My Sister and her Superman Part 1


Hi iam jhanvi,

well this is not my story its the story of my sister mansi and her superman.

so where should i start
yeah ok, this happend when i was in 9th and mansi in 2nd.

Let me start with the bond between me and mansi whom we lovingly call manu
I was as usual a very overprotective sister.we loved each other very much but at the same time there was not even a single moment when we havent fought.manu was always hyper and kiddish.not to mention her naughtiness was world… universe famous would be more correct

That day when manu met her superman,we as usual had a fight and she was really angry with me.i was also very much angry with her.well this time iam not going to pacify her npr will i forgive her.was that the way how she should talk to her elder sister.she should atleast show some amount of respect to me.

We were walking towards the busstand.manu was walking in front of me.she is so arrogant i need to complain this to mom.

It qas her routine to wish everyone in the busstand and chat with them.God why cant this girl stop disturbing others was the first thing that comes in my mind.most of them were students of our school itself.but today there was a new boy who was also wearing our same uniform.i felt like ive seen him somewhere.

I went and stood near my friends while manu began to chat with everyone.she was everyones favourite.Then she went near the boy

Hi iam mansi. you can call me manu.whats your name ? she asked cutely.

Hi iam yuvraj,you can call me yuvi he replied with a smile which brought dimples on his face

I havent met u before.are u new here?she asked

obviously if u havent met him before means he is new here right.when will my little sister get some common sense i thought.
Yeah my dad got transfered to this place recently and iam going to study in your school.he said

wow are you going in my class she asked

god he was even taller than me how can she even think like that he would be going to study in her class

No i wish sweety bur iam in 11 he said

oh so he is my senior.

Friends manu asked him after extending her hands.
How can she be friends with a person she met just now.this is so dumb i thought.
But to my surpeise he shaked hands and accepted her friendship

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  1. Meghna shanti

    It was awesome
    Such a cute and naughty sis
    Plz update the next update asap

    1. Thanks astha i will update it soon

  2. awesome………your sis is very very cute …………how much year old is she now ?????

    1. Hi aastha,actually jhanvi is characters name and iam writing it through jhanvis pov

  3. Wowwwww it was mindblowing swt hrt love it… Looking frwd for ur ff… Keep on writting … Post the next one asap…wish u Good luck.

    1. Thanks haya.i have already posted it

  4. awesome story vaga..n its a real one!pls update soon. N what s ur sis doing now?.

    1. Thanks adia but its not a real story

  5. Hey Vaga! Youare the author of WAS THAT U??? Right?

    If yes, then glad to see you with a new story. Kwep writing and its interesting.

    1. Hey bisha.glad to see u too and iam honoured to know that u still remember “was that you”

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  7. Wow so cute.. Nice

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