My Word is My Bond… Part – 33

My Word is My Bond… Part – 33

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Tears were still flowing down from her eyes.

Haider: (Wiping off her tears and cupping her face in his palms.) You promised me that you’ll stay strong and fight for what is your’s… If this is how you’re going to react every single time, we aren’t going to get their blessings or love ever…

Meera: (Closed her eyes tight, letting out more tears.)

Haider: (Wiped off the tears and kissed her forehead deep and long. He leaned his forehead on hers and whispered.) I love you…

Meera: (Held his hands that were cupping her face and whispered.) Love you too…

Haider: (Smiled.)

Meera: (Smiled with tears.)

Haider: Now stop crying, or…

Meera: (Opening her eyes.) Or…?

Haider: Or, (smiling mischievously, opening his eyes and locking with hers) I’m going to kiss you deep and long…

Meera: (Eyes and mouth was wide open.)

Haider: (Eyes locked on her lips.) Wow, how inviting…?

Meera: (Understanding his words, immediately closed her mouth.) You… (And pushed him back.)

Haider: (Fell on his back, with Meera on his top.)

Both looked into each other’s eyes and burst out into laugh. When their laugh died, their eyes were locked to each other. Haider’s eyes travelled from her eyes to her nose and to her slightly parted lips. He traced her lower lip with his thumb. She shivered on his touch and tightened her grip on his shoulders. He smiled seeing the effect he had on her. In the same trance, he lifted himself up with his eyes still on her lips. She closed her eyes and waited to experience her first kiss.

Few seconds passed, but she didn’t feel anything and opened her eyes. She saw Haider with a teasing smile and was about to say something, but all her words died inside her mouth, as he sealed it with his mouth. He kissed her deep and long as he said earlier. He ravished her mouth and his one hand was holding her face in place and other hand was roaming on her body. Her one hand was on his chest, just above his wildly beating heart and other hand was in his hair, pushing him more into the kiss.

They broke the kiss when they were out of breath. Their eyes were closed.

Haider: WOW… That was awesome…

Meera: (She could hear the smile in his voice. She smiled and slipped her head to his chest and buried herself.)

Haider: (Chuckled and hugged her tight.) By the way, I enjoyed the kiss… Did you enjoy your first kiss…?

Meera: (Smiled shyly and mumbled.) Who said you that this was my first kiss…?

Haider: (Lifted her head alone and looked into her eyes.) Your innocence and your lack of knowledge on how to kiss clearly states it…

Meera: (Closed her eyes tight shyly and reclaimed her position.)

Haider: Ahh, if this is how you’re going to react after every time I kiss, I’m going to starve my whole life…

Meera: (Her eyes and mouth were wide open. She started hitting him were ever possible.)

Haider: (Saved himself from all her attacks and ran off, with Meera in pursuit.)

As they were running they didn’t see the person approaching them. Haider hit the person and with all force she fell down.

Haider: (His eyes bulged out of his socket.) Shit… Radzie…

Radhika: Haider, you dumbass… Ouch… My back…

Haider: Darling, I’m so sorry… (He tried to help her.)

Radhika: (Pushed his hands off her.) Ajju…

Haider: Shhh… No, shh, don’t call him, I’ll help you… Please dear… Your lover boy will murder me, for sure…

But it was too late.

Arjun: (From behind.) Radhi… (He came running to her and went on his knees in front of her.)

Radhika: Ajju, my back…

Arjun: (Carefully scooped her in his arms and took her to his room, that was near.

Haider & Meera: (Follwed them.)

Arjun: (He gently laid her on the bed. Taking his seat beside her, cupping her face.) Now, tell me, what happened…?

Radhika: (Saw Haider who was gesturing her not to say anything and pleading her.)

Meera: (Was too worried to even react.)

Arjun: (Noticing her gaze behind him, turned to find Haider doing weird things.) What is wrong with you…?

Haider: Nothing… (And was shaking his head right to left.)

Arjun: (Not buying his answer.) Something is wrong… (Turning to Radhika.) He is behind this… (It was a statement, not a question.)

Haider: (Eyes popped out.)

Radhika: (Smiled.)

Haider: (Tried to escape, but it was too late.)

Arjun: (Had his hold on Haider’s shirt.) Where do you think you’re going…?

Haider: Ajju, listen, I didn’t do it on purpose… It, it was just an accident… Ask her… (And pointed towards Radhika.)

Radhika: (Controlling her smile.) Was it…?

Arjun: (Understood that she was playing and she is fine now, so he played along.)

Haider: Stop playing, dear… Your lover boy is so possessive about you and he won’t mind murdering anyone, when it is you… Why do you want to kill me…?

Arjun: (Smacked his head and let go of him. He took back his place beside her.) Feeling better…?

Radhika: (Nodded affirmative.)

Haider: (Let out a sigh of relief.)

Meera: (Giggled at his reaction.)

Haider: You seem to enjoy a lot…?

Meera: (Simply shrugged her shoulder.)

Haider: You… (And chased her and they were out of the room.)

Radhika: (Burying herself in Arjun’s embrace.) He is grooming in his love…

Arjun: Hmmm… But, on a serious note, (cupping her face) are you okay…?

Radhika: (Kissing his palm that was cupping her face.) Yes… (And offered him a smile.)

Arjun: (Smiled and placed a tender kiss on her forehead.) Two more days, and I’m hunting you…

Radhika: (Smiled shyly and buried herself in his embrace once again.)

Arjun: (Chuckled and gathered her close to him.) Radhi…

Radhika: (Hummed.)

Arjun: Don’t let go of me ever, please dear…

Radhika: (Sealed her response with a kiss.)

Arjun: (Deepened  the kiss and tasted her completely.)

Their kiss was interrupted by the noise of things breaking. They broke the kiss to find Anjali, with eyes and mouth wide open, on the doorstep. Krishna, who came behind her, saw her still and stepped forward and peeped in to find, his brother and sister in a compromising position. Controlling his laughter, he closed Anjali’s eyes and dragged her out.

Arjun & Radhika: (Looked at each other and burst out into laugh.)

Arjun: (Kissing her forehead.) No more romacing with open doors…

Radhika: Never… (And chuckled.) (Looking at him.) It is embarrassing… She is going to tell this to all the monkeys downstairs…

Arjun: (Caressing her cheek.) True… I’ll handle, if it goes beyond limit…

Radhika: (Nodded her head and reclaimed her place in his arms, with her head on his chest.) Love you…

Arjun: (Kissing her head.) Love you too… (Placed his chin on her head.)

Scene – 67:

Oberoi Mansion – The hall,

All were having their tea and snacks. Still Sammy was in Shivaay’s embrace, having their tea. Arjun, and Om were on either sides of the duo, enjoying the refreshner. Adjacent to them were Radhika with Neil and Haider on either sides. Anika was beside Haider. Beside Anika was Krishna with Anjali on the other side. Pari was far from them, with her mother, Ankita.

Anika’s eyes were fixed on Pari the whole time. But she didn’t dare to lift her gaze towards her Anu thai. Ankita was compossed from outside, but she was fighting a big war in her. Shashank was beside his wife, comforting her. Gauri was with the kids, Anya and Ansh, who were having their milk, were beside Daadi. Dilshad was beside Daadi. Jhanvi and Pinky on the other side.

Daadi: Dil, did you speak to Sakshi…? It had been a while she didn’t come home, not even a call…

Dilshad: Nahi maa… It had been a long time that we had a talk… Let me call her now…

Daadi: Do it immediately… I don’t feel good…

Dilshad: Ji maa…

Dilshad: (Dialed Sakshi and was waiting.)

The phone ring was enchoing in Oberoi Mansion. All turned to the entrance to find Sakshi at the door step.

Dilshad: Aiye madam… Kahan thee tum itni din tak…? (And got up from her place to welcome her friend. They shared a hug.)

Sakshi: Sorry madam ji… Kaam mein phas gaee… (And gave her a weak smile.)

Dilshad: Are you sure…? (And rubbed her arm soothing her.)

Sakshi: (Holding her hand on her arm.) I’m… (Turning to Daadi.) Maa ji… (And got her blessings.)

Daadi: Khush raho puttar… (And caressed her head.) (To Dilshad.) Dil, go and get her some tea puttar…

Dilshad: Ji maa…

Gauri: Arey, aap rookeeya… Hum banaakar lathaan…

Dilshad: It’s fine dear, I’ll do it… My friend here loves my hand made tea… (Said smiling.)

Gauri: (Smiled and nodded her head.)

Dilshad: (Walked to the kitchen.)

Anika: Gauri…

Gauri: Ji Ani di…

Anika: What happened to your hand…? (And walked towards her.)

Gauri: (Was alerted by now.) Nothing di… (She stuttered.)

Anika: Show me your hand…?

Meera: (Looked at Anika approaching Gauri with stern face, as she reached the last step.) What is it Ani…?

Anika: See for yourself… She is hiding something… (And crossed her arms under her chest.)

Meera: Baby Doll… (Sternly.)

Gauri: (Had her head hung low.)

Om: She is not going to answer you… It is mere waste of time… (And stood beside Meera, with stern look on his face.)

Meera: She will, Om… And I’ll make her do it… (She walked towards Krishna and stood in front of him, with stern look.)

Krishna: Be-a-u-ti-ful… (Shuttered.)

Meera: Yes, li-tt-le o-ne… Stop shuttering and speak up…

Krishna and Gauri shared a eye-lock and averted their gaze to the person in front of them.

Gauri: (Completely avoiding Om.) Ani di, hum theek hai… Bus chhotee se chot hai…

Anika: Chot, chhotee hai ke nahin, voh hum dekhar path chalaange…

Gauri: (Tensed at her place.)

Meera: Krishna…

Krishna: (Gulped hard. Meera called him Krishna only once in his whole life, that was when she was hell angry on him.) (Standing from his place.) Beautiful… (Looking at Gauri once and averted his gaze back to Meera.) We met with an accident…

All: (Were on their feet.) Accident…?

Daadi: Puttar, you met with an accident and didn’t find it necessary to inform us…?

Meera: Why do they bother to inform us Daadi…? We mean nothing to you and that is the truth, Mr. Krishan Kumar and Ms. Gauri Kumari Sharma…

Kriahna & Gauri: Beautiful… (And tried to step forward and hold her.)

Meera: (Stepped back and turned her face away.)

Gauri: Sorry beautiful… We didn’t mean to hurt you or anyone of you… It is just that, we didn’t want to create a chaos in the marriage house… Please forgive us… (Her eyes widened, seeing the person in front of her, few feet away.)

Krishna: (Followed her gaze and tensed at the sight.)

All turned towards the same direction to find the fuming Rithik.

Rithik: (Stepped towards the duo, without averting his gaze.)

At his each step forward, the duo took a step back and came to a halt by the couch behind them.

Rithik: (Standing a foot away from them.) You both tell me one thing… (Screamed.) What the f**king hell should I do to keep your f**king life safe…?


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