My wife, Yuvani part 11

Next day:

“I don’t know what to say about today. It is a perfect blend of happiness and sadness. Presently I am very upset and frustrated, but that doesn’t mean that I can forget the things which made me happy, So I will tell you that first.

Yuvraj had no idea of what she is talking about.

Today, after a week I was going back to college and I was very much excited, Yuvraj to was leaving for camp. He has a match the next week. Poor fellow due to this functions he lost his one week of practise. He apologised to me for leaving the next day after marriage. But you know he is not the real culprit, the real culprit is that person who created all these rituals, why to make this function such a loooooong one, huh. I mean all we need is our elders blessing, why did he feel like e won’t get it if the function is a small one which only last for maximum of an hour, why?? Hey, I think he was against marriage, yes, that is it, so he created all these, stupid fellow! ”

Yuvraj didn’t know how to react to this!!

“And finally I reached my college, my devils and demons were all set to tease me, poor me, alone against those fifty. After class, they organised a party for me, my sweethearts, I love them, we had too much of fun there, I never felt like I am there teacher, but mind you I am very strict in the class. Haha, joke of the century, me and being strict, you know na I can’t even speak in loud voice, again poor me.”

Yuvraj smiled.

“I reached home; I was very happy and found the whole family gathered in the hall, they looked tensed. Oh my God, are they tensed because I reached home two hours late? Then I am gone! But I informed Ma that I would be late. I went to them and smiled nervously, they didn’t. Gone, I am gone today!

Then Dadi came forward and told me something, I felt like the ground beneath me vanished, and wanted it to, I wanted the earth to sallow me, because I feel so betrayed. What do these guys think of marriage, a mission? How the hell can it be a mission, but here, in our case it is a mission for my in laws. Yes they are in laws and not my family; if they were they wouldn’t have done it.

I was ok with the fact that they hid about Yuvraj’s disease to me”

Yuvraj was shocked to read this.

Yuv: What?? She didn’t know about it, but Ma said that she will tell her everything. That day when our marriage was fixed I was about to tell her about it, but Ma stopped me saying that she will tell, as she know how much it affects me, and that is true, if ever she was going to look me with sympathy, I couldn’t handle it. But they didn’t tell her? WHY??

He read further.

“They got us married to make Yuvraj quit his game?? Like seriously, how they can even think so.  I hate Sharad Bhaiya, because it was his idea. They felt like Yuvraj will quit his game if he is married, because now I am his responsibility, and he is bound to be with me always and now can’t take life casually. He has to think of mw first, and hence he would have to quit the game, or else I would be a widow in young age. Funny right?”

Yuvraj couldn’t believe what he is reading, he too felt really betrayed. He is hell angry o his family now.

“And they want me to do it. They want me to stop him, and why do they think that I will do it?? I am not their puppet!

When at first I heard all these, I felt like breaking my marriage and running away. Because for me marriage is not a mission. But then I thought of Yuvraj. Both of us were unaware of all these background games, we married each other after accepting each other. We married because our hearts are connected and we wanted to be together. So when the fault isn’t ours, how can I punish us??”

Yuvraj was overwhelmed.

“But still why they did this to me, they said for the past three months, they tried every method to stop him and he never listened to them. They almost lost hope and then Sharad Bhaiya came up with this idea, because he knows how responsible Yuvraj is. He knows that he will never move away from his responsibilities, so they decided to use it. They were desperate. They would be, after all his life is at stake. And when we are that desperate we will do anything and everything to make things fine. Yes that is it that is why they did all these, they want him back, and from their point of view they are not wrong.”

Yuv: They might be, but what about me?

“You know this is why I love you so much, you always solve my problem, all I need is to share things with you, solution or reason comes by its own.

But are they doing right, will he be able to leave his game? I doubt it, because as far I know, his game is his everything. But then it is his family who came up with this idea, so they must be right. I mean I only know him for two weeks, but they knew him for that past 26 years.”

Yuv: Even then, you understood me better than them!

“But is right for him to do it?? God I don’t know! Whom will I support, my family or my husband? I can’t take decision in hurry, I have to wait and see what is right and what is wrong, or rather what is more right, because both are right, and until then I will neither support Yuvraj nor family.”

Yuvraj was impressed, he smiled.

“But let me tell you something, don’t ever challenge food, like I did.”

Yuvraj was confused.

“Today because of all these, I didn’t have my dinner; I was challenging it that I can survive a night without food, but…….. Now I am so hungry, and it is midnight. Gosh!  Why did I challenge food? Arrey, in a manner of speaking I wasn’t, I was so upset in the evening that I came to room straight and closed it. Till now I didn’t open it, and no one came to me, they know I need time.

So now, I must treat me stomach, so good night.”

Yuv: (smiling) Bhukhad!

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  1. Too cute and nice update really missing yuvani (Rajshri and Sahil) please come back together…

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      You are right Yuvani, I too want saraj back. Thank you dear

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    Awesomely cute…will be waiting for the next…

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      Thank you dear

  3. NAPSHa J

    Another beautifully written chapter.. This diary is the heart and soul of the story.. I also like how you describe Yuvraj’s reaction from time to time.. “Bhukkad” was funny.. Waiting for the next part..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear,as the story is going through Suhani’s pov, I think at least I should give his reactions. Thanks again

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