My wife, yuvani, part 14

Next day as promised they went on a date, but after her class.

They had a very beautiful evening, both were really happy. Suhani was in her real form, and irritated Yuvraj throughout, that was the first time he doubted her for being a kid.

But he had to go back to camp the same night, so he left. The family was upset again and decided to confront Suhani.

Dadi: Suhani, why didn’t you stop him, how can you sent him like this?

Suh: I won’t stop him, because that is where he belongs!

Prat: What do you mean by it? It is killing him.

Suh: I know it is,

Rags: I doubt it; why on earth then will you say so?

Suh: Because that is the truth, he won’t survive without his game,

Dadi: How do you know, you just know him for merely three weeks, how can you be sure?

Suh: Because I have seen his passion, his dedication.

Prat: So you mean to say that we don’t?

Suh: No Ma, I didn’t mean that.

Dadi: (shouting) then what?? I know him better than you, better than anyone, I raised him. He will be upset for few days, but eventually he will get fine.

Suh: No he won’t.

Anuj: Bhabhi, I think you are getting carried away, i know Bhaiya is upset now, and that is making you feel that he would remain so ever, but it is not the case.

Men: Yes jiji, we won’t let him suffer, we can make him out of it, after all it is just a game.

Suh: It isn’t, it is his life!!

Prat: And he is ours, why don’t you understand it?

Suh: Ma I do but,

Rags: (sighs) Mummy ji, leave it, I don’t think she will understand our pain; we will ourselves stop him, like we tried before.

Before Suhani could say a thing, she left from there.

Men: Mummy ji, jiji is right.

She too left.

Sau: Suhani, please, understand, he is my brother and I need him back, and you have to help me.

Suh: I won’t.

Dadi: (angrily) Fine, then stay away from his life. Don’t interrupt.

Suh: I can’t, and it is my right. I am his wife.

Prat: Then behave like one.

Suh: Ma, I am not doing anything wrong, you don’t know how happy he was when I encouraged him, haven’t you seen his today, he was genuinely happy.

They all became angrier hearing her.

Dadi: (shaking her) you supported him, how can you??

Suh: Dadi please, let me explain.

Dadi: What is left huh? You are spoiling his life.

Prat: You don’t care about him, about us,

Sau: But I do not understand why you are doing this.

Anuj: Bhabhi please, I need my Bhai back.

Dadi: If anything happens to him, I will never spare you.

They all passed death glares to her and left.

Suh: I do understand your feelings, I know you all are scared, but he won’t sustain without his game!

(It was the past in third person’s pov. Now back to diary)

“Things went normal till evening, then we both went out. It was fun, you know he is such a cleanliness freak, and you know me.

At first he took me to a restaurant and ordered continental. God, health freak!!

I was would never ever that kachara. So I told him that I am not hungry, made him order for him alone. But was damn hungry!!

I looked around and guess what it was a samosa stall outside. I told him I would be back in a minute and went out, when his food came.

I was having my fifth samosa when I heard someone shouting on me from behind. I turned back and saw a furious Yuvraj. He shouted at me, for my careless act, well that was acceptable. I mean I should have informed him.”

Yuv: So you realized it, well, you don’t know how scared I was, because you didn’t turn up after fifteen minutes too. I was terrified, left my food and searched in the whole restaurant and when you were not there, I panicked, paid my bill and came out only to see you having samosa in ease. I felt like killing you then and there.

“But what to do, I was very hungry, but I couldn’t tell him, a I told I was not hungry, so went out thinking I will be back after having one, but it was samosa, forgot everything. So he had point, I heard him silently. But I got angry when he spoke ill of my samosa. How can he? I fought with him, we created a scene there. I was pissed off, so I just walk away, but my bad luck, I fell down, and my hands got covered in dirt. He came after me. So I climbed up holding his shirt.

And you know what he did; he shouted again, saying that I spoiled his shirt.

Can you believe it? Yes he did it! Argh, such a drama king, arrogant sadu! ”

Yuv: Again you are blaming me, it was your fault, my shirt was spoiled beyond repair, and how I can wear that! Yuck

“He then angrily went to car and asked me to stay out. After a while stepped out in other shirt. Can you believe it, yes, he CARRIED a spare shirt with him. Who does it? He is nuts, I am sure.”

Yuv: Why are you sounding so? I didn’t do anything wrong or illogical.

“I laughed at him and again we argued. Then we headed to beach, and I had so much fun.”

Yuv: Of course you did, because you were intentionally irritating me.

“Then we came back, there was peace in his eyes, and mine too. I then packed his bag and he left or camp. I was happy for him.”

He smiled.

“Not the family though, they all argued with me, but didn’t give me a chance to explain myself.

Everyone scolded me, when I told them that i would support him. But I guess, it will take time to make them understand, now they are worried, all they see is his disease, and when he can survive it, they will stick on it alone. It would be tough for them to see from his pov. But they have to; I don’t know how I will make them understand.

God help me, they won’t hear me, because they feel I don’t understand their pain. I do understand their pain, because I too feel it, it hurts me seeing him going away.

Buy you say do I have a choice? Can I hold him back? No na, then what I can do, other than accepting this fact. But my heart is crying, but it has to understand it, and accept it. How, I don’t know, I just know I have to bear this pain, bear this fear, always.”

Yuvraj was guilty!!

I am sorry for the delay.

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  1. NAPSHa J

    Loved this one.. samosa scene was really funny.. and suhani not getting a chance to explain herself, I like that scene.. waiting for the next part..
    by the way, when are you starting your new ff?

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear, well I was thinking to start it after finishing this.

  2. ItsmePrabha

    their date was amazing and funny…will be waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  3. Sarafacebook

    Hey, how are you Anjali? I hope everything is fine in life. I really need to apologise Napsha & you for not being very active in the comments for a long time. But believe me, I read each and every episodes of ‘Jab we met’ & ‘My wife’ the time it was posted. And I’m very, very, very excited that you are coming up with a new fan fiction. I can’t show you how glad I am to know that a new wonderful story is on it’s way!

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear, please don’t apologize, it is totally fine and thanks again for loving my story ans also commenting it. Thanks for prologue too, I just hope you would love it.

  4. Sarafacebook

    Part 14 of My Wife:
    I felt bad for Suhani that all of her family members were so upset with her for going against their expectations. But was very happy for she supported Yuvraj’s happiness over everything with a heavy heart even knowing this might affect his health. Such a strong woman, so proud of her….. Now that Yuvraj came to know from her diary and realised, that his family were very concerned of his health, how Suhani struggled for him with his family and the way she supported his love for sports with a smile on her face even when deep down she was worried for him. I couldn’t see him feel so guilty. …..Anjaly I loved the concept of this story. I never imagined how this aspect(Yuvraj suffering from a disease) would be like in Suhani si ek ladki. 😃 💜 Loved the story.

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you so much dear

  5. Sarafacebook

    Anjaly, I am very happy that I could come across a beautiful story, ‘Can I fall in love’. It was a splendid story I would say. 😍 I could give only some comments for ‘CIFIL’ on your previous ff, Wedding day.

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you for reading it dear, till how far you read it? i am so happy that you loved it, and extremely sorry dear that i couldn’t reply to your comments. By the time I opened the comments, the commenting section was closed. I was very overwhelmed reading your comments, it felt really nice.I might be asking something huge, but please if you can, then provide your views on the other episodes too. I would be really grateful. Thanks again dear.

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