My wife, Yuvani, part 10

Yuvani’s marriage was fixed after two weeks. Everything was going well, both were busy in their own lives, still Suhani found time for in laws and by the time of their marriage she had great relation with all the Birlas and Yuvani’s relation too grew, they became close friends, but she was unaware of his disease. Because Yuvraj belived that family told her everything and his family hid it for a reason.

Dairy, Yuvani wedding:

“I am sorry, sorry, sorry my dear.”

Yuv: What?? She is telling sorry to diary??

“I know I didn’t meet you yesterday, but what to do, it was really a long day! I was tired to hell, tht tired that I didn’t talk to you. Poor me. Now don’t smirk, nothing like that happened, we both were really tired and I slept as soon as I could, so no funny thoughts ok.”

Yuvraj was like, what??

“You know, first they made me wear a heavy lehenga, along with heavy jewelleries. God, I was dying in those! Then this function, it is really tiresome, one after the other, too many rituals. Yu know na, I respect rituals and all, but this, this was really too much. Again poor me.

Finally our marriage was over, and now, oh how I hate this, biday! Nooooooooooo, but I promised myself that I won’t cry, because if I did, Mummy and Papa will surely breakdown, all the while I was praying to God to give me strength, and somehow I managed. Cracked some silly jokes and somehow escaped that situation.

Yuvraj understood what I was trying to do, he smiled at me.”

Yuvraj smiled remembering those.

Yuv: Suhani, that day I understood that you where in pain, even though you tried to cover it, I could see, but don’t know what append to me afterwards, that I never saw your pain!! I am sorry.

“And we reached Birla house, my new home. That feeling was something, to enter here, that too as dil. Well, everyone here are my buddies, still there was an unknown fear in me. Ma gently caressed my cheeks and kissed my forehead, assuring me everything will be fine, that she will be by my side. I hugged her immediately; she is such a sweet heart!

Then again rituals! Oh no, how much we have to do! I am tired, but we were forced to. By the end of all these, I was so tired, all I wanted to do was to get out of heavy costume and sleep peacefully.

Yuvraj too was in same mood, so as soon as we got into our room, neither of us didn’t even utter a word, got changed and slept quickly.

See that is why I couldn’t talk to you yesterday, such a tiresome day. Even then i had some sort fun in the post marriage rituals, thanks to my brothers!

But one thing is sure, I will never ever marry again!! Huh, such an awful function!”

Yuvraj re-read the sentence again to make sure that he read it correctly.

Yuv: What do mean by that? Madam everyone marries only once, and me, I got married to a complete mental!

He laughed at her statement. Then,

“What will you do when he is gone?” Yuvraj remembers Sharad asking Suhani, in the video which Sharad showed him.

Suh: I don’t know, I just know that he is the first and last man in my life, and when he is g, gone I will cherish all our beautiful memories.

Sh: So you are going to live in his memories?

Suh: Of course I am what do you think then, I will marry again? Never ever.

Yuvraj smiled sadly remembering it.

Yuv: Even though you wrote in jokingly in your diary, you took by heart right?

He continued reading.

“Because of my marriage I didn’t meet you yesterday, but don’t think that I forgot you, you know I woke earlier than usual just to spent some time with you. Happy? You are always special to me. Love you”

Yuv: Suhani for God’s sake, it is your dairy, not a person!

“Ok now time to leave, you know, this is my first day at my new home and I am so excited. Today I will join back in college too, one week without my devils and demons”

Yuv: God this girl, who calls their students devils and demons?? Only you will do it Suhani!

“They would have been happy last week, but they have to pay this week, lol, I am going to take extra classes! Hahaha”

Yuvraj held his head.

“So now pray that this day turns out to be a good one for every one. Lots to do, see you again.”

Yuvraj smiled at her innocence and proceeded to read further.

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  1. NAPSHa J

    Yaar, I’m running short of words to describe this epi.. Loved it like anything.. ?? I was smiling throughout like yuvraj.. Suhani’s constantly apologising to her diary, “awful function” ?? video part was also nice.. eagerly waiting for the next part.. ??

    1. NAPSHa J

      “I’ll never marry again” this line was hilarious 😀 😀

    2. Yuvani

      Thank you so much dear

  2. ItsmePrabha

    hahaha..”I’ll never marry again” Cracked me up literally…everything is amazing..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you so much dear

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