mysteries to solve(episode 2)


The recess bell had rung and our six friends our arriving at their favourite bench in the canteen.
Khushi:Bhai.. U know wat this khadoos did today…?
Abhi:Oh meri pyaari behna, kuch der keliye shaanth ho ja.(oh my dear sister, be calm for some time)
Ishu:U tell BBB, wat did chottu do to you, I ll bring him on line.
Swara:Ishu dhi, y r u always shouting at Arnav. He is such a nice boy, because of this BBB dude as been put under detention…?

Ishu:Wait, wat r u saying shona… Tell me properly wat happened in your class.
Ragini:Wait dhi I ll tell u wat happened…
Abhi:Yaa yaar Ishu, only Ragini can tell us the whole matter without taking anyone’s side.
Ishu: Okay fine can anyone atleast tell me wat happened…?
Ragini:shona was blabbering about how she was fed up with today’s class, when khushi heard that shona was angry with me, which led us to a fight, where khushi thought that the reason behind our fight was Arnav…
Abhi: BBB, wat is this i am hearing meri behna, shall I tell this to mom.?
Ishu: shut up Abhi, let Rags finish the story..!?

Ragini:Thank you dhi. Where was I ,haan then khushi came to us and as usual they both had their won fight…, when our teacher suddenly entered our class…at that time Arnav was at his peck of anger where our teacher saw that only he was shouting very badly so…he was put to detention.
Ishu:Fine he deserves this…!?
Swara:Dhi wat r u saying…??
Ishu:Because of him only I came late to school so he should deserve some punishment.
Arnav:Dhi, I didn’t expect this from u… How could u say like this? I am ur only loving bro, how could u..!?
Ishu:Oh just stop ur drama, I thought shona was our drama queen,? but I think u ll get this year’s drama king award. Wat say my buddies..!
Like this they were enjoying their time when..
Raman:Hey u..! The so-called-rockstar and u Jhaansi ki Rani, why were u both instigating our class to laugh at me…!?
Arnav:Hey…u just mind ur tongue. How can u talk to my dhi like that.
Girl:Babaji…? why is Bhai fighting with them again. Hey u mister and u please mind ur tongue okay, haven’t ur parents thought u as to how to speak with elders.
The girl is our Twinkle.
Swara:U people first learn ur manners and then u can come to teach us, hey did u listen to wat I said just now or is ur ears not working.

Boy:Hello, Miss shona, when ur elders r talking why R u poking ur nose in between…?
Swara:Agya, Mister Lucky. Or should I say Mister Useless.
The boy is Laksh.
Girl:Hello guys..! Pls calm down, why r u making a bigg issue out of a small thing. Raman we R grown ups we should set an example to them, but u urself r behaving in very bad way. Come let’s move from here.
The girl is our very grown up Pragya.

Abhi:Everyone pls to this dhadima’s gyaan otherwise we ll be punished by…the great Fuggi.?
Boy:U have no right to use such names to my dhi…
The boy is Kunj.
Ishu:Abhi yaar stop iit right now. And u to chotte. Come we shall make a move from here.
Raman: Yes…! The grt JKR is scared of me. Wow I didn’t know this side of urs.
Pragya:Raman stop it. They r being polite and r leaving frm their place, same way we should also make a move. Come…!
Pragya,Raman,Kunj,Laksh and Twinkle leave frm there.
They reach their spot were a boy is seen reading a book.
The boy is our cute Sanskar.
Kunj:Sanky yaar u should have been there, then only we could have shown our power to them?. They r always messing up with us as the have no other work.

Sanky:Hey hello, if they don’t interfere in our matter aals o u ppl won’t leave them, u ppl ll go and instigate them, which leads to a fight.
Pragya:Sanky is right guys. U ppl should stop this attitude of urs. I am fed up with separating u two groups from fighting.
Sanky:For these reasons nly I am not even coming with u guys when u ppl fight.
Lucky:Mere Bhai tum tho daarpok niklae yaar.? Lucky ka Bhai hokar tum asse kesse ho sakthe ho yaar. Tum tho mera naam hi karab kar dhega.(My brother u r such a scary pant. Being my bro how could u be like this. U ll surely damage my name)
Sanky:Tum ne kaunsa naam roshan karne ka man kiya ki tum mera masak udaa rahe ho.?(when did u do great respective works that ur making fun of me)

Precap:mystery to enter their life

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