My Secret Confession- Part 2

My secret Confession-2

“Hello!  Again.

You seem to be doing fine, I saw you hanging out on hills, your DP told me… oh yes, I always stalk your profile in a little hope to know more about you.

I always sulk for this unconditional love I have for you, I don’t want to talk with you or meet you any time soon(perhaps I am afraid of the reality) but I always want you to be in my life.

You know what yesterday I was traveling to an unknown city for the first time and I didn’t know it was going to be a cold night … I didn’t have a shawl or sweater and midnight moon threw cold airs through the tightly packed bus making me shiver for there was no source of warmth.

There was a couple sitting diagonally to my seat, perhaps a newly wedded one and like me, they too were visiting the place for the first time and had nothing to warm them up.

But what they had was a companion to whom they can hold and cuddle and share the warmth with… after a few minutes as the movie, the bus was showing ended they eventually slept hugging each other … the girl resting on her husband’s right shoulder and encircling his right arm.

Alas! I missed that someone; I craved for that warmth, for that cuddle.

I kept tossing and turning in my seat waiting for the night to end but the chilly night seemed to just stretch… hilly roads with steep turns kept my yawns on break.

Finally, my body exhausted because of all the motions and discomfort and through the wee hours of the night I dozed off…

The bus stopped at a local city and a few passengers boarded the bus. “How someone was interested to come at the bus stop at the middle of the night?” I always asked myself this question and that day too I asked this to me.

Someone sat beside me, I could not see his face but the perfume was familiar and my heart started beating fast… all of a sudden I was no cold rather I was feeling heated, troubled the same way I used to be when you were around.

And then the stranger stretched their hand to collect their ticket and I took no moment to identify the black holy strings which were tied on that one wrist I was very familiar with… “Did I ever observed someone that closely as I did you?”

In a moment my wintery night turned into a smooth summer morning, I was feeling all kind of excitement inside me, I was only once this close to you and that too by chance but this time you were close to me and I could not help but feel the familiar cologne of yours suffocating my nostrils and not letting me breathe.

I tried securing my thin yellow dupatta around me and that’s when you sensed I was not okay, not comfortable but till that time the little yellow lights of the bus was switched off and the bus moved again leaving me shivering again.

You didn’t say a thing and perhaps laid on your seat, I didn’t know cause I was unable to tilt an angled; too shy to even look at you .i thought to move but I felt paralyzed; like I saw a ghost and my body numbed afterward.

And suddenly I found you pulling me towards you and a current ran through me, “what are you doing?” I wanted to ask but couldn’t say and without a word, my crying soul found peace into your warm embrace and hearing your heartbeats I slept.

“Madam, Viratnagar is here… get up, get up madam otherwise you won’t get anything to go into the city.” I was being called and I opened my eyes gradually.

Your fragrance flew somewhere, sunlight replaced your warmth, your embrace was gone and reality hit me…it was just a dream.

I laughed on my own fantasies and my stupid wishes that have started taking the shapes of hallucinations and dreams these days and stretched my hand to lift my little airbag when I found a guy leaving the seat just in front of me and what I noticed was he had the same cologne as you used to wear.

this time a bit confused

your secret lover.


Hello guys… have you ever loved someone that deeply that you start seeing them…No, no that’s not the symptoms of schizophrenia but have you ever?”

Enjoy this shot and do tell me how you like.

With love Morusya.

  1. Shekhar

    Just ! it is just only!
    No adverb I found to name it!

    This one is simple, damn common happening in many one’e life,
    but the way you describe this one MINUTE incident, is neither SIMPLE nor COMMON!

    You know,
    that is not any physical stuff, neither fancy words, nor even the unexpected twist,
    that make a matter, a damn simple matter, OUTSTANDING,
    but ,
    it is words we use to describe that all feelings while experiencing this minute, damn simple, damn common things going on in many person’s life, which enhance a HEIGHT to that simple matter!

    I read many authors, many novels, from love to horror, fun to fantasy, social to mystery ,but when I filter them according to which of those author, novels influenced me, then I found, I and many like only those who can feel and then describe all those feelings which a character might have been feeling then.

    When in a book, article, SILENCE keep speaking, no word can speak more then! When a mother when see deep in her only son’s eyes on his last moments, every author fail to describe her emotional turmoil going in her heart , except SILENCE! In present time, almost no author have thought process while what he is writing, he keep tossing, and tossing this and that wordings irrelevant to the situation he created , and readers messed up in controversial environment in it. Their writes up are lacking of reasoning ability, and that’s why they jump over to clarify each and everything they are up to, and creating nothing except wasting time of readers and papers with ink. They literally fly in the sky having vacuum in it where no one can breath of understanding.

    Any way
    it is JUST!

    1. Shekhar

      I am writing this from the reception counter of one my client, so may be there some spell or grammer mistake, so bear with that!

    2. Morusya51

      you are always generous with your words Shekhar. initially, i used to run away from such thoughts who were too personal and who didnt dare to come on paper but now i feel comfortable developing it on paper.
      i always try to write something people can relate with, simple tales of common people; something which is common and which is far away from a rebirth, man turning into an animal and the amnesia (sorry, but those are just not my things).
      something which cannot be Real cannot be written by me and that doesn’t mean i don’t love vampire series or harry potter, i too believe in fantasies and in all those supernatural powers but they need to be of some class, and right now i am very amateur in those tales.
      so you might be having a little idea that i can only write the things i can feel then i hope them to knock the reader’s mind like “yes, i too have felt that”, or “yeah, i had such an incident once”, that’s the little hope.
      thank you for the encouragement you have become lately…with love Morusya.

  2. Shekhar

    There are two types of writes up,

    To write over which never happened, or rarely happen , to write over the matter beyond imagination, does require a powerful creative imagination which contain no boundary, no limitation , and such writes up change and keep changing the world by materializing all those matter once imagined. It is well said about the reason of so much progress in THE WORLD THE human lives in ,
    that is,


    JULES GABRIEL VERNE, a french novelist is one of the best example of a creative imagination who imagined , that is first of all, A SHIP BELOW WATER,to which we named it as SUBMARINE after inventing it after many year of his this creative imagination. It was all the result of his strong and powerful creative imagination that some one found it to materialize it. He was renowned for his such creative imagination across the world. He wrote many such books, and when all most all his imagined things were being believed as only as DREAMS OF SHEIKH CHILLI, after many years human get all most all the things materialized as the time passes away! The things which were remained in WORLD OF ONE’S IMAGINATION for years of year, all have been common now. Be sure, every great things is the result of someone’s powerful creative imagination.

    To write over something unseen, beyond its existence is an outstanding ability to have, equally to write over the reality , is also an outstanding ability to have, if I prefer to weigh both, I would like to say, IT REQUIRE MORE TALENT TO WRITE OVER THE REALITY AS TO WHAT THAT REALITY EXIST!

    1. Morusya51

      JULES GABRIEL VERNE- well i never read about him but now that you mentioned i shall for sure. yeah, imaginations sometimes lead to inventions, dreams lead to inventions. decisions are quite sometimes made on the basis of a sudden decision.
      what i meant by fantasy term was that i cannot go with the bullshit televisions showing these days where a man/woman turns into an animal or suddenly a dead person comes into the story with partial memory loss.
      yes, i write on the basis of my imaginations, i create a story after a random imagination… sometimes real incidents are turned into stories i too add a few of my experiences to the imaginations.
      i believe this JUST could stir a string in your brain because i solemnly believe its the brain and not the heart who do this job 😃

      Thank you again Shekhar.
      p.s.- i hope someday i am able to write on both OVER REALITY and the real REALITY.

  3. Palak_55

    The way u pen down these feelings, its in amazing way….and i really enjoying themm….though am not in a teenage but sometimes, while reading these feelings brings a different sensation or excitment….sometimes i really wish these should happen with me too 😉 ….(sometimes reading takes me to different world) 🙂
    i would really luv to read more of them….

    1. Morusya51

      i think love always brings a different sensation and a special kind of excitement everytime you feel it whether through books, movies or in person 😉(you need not to be a teenager to feel these things, just being a romantic person is enough…hahaha)
      really…you want this to happen to you! then i hope it happens and i don’t hope it happens because when fantasies turn reality they are not always beautiful.
      thank you for reading this little confession and yeah i shall come with more 😊❤

  4. Sapphire

    I’m speechless, literally. Though this has never happened with me, but these words of yours sure bring some tingling sensations to me. These small moments, which we many a times don’t give much thought, have a different feeling in them. The way you write about these moments, it feels so… I’m not getting the correct word. But all I can say is, that I FEEL your words. These imaginations, these dreams, they are just words. But your way of expressing, gives them feeling. These imaginations, vivid parts of our daily lives, they give me a yearning for a life as dreamy as this. But then reality hits me quite hard and I’m unable to live in my own imaginary world. But these secret confessions have given me a medium to go into a fantasy of mine. So as long as I’m reading your post, I feel like myself. Then again reality knocks on the door of my brain. Anyways, I should not go with the flow now, or else I won’t ever stop. At the end I’d say that, reading your words give me true enjoyment. I’d love to read more of them.
    (P.s. I really don’t know what I said above. I wrote whatever my brain could interpret and my heart felt after reading those words. So hope you could understand a little bit of it. 😅😊)

    1. Morusya51

      first of all i feel very happy( like every other person who writes and posts) when i see new readers and their comments on my little thank you for reading and even dropping a few words❤

      speechless, tingling sensations and feelings…..that’s the beauty of love dear, sometimes i feel depressed that my idea of love is different, maybe i am lagging in today’s definitions of love but then when you guys read and express your thoughts i feel confident one more time.
      FEELING something is a big need today, we humans are going that occupied that we dont have time to stop and feel what other person is going through…it is just a little one-shot/ a fantasy i have created but in broader terms if you are able to feel all these feelings then somewhere we are still sensible .
      but yes you said right as it ends we are back to real world but believe me these little moments of shutting down the real world is necessary to explore yourself …to feel yourself, to dream, to think.

      keep talking dear, and commenting on what you felt reading such works of mine or any other writer cause then we creators feel we are able to connect or we could touch your brains.

      also i am happy you could let your brain to type whatever came to it, i am understanding you fully after all who will understand if not the writer of this shot😉😃
      love you😊

      1. Sapphire

        Hmm, you’re right. I agree with every word you said. I sometimes feel so suffocated in the real world that I escape, I can’t help but be a coward for sometime. But I feel that it helps you to strengthen yourself. And the best escape is reading the works of you and authors like you. As you said, it helps us to explore ourselves, to know the ME in ME. I can truly connect with what you write, even though for me emotions have almost no place in my real life. I know it’s not good, but I can’t help it. Though emotions are there, I tend to hide them. But this is the only place where I truly show my emotions, where I can show the ME in ME. And every passing day, I explore a bit more of ME. Again it’s a long flow and I better stop now.
        Lots of love to you too ❤️

    2. Morusya51

      Don’t stop yourself and hide your emotions..yeah I believe it is important not to show all of you but when needed you should be expressing your emotions. if this is the place then express those thoughts and unsaid words here.
      sometimes a short period of escape is needed to start a fresh and i am happy you read our works and help yourself.
      and NO ,you are not a coward, no one is. it is just we sometimes are not that strong, unfortunately some never get that right escape but when we get that RIGHT medium to escape we come out different and come out strong.
      keeo writing if it makes you feel right and never write for fame but write for you to feel Good.

  5. Mehrin

    Reading u for the 1st time and i just can say u r wonderful:)

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear, i am happy you find it worth a read..enjoy your time here.❤

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