My RiKara Drabbles- #13-The blessing I received

#13-The blessing I received

From the time I understood life, I always saw it as a burden, a burden where every day I need to battle something or the other, either some feeling or some human. I always felt that life was a curse to me, I never felt the love of a father because my father was way too busy with his ‘Love’. Shattered by his betrayal, my mother drowned herself in alcohol, I don’t blame her for this, she tried too hard to resist, for me, for my siblings but she couldn’t, she loved him way too much, well more than she loved us for sure because had she loved us, she would have left him long back, at least for us if not for her self-respect but… she couldn’t.

Tired of life, tired of constant betrayals, tired of the fact that I wasn’t just ‘meant’ for this world, I started going towards the darkness, away from the little spot of light that was still visible in my life, my brothers retrieved me every time but the fact remained, due to something or the other I started walking down that path, again and again, infact seeing my mother burn herself in that fire, I reached the darkness, I didn’t even allow my brothers to reach me this time, I was already  burning and would have turned into ashes had she not entered my life.

My blessing…I was burning in my own sadness and tried to burn her as well but little did I knew she won’t burn in the fire, she won’t because she was the water for my fire…the coolness for my burning heat. She reignited the old Omkara, however hard I tried to suppress him, her closeness would pull him back again, he was commitment phobic but he loved her, she changed me into him and him into a much better version of himself. I realized that I was indeed deserving to be in this world, if not for anyone else then at least for her, she became the  reason for my survival, she became the reason I was in this world, she made me realize how life can never be a burden, it’s only our sadness that turns life into a burden, she made me realize the beauty of forgiveness, how I should forgive my father, not for him but for myself and for my mother, she made me see beauty in everything, she made me trust her ‘Vishwas’ which would never fail her, well it never failed me either, She gave me the love I always craved for, she made me believe I was trustworthy, she made me everything I am today, She is my peace, my love, my lifeline, my everything. She is the blessing I received.

Omkara Singh Oberoi

(Proud Lover of Gauri Kumari Sharma Singh Oberoi)

P.S.- Well Lover because it makes us look cute. *Tongue out*. (Gauri effect)

A/N: Something on our RiKara, Hope you liked it. Had to say something, please read with patience- I am almost like discontinuing writing due to my 11th class, I’ll write but only when I am free which I hardly am, even my summer vacations passed only working and yet I have loads to do, I know it is wrong but I have reasons which are really strong, I have a dream in my life which can only be fulfilled by studying hard, very hard , that dream is really special for me,  I wish to fulfill my dream and somewhere writing is becoming a distraction in its way (however hard I try it doesn’t) so I’ll have to leave it, I am sorry for leaving my works incomplete as of now but I promise, one day I will complete them, don’t know how but I will, Promise. Please forgive me. Also, my 10th result is out, Thanks to all your wishes I scored 94%.Again, I am really sorry for discontinuing like this.

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    It is lovely dear.. Congrats for ur results….

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    It was so beautiful. Really loved it.

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