My Soulmate:Twinj (OS)

Hi everyone thanks for supporting my ff “pyaar ki ek kahaani” today is Sunday so I decided to write an os so let’s start
Twinkle kunj sarna:sweet,bubbly,cute married to a famous business man kunj sarna loves her husband a lot
Kunj sarna:a famous business man,has handsome and dashing personality. He doesn’t loves his wife at all as she has come from middle class family.kunj is proud of himself that he is great business man and rich person in Amritsar

—Twinkle’s Pov—–
It has been 6 months for our marriage but still we don’t talk to each other.we stay like a husband don’t even bother to talk to me.He is always busy in his office work. He leaves home early in the morning and reaches home late night but still I wait for him till he comes to home.but still I love my husband a lot.l don’t feel bored as I involve myself in some or other work.ramu kaka our cook he is old.I love to talk with him we share a great bonding .I spend my tym by doing gardening and even I visit orphanage. I love pets so I have brought a parrot which doesn’t make me bored by his talks.daily I teach him how to this is my lyf.there is no happiness in my married lyf but I m sure that one or the other day my husband will confess his and I have a a strong feeling about it.
Her thoughts were disturbed by kunj’s car horn she got up from her chair and went towards window she saw kunj parking his car so she immediately went down stairs and went into kitchen she had made all his favourite dishes. She went and the dinning table.Kunj came inside and went upstairs. Twi told ramu kaka to go and call kunj for dinner.

At twinj’s room
Ramu kaka:kunj babu dinner is ready come and have it
Kunj:sorry ramu kaka my stomach is full as we had meeting today and there only I had my dinner
Rqmu kaka:but twinkle had done all your favourite dishes since evening she was preparing the dishes
Kunj:plz ramu kakq I said na I m not hungry so just leave I m very tired
Ramu kaka leaves the room and comes near twinkle
Twinkle:ramu kaka where is kunj?is he coming for dinner or not?I m so nervous u know.I don’t know he will lyk these dishes or not
Ramu kaka(with sad face):twi beta kunj babu had his dinner at office only so he will not come for dinner
This was enough for twinkle.She got angry and went upstairs to her room

Twinj’s room
Twinkle stormed into her room.Kunj was working in laptop
Twi(angrily):Mr.sarna plz will you do me one favour.
Kunj was confused by her talks as they never talked
Kunj:ya plz tell me what favour you want
Twi:main kaun hoon?(who I am?)
Kunj was now totally confused
Kunj:twi what silly question you are asking?have you gone mad?
Twi:exactly Mr.sarna I have to ask this que to you.You know daily I will be waiting for you till you return home I take care of all small things of yours but you don’t even bother to look at me.Today I made all your fav dishes with all efforts but u leave it Mr.kunj sarna have you ever asked what I want?
Kunj:you have such a huge bungalow for shelter,servants are there to help you,I have give u enough money for shopping and all of this you are maalkin (ladyowner) of this house what else u want?
Twi:wah kunj sarna wah you are such a gr8 business man in Amritsar you have won everything whatever u wanted but u failed to know about your wife’s feelings.

Kunj:see twi I m least interested in this marriage and I don’t believe in this relations and all.
Twi:if u r not interested in this relation means y did you marry me?
Kunj:first of all I did not wanted to get married but my bebe forced me to marry so..
Twi:then give divorce Mr.sarna.instead of living this hell life I will live my life by myself
Kunj:I can’t give you divorce as I have promised my bebe.You have given a rich lyf so enjoy it
Twi was not able to hear it she went and gave chattak!! ….yes she slapped kunj
Twi:what do u think ha?you think that I need this money and I will enjoy my Ltd with this rich property.No kunj I want your attention towards me I want you to look towards.Atleast you talk to me once in a day.(she kneels down and cry)you know I feel like I m just a statue for I feel that I m a lifeless body .everyday I will be waiting dat u will talk to me,look at me but u don’t have given me all facilities and this rich lyf but I don’t want these things I just want your love…(she cries badly)yes Mr.sarna I LOVE YOU!!
Kunj was shocked to hear those words
Twi:but today what you said about our marriage na at that .moment my love for u become less.Now i hate you Mr sarna I hate. And she runs from there.kunj was standing like numb.he went and lied on his bed.He was not able to sleep whole night.Twi’s words were running in his mind

Kunj got ready for office and went downstairs but today there was something lil change in him his eyes were searching for twi .Twi came down and handed divorce papers to him
Twi:don’t get shock Mr.sarna.I will be free from u so sign on these divorce paper
Kunj:but what about babe?
Twi:don’t worry she will understand
Kunj signs the paper but suddenly he gets a call and attends it.He gets shock after hearing it and he ran towards Twi’s room

Twinkle was packing her bag she heard a knock on door and saw kunj breathing heavily.He came towards her and said
Kunj:twi bebe is coming to home right now so plz don’t go she is going to stay for a month so plz I request you
Twi:but Mr.sarna one or the other day she has to know the truth
Kunj:I knw twi but this is not ri8 tym after so many days bebe is coming to stay with me.You knw after my parents death she took a great care of me.She loved me like my own mother so plz I don’t want her to knw the matter nw only.When time comes I will only tell her.So its a great request stay for some days
Seeing kunj’s concern and love towards his bebe twi agreed kunj got happy and went to pick up his bebe
Bebe arrives sarna mansion.twi goes near bebe.she hugs her and touches her feet
Bebe:I m very happy to see you both.I was so desperate that when I will meet you both
Kunj:bebe I m also very happy to see u I missed u so much and hugged bebe
Bebe:k now I have come na so kunj put tar u have to take 1 month leave so that I can spend more time with my bahu and beta
Kunj:but bebe
Bebe:I don’t want to hear anything its my order if you don’t agree means I will go back to my village
Kunj:no bebe don’t go k I will take leave happy?
Bebe:very happy
Bebe gets freshen up and trio goes to gurudwar

In gurudwar kunj and twi were seeing eo with sad face bebe noticed this.they came back to home twin went to their room bebe felt something is not well btw twinj so she decided to talk with ramu kaka.Ramu kaka told everything about kunj’s behavior and and all.
Bebe:oh so this is the matter…don’t worry I m back I will make these two fall in love within 1 month and its my promise
One day kunj was talking on phone in his balcony he saw twi talking and playing with her pet parrot toto (Twi’s parrot name)he was just adoring her and this was noticed by twi she turned and saw kunj turned back and went to his room

At morning
Twi got ready and went towards bebe who was sitting in hall
Twi:bebe I m going to orphanage home so don’t wait for me
Bebe:OK puttar but wait kunj will drop u there
Twi:no its k bebe
Bebe:u wait here only
She called kunj
Kunj:ya bebe y did u call me
Bebe: kunj drop twi to orphanage home
Kunj nodded his head
Twi:no bebe I will go by my own
Bebe:keh ditta so keh ditta
Twi agreed and twinj went to orphanage

At orphanage
Twinj entered orphanage all the children came running and hugged twi
Girl:Didi u came!I missed u so much
Twi :even I too missed you
She started to play with those kids and all the kunj was observing Twi’s childishness and a small curve appeared on his face.
Twin bid bye to children and went back

Next day
Bebe kept Pooja in house so preparation s were going on
At evening people started arrive and bebe welcomed them.Twi came downstairs she was wearing red color anarkali with diamond work on it she was looking gorgeous.two went to mandir to lit diya.
Kunj was ready and for Pooja for the he was stunned to see twinkle.His could take his eyes off her.He thought “it has been 6 months for our marriage but I never observed her beauty.But today she is looking like angel as if god has made her only for me”.suddenly Twi’s finger got burnt and this was observed by kunj in Nick of tym and towards her.Two held Twi’s finger and blowed air.Twi jerked her hand and left kunj in shock state.
Twi:its k Mr.sarna I m fyn no need to show your fake concern to me and by the way babe is busy with guests so u no need to act.
Kunj felt bad about twi’s words .Pooja started whole tym kunj was only watching twinkle and was reminding her words in his mind.
Days passed kunj started feeling for twinkle but he was unaware of that so at night he decided to share his feelings to bebe

Bebe’s room
Kunj went towards bebe kept his head on her lap and bebe was caressing his hair
Bebe:puttar do u want to share something with me?
Kunj:ha bebe vo actually what do u think what love is?I mean how u will come to knw that you are in love?
Bebe:when you fell in love you start to take care of that person whom u love.You feel good when she is around can’t see her in pain.When she is happy u feel happy.when she is sad u will be sad.her happiness will become you most imp priority. This is love
All the tym kunj was thinking the incidents took btw his and twi
Kunj:thank u bebe and now u sleep
Kunj left room

Bebe:I think my plan is working my put tar has fell in love with his wife
At kunj’s room
Kunj:what all bebe told about love same thing is happening with me that means I m in love with twinkle he went near balcony and shouted I love u twinkle
1 month was over and it was tym for bebe to go back to village kunj and twinkle came down to bid bye to bebe
While going
Bebe:I think I kept my promise and I have completed my work
Twinj got confused by her words.Bebe smiled at them and left SM.
Twi turned towards Ku and said
Twi:so Mr.sarna its time for me to go and I and stated to leave put kunj held her wrist and pulled towards him
Kunj:plz twinkle don’t go plz don’t leave me
Twi:who am I for u? Do u remember we got divorced and u r not interested in this marriage na?
Kunj: yes twinkle but now my feelings changed you made me to change my thinking.I know what I told u on that was not correct and I m sorry for that but now I m in love with u twi yes twinkle I LOVE YOU!!plz don’t leave me plz and he started to cry

Two felt happy.she knew that her love her will win.She went to kynj and hugged him tightly kunj felt happy and hugged her back.twi whispered in his ears I love u too kunj.after they both parted and touched their forehead.kunj captured Twi’s lips and started sucking it.first twi felt shock but after that she responded.after 10 min they parted themselves for lack of oxygen. twi was blushing badly.Kunj was smiling at her
Kunj:(naughtily) so what next Mrs.sarna
Kunj:means…he picked her in his room and went towards their room.He made her to stand and stared and her lovingly.Twi blushed and saw down.kunj was coming towards her and she was moving back but she was stopped by wall.kunj blocked her way came close to her and started to kiss and bit her neck twi was moaning his name and was caressing his hair(note twi was wearing saree)he slowly dropped the saree pallu from her shoulder.Twi was not aware of it.He picked her in his arms and placed her on bed he came upon and kissed her on lips he broke kiss and started kissing and bitting her neck while kissing he removed her saree and all dress and twi removed his shirt and pant.Now kunj started to kissing other parts of her body he kissed her navel a shiver passed in her body.He stopped kissing and looked at his wife lovingly who was only wearing two pieces
Kunj:are you ready to take our marriage to next level?
Twi nodded her head.kunj smiled at her answer,covered themselves with bed sheet and took their marriage to next level.

At morning
Kunj and twi were sleeping peacefully in eo embrace and were covered with blanket kunj got up and saw his lady love sleeping peacefully he kissed her forehead.Due to his touch twi got up and started to blush she got up and started to leave but kunj pulled her back he wrapped his hand around twi not letting her to go
Twi:kunj leave me I have to go ramu kaka will come now
Kunj:no I won’t leave u and ha today is Sunday and I told ramu kaka not to come today
Kunj:becoz I want to spend my whole with my lady love
Twi blushed kunj quickly covered themselves with blanket and made love..

The End

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