mysteries to solve (Episode 1)


A school bell is heard ringing and all the students of the school are running inside the building so that they will not be late otherwise they will be made to stand outside…..
Boy:come fast dhi otherwise we ll be late and you very well know that they ll screw us to the core, run dhi, run fast…?
Girl:what yaar chotte you know that I hate running it makes me look dull and ugly?…. I hate you, your are the reason for me being late… Thu ruk, Abhi dekh main tumhe kya karthi?(u wait, now c wat I do to u)

The girl is none other than our Ishu and the boy is our Arnav.
Ishu enters her classroom and escaped from being late and goes to her place where she sits next to her friend, a boy with same charming looks, attracting very girls attention towards his side. He is the rockstar Abhi.
He and Ishu are in the same class and are besties.
They pass the time by talking with each other when the teacher enters inside the class. All students maintain pindrop silence, when a boy comes running late. The teacher gives a starring look? where the boy is bending his head to show his regret. Other classmates laugh at the boy which angers the boy, and he starts to give a deadly stare? to all present over there. He is the very angry Raman.
Raman studies with Ishu and Abhi but he is not that much close to them. But he his always jealous of their close bonding.

Another classroom is shown where Arnav is entering.
Arnav:hey buddy…whatsapp! how was your day dude??
Dude: Boring yaar there was no excitement today, these people na mere dimagka chutney bana rahe hai. Mere dimag main jo bi bachakar rakatha sab ko mitadhege yaar. Seriously aaj ka din baut hi karab hai?.(these people are making my brain into pieces. What all I have saved in my brain, they are going to erase it. Seriously today is the worst day)
Arnav:what yaar shona, subhe subhe tumhara mood kisne off kiya (who offed your mood in the morning itself)
The dude is our bubbly Swara. She is Arnav’s dude. They share their views like best buddies.
Swara:tumhe pata hai,aaj na meri behna ne kya kiya, subhe 6 o’clock muje meri neend se jagaya, voh bi mere upar pani ka ek bucket girakar. Usse mera neend kul gaya?.(you know what my sister did, she made me wake up from my sleep at 6 o’clock, that to by pouring 1 bucket full of water over me. Because of which my sleep got disturbed.)
Ragini: shona, kya buk buk kar rahi ho tumhe school aane ka iradha nahi that kya. Tumhe school aane keliye hi mujhe tumhe utana pada darling. Acha ab mujhe maaf kar dho na meri ma?.(shona, what chit chat are you doing. Did you have the idea of coming to school or not. To make you to come to school only I did that darling. Now atleast forgive me my mother.)
Girl: Arre ho DM dekho aaj phir is kadoos ki vajhe se mere pyare dosth made rehe hain, issko tho main abhi dikathi hoon?.(Hello DM see today again because of this arrogant my lovely friends are fighting, now I ll show him.)
The girl is our Khushi.
Arnav:agayi BBB, pata nai aaj kya tamasha karegi.?(BBB has come, don’t know what drama is she going to do)

BBB is the name kept for Khushi by her friends.
As of know my dear readers that gang of first six are; ishu,abhi,arnav,khushi,swara,ragini.
So automatically the other six ar their rival gang.

Precap: rival gang and their enemity…..

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