My wife, Yuvani part 6

It was 1 am.

Yuvraj was still awake; he was caressing leaping Suhani’s head. She appeared far peaceful than the previous day. In fact the last day she was hell upset, firstly due to her confrontation with Sharad and secondly due to his behaviour. He too was very upset the last day and unlike usual he didn’t share anything with her. She was very worried, he knew why but he couldn’t tell her the reason, because he felt like he has to know few more things before talking to her. With high expectations he opened her laptop and to his relief he found her personal diary and read it when she was sleeping.

He was thinking about the previous day.

He was practising for the upcoming match, but was tired and was taking rest, sitting in the gallery when Sharad came to him. He turned his face to the other side irritated after seeing him. Sharad smiled understandingly. He sat beside him.

Sh: I want to talk to you.

Yuv: I don’t want to hear anything.

Sh: I am here not as your doctor but as your wife’s well wisher.

Yuv: (confused) “My wife’s well wisher” what does that even mean?

Sh: There is something which I want to discuss with you, (seeing Yuvraj opening his mouth) it has nothing to do with your disease and health.

Yuvraj looked on.

Sh: I want you to come with me, please.

Yuvraj nodded, because after one long year, he found his childhood friend in him and not his doctor.

They went to Sharad’s house.

Bhavna greeted them and three of them sat down.

Yuv: Now tell me why am I here?

Sh: Today your reports came.

Yuvraj again became irritated.

Yuv: So??

Sh: Nothing, I know you don’t care about it, leave you, I am fed up by explaining to Bhabhi.

Yuv: (smiling) She alone understands me, (looking painfully at Sharad) She alone stood by my side.

Sh: (justifying) I am a doctor,

Yuv: But were my best friend!

Sharad laughs sarcastically.

Sh: Were??

Yuv: it was never me,

Sh: Yes it was me, I turned from Sharad to Dr. Sharad Mishra right?

Yuvraj didn’t say anything.

Bh: But Yuvraj,

Yuv: I know he was worried for me, but I thought you understood me Sharad. Once you told me that doctors usually don’t treat their near ones as they get emotional. That is the exact reason I came to you. Because I was sure that you would think as my best friend, but you. .. You became Dr. Sharad Mishra. And please don’t give any justifications for your doings.

They still remember those days, when Yuvraj was first admitted due to asthma, a year ago

(Guys, I am not a medical person and don’t know much about all these. But when I was kid, my dance teacher, he stopped dancing because of this disease. Well, they say it is like sugar, like it till remain till the end. I don’t know, luckily none of my near ones are affected by it. I thought that the same thing will be applicable for football too. But recently I heard that your health won’t be affected by playing, well I as already said in the prologue, this story was in my mind long back and this disease is the centre point of it. So in my story let us assume that it is harmful to play when you are diagnosed with asthma. )

Yuvraj was ordered to quote playing which was he denied immediately, even in his wildest dreams too Yuvraj won’t think something like that. Everyone tried to talk with him, to change his decision, but in vain. Sharad too was among them, which came as a shock to Yuvraj, he was sure come what may he would support him, but he too.

Sh: I am not here to justify my doings… your reports say it is just six months if you continue playing,

Yuv: You said the same thing a year ago, I completed six more months.

Sh: Are you challenging again?

Yuv: Not at all, I wasn’t challenging a year back to, I am just saying I don’t care how much more, all that matters for me is how I live my life, not how much.

Sharad smiles.

Sh: Bhabhi’s effect.

Yuv: Huh??

Sh: Bhabhi too said something similar.

Yuv: She knows it, as I said she understands me.

Sh: I agree, but what about you?

Yuv: What about me?

Sh: How much do you know her?

Yuvraj looked on.

Sh: I want you to see something.

He showed CCTV footage of his conversation with Suhani when she came to collect the reports.

Yuvraj was shocked, grateful, upset, guilty and much more.


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  1. NAPSHa J

    Another amazing chapter.. So sharad is a doc.. And Suhani, it never seemed like she knew something so serious like about her husband’s disease.. Eager to know what’s there in the CCTV footage and why is yuvraj angry with dadi and pratima.. Waiting for the next chapter..

    1. Yuvani

      I am sorry that I failed to express it, Suhani knew everything. I will reveal everything soon, I just hope that you will find it satisfactory. Thank you dear

      1. NAPSHa J

        Sure dear.. 🙂 Plz don’t be sorry.. Its ok..

  2. ItsmePrabha

    interesting epi..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  3. Nithu

    its too nice

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

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