my sad story

hi friends.I’m new and hope you will support me.
This story is of my friend Sheila and hope you people have a conclusion for this.
She had a sibling who is 2 yrs elder to her.Her sister is an expert in everything .
She is probably multi talented.
Her parents love their both daughters a lot when ever there was a situation to choose , even if it is right or wrong they always choose the elder one.Many a times sheila feels that she is brought from an ashram and not born to her parents as they give her all comforts but don’t treat her as their daughter.
When they were small the younger one used to comprise even if she was given less preference.
But as she grew a little older may be in her tenth, she started questioning her parents of why they prefer her sister more than her. Instead of making her understand they love her too , her parents used to shout on her and say that sheila always thinks negatively and said her to compare her self with her sister in studies too, because sheila was poor in studies but she always stood by her sister and supported her always.
Her sister too never spoke properly to her, she always fought with sheila , snatched away her things but her parents never spoke any thing but if sheila try going against her elder sister they used make her quite by scolding her.
Every second sheila was made to realize she is not important for them in fornt of her sister by her parents behavior and words.
2 yrs passed by and now sheila is on her vacation after her eamcet.
Her sister too had holidays and had holiday homework too(drawing).
But her sister wasted all her holidays and did not complete her homework. If sheila would be in that state then her parents would definitely punish her.
But in her sisters case her parents are with her . In fact they are ordering sheila to help her sister in doing the work.
If they would have requested her then may be she would have done , but because she is being ordered sheila refused to help her.
The day from when she refused to help her sister , Sheila’s father dint even see her face.
Today sheila helped her sister a little and went for watching her favorite movie. Her sister came to her and demanded her to do sum more work. Sheila said she will do work later as she busy and asked her sister to do her part of work.
Sheila’s sister fumed with anger shouted on her and left form there.
Seeing elder daughter in anger Sheila’s father shouted a lot on her and asked her to off TV , Laptop everything because it is disturbing sheila’s sister.

When Sheila went against him asked him is he dong so because she dint help her sister, her dad said her forgot all her manners and left from there in anger.

She called me just now and was crying very badly saying she hates her family and want to break every relation with them.
As she can’t run away from home, she decided after 4 yrs when she will be going to U.S. for her M.S. she will never come back to them again.

I dint understand want to say because even i saw her facing all problems from childhood.
So I want to guys to suggest me what to say her .

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  1. Hi bunny,so sad for sheila.i think someone should make her family understand what things she is going through.they should talk with her.when she go far from them maybe they realize her importance.

  2. Bunny you are being a great support to your friend now ..i think you are the only person with whom she confides all her feelngs.continue to be her support . i know what it feels to be ignored/ looked down by our own parents and also when our parents compare us with our brothers and sisters .
    ask her to be more confident ,brave, if she feels she needs to move away from her family ask her to concentrate in full fledge on her studies .ask her to make sure none those prblems affects her studies .only things which is going to help her is her studies.i dont know what your frined is doing .if she is in colg make sure she gets placed in good company and then let her decide her path where ever she wants to go she can. in the mean time her parents may also change.
    TELL HER SOMEWHERE OR THE OTHER THERE WILL BE GIRL LIKE HER.ASK HER NOT TO LOOSE HER HOPE .I crossed that path.i proved my father i m not useless..yet he considers me one.and stopped proving me .so he doesnt expect from me anything ,,,
    and thanks to you for being a GREAT SUPPORT FOR UR FRIEND,…. i TOO HAD ONE..

  3. Dear, if u don’t mind tell her to contact me..In my past I worked as a counsellor under a famous international author who is a psychologist, motivational speaker n many more. I used to council ppl who r in this stage..I was a team ldr there..or can contact directly Master Will through fb page “Willpower Now”.. They too will suggest her wats better to do..if u wanna contact me: [email protected]

  4. thank you all for your great support .
    And sindhu i will surely ask her to contact you , may you may get her out of this. thank you

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