with his parents with a ball. The boy is not able to catch the ball which is thrown to him, so he goes to take the ball. By which he comes a long distance from his father. While his father his busy with an important business call….
After finishing the call, the father comes in search of son where he finds the ball but not his son….
The man searches everywhere but is not able to find his son. This man is a friend of Arnav and Ishitha’s father and Pragya and Kunj’s father.
All this info some how reaches r heroines Ishitha and Pragya’s ears. They feel pity for the boy and his parents. They decide to convey this news their friends. They take their mobiles to chat with their gang on WhatsApp.

Ishu and Pragya:Hey guys…sad news.?
Abhi to Ishu:Wat happened did u not sleep well…!?
Laksh to Pragya:Wat happened dhi did Kunj again fight with Twinkle.?
Ishu and Pragya:Noo…?guys that did not hhappen, it’s something else. I just now heard my dad talking with his friend saying that his kid is nowhere to be found…!
Rags and Twinkle:It’s really bad dhi. Don’t know wat ll be the kids situation. Being lost that to no one to take care of u.?
Kunj to Twinkle:Wat yaar siyapa queen, y r u always think about eating only. Waise bhi uske alava tum aur kya soch sakthi ho.?(wat else can u think other than that)
Arnav to Rags:Wat yaar Rags always becoming senti…
Abhi and Raman:Guys, stop ur nonsense v should do something to that guy and his son. Think… Think…?
Swara and Sanky:Friends, y don’t v help the guy in finding his son. It ll be sooo much fun. Just imagine v may encounter some many adventures and entertainment while helping him. Thrilling isn’t it.?
All remained dumbstruck with his/her statement…!?
All:Not a bad idea…?

Precap:Their planning to solve…

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice One……

    1. Shalu

      Thx Reshma

  2. Soujanya

    Awesome ??

    1. Shalu

      Thx yaar.

  3. Nice twist two teams are going to the same missionmission. Waiting for next update

    1. Shalu

      Thx yaar, I never thought that u all will like my twist.

  4. Two team.going to one big gang…. wow.. waiting for their union…
    Make ur episode longer one….it’s very small.I guess..

    1. Shalu

      I know Jo a very big gang isn’t it just awesome???. I will surely make the next episode longer.

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