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Scene – 76:
Preparations for Mehandi and Sangeet are going on in full swing. All are rushing around the mansion to get the work done. Only few hours left out to get the pending work done. In all these chaos, three hearts were crying, wishing for each other’s joyful life. Will their wishes get blessed. Only time can tell us, whose wish is to be fulfilled and blessed.
Shivaay: (Was working in his laptop in his room, away from his family.)
Rest of the guys arrived and stood silently watching him from the door step.
Shivaay: (Letting out a deep breath.) Guys, stop staring and get in…
They stepped in silently and got seated on the couch and bed. None made any try to speak.
Shivaay: (Placed his laptop aside and waited for anyone to speak. As none spoke, he started speaking.) What is it guys…?
Shaurya: Exactly bhai… What is it…? What are you doing, for God’s sake it is your wedding tomorrow and today it is your Mehandi and Sangeet… But, you’re away from anything and everything…
Shivaay: (Said nothing.)
Arjun: Shiv…?
Shivaay: Ajju, please… You guys know everything…
Haider: Cut the crap, Shiv… We know everything, true… But, we warned you to get things rectified, before it is too late… But, no, you didn’t want to try only… So, stop speaking shit…
Neil: Shiv, Ani is your love, infact we were happy to hear that… Even we wished you both get together… But neither of you took a step to get things on track… Not even you… So, stop your negligence towards your wedding and it’s rituals… For God’s sake atleast think about the innocent girl who is about to marry you… Don’t punish her, Shiv…
Shivaay: (Rubbed his face with his palms.)
Om: Shivaay…?
Shivaay: (Got up from his place and walked to the poolside.)
Shaurya: Shiv bhai loves Ani…? Ani aka Anika…?
Rest nodded affirmative.
Shaurya: Why love is so complicated…? (With a sigh.)
AR: Because Love is Life… Once in Love, Always in Love… (He was completely zoned out.)
Shaurya: (Looking keenly into AR’s face.) Now, what happened to you…? (He looked at rest of his brothers.) All of you’re Aashiqs… Met the Aashiques of you guys, what about his Aashique…? (And pointed at AR.)
All the faces turned down. Shaurya understood something is terribly wrong from their tear filled eyes. None spoke.
Shaurya: (Thinking.) Why…? Why always Life has to be complicated… (Just then AR’s words crossed his mind.) “Because Love is Life…” Right, Love is Life, Love is COMPLICATED, so is Life… No Love, No Pain… But Life always hunts for Pain… Pathetic…
A knock on the door brought all out of their trance.
Anju: What happened to my dear brothers…? Where are they lost…?
One by one, all our ladies gathered beside her. Even Payal was there.
Shaurya: (Was lost on seeing Payal there.)
Neil: Nowhere my little Doll… (And pulled her into an arm hug.)
Haider: Why are you all struck there…? Come on, get in and make yourselves comfortable…
Ladies went and made themselves comfortable in the available place.
Om: So, what is the reason for your visit…? Anything serious…?
Radhika: Nothing serious. Omi… You guys were missing, so we thought of checking on you all… That’s it… (And snuggled closer to Arjun, in his embrace.)
Neil: Oh my lovely sis… Why don’t you sit with me for a change today…? Anyways, after tomorrow, you both are to be together forever…
Arjun: (Chuckled.)
Radhika: (With a puppy face, went and sat near Neil.)
Neil: (Gathered her to his chest and kissed her head. His eyes were filled with unshed tears.)
Radhika: (Hugged him back tight. Few drops of tear dropped out of her eyes.)
All had a pleasant smile on their face.
Sammy: (Had her head rested on Shaurya’s shoulder. She was still weak and gloomy with the happenings. And didn’t know about she being a Mehra still. All thought of giving her some time to come out of her previous trauma.) Sha…?
Shaurya: Hmmm…? Yes dear…
Sammy: I miss, maa… (Tears rolled out of her eyes.)
Shaurya: (Even his eyes were wet by now. He spoke very weakly.) Hmmm… I miss her too…
All the faces reflected the same pain of the duo. Arjun’s heart was pricking to go and take his little angel in his embrace and make her feel safe and complete. But he couldn’t, as he didn’t want to increase any tension. Radhika’s eyes were fixed on her love and she couldn’t see pain. Earlier it was different, they didn’t know about her, but now having her right in front of him and not able to show the rights and love is death.
A servant came and knocked the already opened door. Shivaay, who just now stepped in acknowledged him.
Shivaay: Yes…?
Servant: Sir, there is a guest for Ms. Gauri…
Gauri: Hamaraliye…? Who could be here to see me…?
Krishna: Does anyone else know that you’re here…?
Gauri: No, but…
Krishna: But…?
Gauri: Since I’m not at home, it is obvious that anyone who came to meet me knew that I don’t live there… Still, how come they knew, I’m in Oberoi Mansion…? (She was scratching her head.)
Meera: (Slapping her palm on her forehead.) Instead of wasting your time here thinking about the possibilities and probabilities, why don’t you go and check on the intruder directly…?
Gauri: (Pouting.) Ok… (And stepped out of the room.)
Krishna: Come, even we’ll go… (And rushed out, before anyone could say something.)
Meera: This guy has gone mad being over-protective… Urgh… (She announced.) I really pity the guy who is going to marry her…
Rest chuckled and few gave a teasing look to Om, which he ignored. He got up and left the room, to see the intruder and rest followed. When they reached downstairs, the scene welcomed them, made them to cup their face out of shock. Krishna was fuming out of anger and his over-protectiveness. But, someone was fuming out of jealousy too.
Krishna: (Had enough of the nonsense in front of him and marched forward and pulled Gauri from the arms of the intruder, who was clinging on her tight, close and long.)
Gauri: (Understood his act and in order to stop the upcoming storm, she spoke clearing her throat.) You…? What are you doing here…?
Person: To see you my love… (And passed her dashing killer smile.)
Krishna: Call her that once again, I’ll chop of your…
Gauri: (Before he could complete.) KB… (And held his arm.)
Person: Arre, you’re still the same… I really wonder are you really her best friend or her secret lover…?
Krishna: (Was about to step forward and bring out his incomplete words true, but stepped back out of horror.)
Yes, as the words left the intruder’s mouth, a tight slap landed on his left cheek, letting the sound echo the whole mansion. And there stood the lady who took away his heart.
Anjali: (Pointing her finger to the person.) Speak one more word about them or their relationship, you’ll see the worst… (Fire was spitting from her eyes.)
All were shocked to see the silent and scared Anjali, so strong, brave and empowering. Not to mention confident.
Person: (Nodded his head being shocked.)
Anjali: (Controlling her anger.) Now speak, who are you…?
Gauri: (Pulling Anjali in to an arm hug.) Anju, he was my class mate, we did our graduation together…
Person: That’s it…? Just a class mate…? (Asked with hurt.) I never meant anything for you right…?
Krishna: Right… Got your answer, now leave…
Anjali: Krishna, stop being so mean…
Krishna: (Tried to say something but was cut off mercilessly.)
Anjali: Don’t…
Krishna: (Became silent, murmuring something under his breath.)
Gauri: Listen Dev, my intension is not to hurt you… But I can’t give you any false hope… Try and understand…
Dev: (Passing a sad smile.) I’ll understand if you want me to… But can I ask you something…?
Gauri: (Nodded affirmative.)
Dev: I always showed you my love and feelings for you in my every word and action… But you never reciprocated, what am I even saying, you even didn’t try to understand or acknowledge the fact that I feel for you, care for you, why Gauri…? Is it that I had hurt you or did something that you hate me…?
Gauri: (Being embarrassed of her own mistaken held her head down. She knew his every single word is true, she never even tried to acknowledge the fact that he had feeling for her.)
Krishna: (Could understand her inside out, so he stepped forward and spoke.) Enough Dev, stop trying to accuse her for not acknowledging your feelings… I’m not accusing you for having feelings for her, but I won’t let you to corner her or force her… She have her own priorities and life, Dev…
Dev: You’re right, she does have her own life and priorities… But, how come I would know when this lady had never let me know her…? Sadly, my love story ended before it could even start… (To Gauri.) All the best, Love… You’ll always be the same for me… I will always love you, come what may… (Spoke each word stepping backward and was out of the mansion, once he reached the door.)
Gauri: (Fell on her knees. She couldn’t take it anymore. She understood every single word of Dev. He was right, she never acknowledged his feeling nor let him know her priorities. She is the one wronged, but he was the one suffered. This thought shook her bad. Tears rolled out her eyes.)
Krishna: (Pulled her into his embrace and caressed her hair continuously.) You’re not wrong darling… It is just that you didn’t think about this side… Stop blaming yourself and hurting yourself, darling… Please…
Gauri: (Composing herself after few minutes.) KB, do you think I should talk to him…? To give a chance to him…?
Krishna: (Was stunned and pulled her out of his embrace.) What do you mean…?
Gauri: (Not making any eye contact.) I mean, I should try to understand his feelings and try to acknowledge and accept…
Krishna: (Cutting her off.) Oh just shut up, okay…? I know you inside out, so I’m warning you lady, dare you try to ignore your feelings and go behind his feelings thinking you had wronged him… (After a pause.) Love, it is not to be forced, it is to be seeded in oneself without any reason or pressure… Either the pressure is from oneself or others, it is not bound to stay… (With that he got up and left the place.)
Gauri: (Taking a deep breath, she wiped off her tears. She got up and turned to find all standing worried. She walked to Meera and stood a step away.)
Meera: (Understanding her inner turmoil, extended her hands open for her.)
Gauri: (Happily took the offer and buried herself in one of the safest place.)
After few minutes, Gauri broke the hug.
Meera: So…?
Gauri: I would meet him, Beautiful…
Shaurya: What nonsense, didn’t you understand Krishna’s words or not…?
Payal: She very well understood his words… And she is doing the right thing…
Shaurya: How is it right to force yourself for someone else, even if you’re not comfortable or hurt…?
Payal: One can do anything and everything for someone for their true intentions and purity, come what may… She is right by deciding to meet him, this way she can get a closure… She can make sure atleast he is not kept in dark or she cheating him out of her own knowledge… She is trying to take his life back in track, Shaurya… Not to take her life off track…
Gauri: Yes Shaurya bhai… She is right… I want to give him, us a closure… And who know, maybe even I end up reciprocating his feelings wholeheartedly… Then there must not be any problem right…?
Krishna: Absolutely no problem… But tell me onething, Devil…
Gauri: (Gestured what.)
Krishna: Are you sure that you don’t have any hidden feelings for anyone else…? So that you could give a chance to Dev’s feelings…
Gauri: (Was stunned by this sudden question.) What do you mean, KB…? (She shuttered.)
Krishna: (Chuckled.) Nothing, just kidding… (And pulled her into a side hug.)
Gauri: (Making faces.) Not so funny… (And punched him hard on tummy.)
Krishna: Ouch… You, Devil… (And rubbed his tummy to ease the pain.)
Among all this a soul was completely on fire. Something was burning in him, but more than that fear was engulfing him, fear of losing the love of his life. Only he knew how hard it was for him to control him hitting the guy who dared to hug his love or later confess his feelings to his love in front of him. Jealousy and fear was engulfing him.
Meera: (Pulling Gauri close to her.) Fine… Do what you feel is right… If you want to give him a chance, go ahead… But remember one thing, Baby Doll, never confuse care with love… Both resembles same, but still far different from each other… Hmmm…?
Gauri: (Listened carefully to her every single word, realized the meaning and gave her a nod with a smile.)
Meera: (Embraced her tightly and kissed her head.)
Krishna: (Was sulking.)
Meera: (Rolling her eyes at his impossible nature.) Oh stop it Little One… You better accept the fact that she is grown enough to take her decisions, do mistakes, correct herself and step forward… Stop holding on to her like a father holding his little daughter…
Krishna: She will always remain little for me, even at eighty… (Made faces and walked off to the couch sulking.)
Meera: (Hitting her forehead.) Oh God… Yeh ladka kab suderaga…?
Gauri: (Pouting a little.) Beautiful, I would always be his little and would like to be held by him… I don’t want to be matured and go apart from him…
Meera: (Holding her head in her hand.) Nahi uska kuch ho saktha aur nahi tumhare kuch hosakte… Donno pagal hai, PAGAL… (And walked to the couch and got seated and closed her eyes, resting her head on backrest.)
Krishna was still sulking and Gauri was still pouting. Meera, who was resting with closed eyes, smiled and slowly started to chuckle and lost her control finally. Her laughter filled all the ears.
Meera: (Opening her eyes.) You know what guys…? You two are unique species… (After a pause.) Come here… (And extended her arms wide.)
Both smiled wide and ran into her open arms.
All the face was filled with a pleasant smile seeing the trio.
Time passed quick. It was evening and almost time for Sangeet.
The elders were roaming around checking the final preparations. Our youngsters were helping them with their chores. The stars of the evening were asked to stay put in their rooms. Even Pari was in a guest room, allocated to her. Prateek, Pari’s brother was helping the guys in the preparations. Anya and Ansh were playing in the hall, Gauri and Krishna were with them, as they were banned from even lifting a glass.
Finally it is time for the Sangeet. Guests started stepping in. The elders were welcoming the guests. The youngsters were interacting with the guests and served them with refreshments and snacks. Anya and Ansh were the highlight of the day, standing at the entrance with Anjali welcoming the guest, from the entrance. They were dressed pretty and looking cute. Khanna, the Security Head was under incharge of guarding them.
After few minutes,
Krishna: (Got on to the stage with a mike in his hand and spoke.) Good Evening, lovely ladies and gentlemen… I’m happy to welcome you all in sharing our joy of our brothers and future sister-in-laws union… Here comes our darling angels to start today’s Sangeet function and to spread the joy of love…
Lights dim on the stage and a spot light is spread on center of the stage. There stands our little angels, Anya and Ansh, performing a cute couple dance, making all to aww and chuckle at their antics. At the end of the performance, all our guys step on to the stage and cuddle the little bundles of joy and shower them with kisses.
Krishna: (Stepping on to the stage again and announces.) (Looking at Anya and Ansh.) It was an awesome performance darlings… (To all.) It’s time for our next performance… So put your hands together everyone and welcome our gorgeous ladies to perform on the colours of life…
The lights dim and spot lights focus on five beautiful women spread around the stage, with their back to the audience. They turn around to be revealed as Anjali in middle, Anika and Sammy to her right and Meera and Gauri to her left. The swayed beautifully around the stage with their awesome moves and grace. They complemented each other and shined bright. Their performance was magical.
In all these, Shivaay’s eyes were following every moves of Anika and she was very well aware of his constant gaze. She dared not to turn towards him. A pair of eyes had noticed it and was glassy but still composed saying this is right and this is fair to happen. It is none other than Pari. Ankita and Shashank were able to understand her pain but was helpless at the same time. Prateek taunted himself as a failure, not able to save his sisters from all pains.
There was a thunder of applause at the end of the performance.
Krishna: (Steps again and announce.) (Looking at our beautiful ladies.) That was one gracious performance ladies… And you all look extremely gorgeous…
Our ladies swayed their hands and passed him kisses and stepped down.
Krishna: So, I hope you all are enjoying the evening… To increase the joy and to make this Sangeet super awesome, here comes our gorgeous mothers with a wonderful performance…
Rest of our youngsters were shocked with the announcement. Because they didn’t have any idea about this performance. The guest were cheering for them. Krishna stepped down the stage. And the lights dimmed. The spot light was focused on center of the stage. There was a lady half sitting with her arms around her legs and face bent down. As the music started, she gracefully moved and stood completely revealing herself as Ankita. Ankita danced graciously and ended up making every hearts skip a beat with her performance. The lights again dimmed and spot light focused at a corned of a stage, revealing a lady facing her back to the audience. As the music started she turned and revealed herself as Pinky. She danced crazily for an Punjabi song with her cute antics, making everyone laugh and applaud loud. The lights dimmed again and the spot light was focused at a higher platform. There was a lady in an modern outfit, revealing herself as Jhanvi. She dance stylish with a touch of decency making the temperature increase a little. The lights again dim and spot lights focus on two ladies at each corners of the stage, revealing Sakshi and Dilshad. They performed a beautiful semi classical piece. At the end of the performance, all the ladies joined together and performed on a fast beat and ended up with a thunder of applause from their family and guests.
Krishna: (Stepping on to the stage, cheered.) Now that’s what is called as a performance… (Standing in middle of the ladies.) Oh my beautiful, super dashing mothers, you all were amazing… You proved that you’re better than today’s generation ladies…
All applauded once again. Pinky playfully slapped him. Jhanvi patted on his shoulder. Sakshi caressed his face. Ankita pulled his ear playfully. Finally, Dilshad side hugged him, he turned and hugged her completely. She rubbed his back comforting him. He had a broad smile plastered on his face. Our guys, Radhika and Gauri had a wide, known smile. And rest too had a pleasant smile.
Krishna: (As his gaze roamed around the area, his eyes locked with Gauri’s glassy eyes.)
Both the pair of eyes spoke tons. That none could decipher.
Krishna: (Coming back to sense.) Ok everyone… Now, it is the most awaited time, time for a marvellous performance, by our marvellous couples… Put your hands together everyone and welcome our stars of the evening, Arjun Mehra, Radhika Malhotra, Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Pari Deshmukh…
Arjun and Radhika were happy and smiling wide. Shivaay and Pari were feeling awkward and tensed. Both the couples got on to the stage. As the song started, Arjun and Radhika moved graciously according to the tune. Shivaay and Pari stood awkwardly. Later with lots of hesitation, Shivaay extended his hand for her. She gave her hand into his and they moved according to the tune.
One side, it was Arjun and Radhika moving graciously. And on the other side, it was Shivaay and Pari moving timidly. One side, it was passion. And on other side, it was tension. One side, it was love. And other side, it was pain. Not only with the two couples, but it was the same with family and friends watching them. One side they could see, love and passion overflowing. And on the other side they could see discomfort and tension.
What happens next, will the second pair be as happy as the first…? Only time can say us… Let’s wait and see, if they are going to fight for their love, making their own destiny or let go of their love and take up the fate…

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