My RiKara Drabbles- #11-Adoring Her…

#11-Adoring Her…

The sound of chirping birds woke up a sleeping Omkara, he sat upright smiling as he glanced at her sleeping next to him, at his Gauri sleeping next to him, she was content, he could read that satisfaction on her face, the satisfaction of being with her Omkara, being with her love.

The chirping of birds continued in the otherwise silent environment as Omkara caressed his wife’s cheeks slowly yet lovingly, “Meri Bareilly Ki Chiraiyya Jo Mere Liye Chirota Bhi Bani.”

He smiled as he continued caressing her cheeks, remembering the first time he saw her, the angry girl who ran a bulldozer over his car, the innocent girl with those innocent expressions in the market place when she was having his phone, her cuteness and off course the innocence of Chulbul who was his constant companion and saved Omkara from every trouble that tried to ever reach him, the time when she came to his house as his Wife to help him get rid of Sveltlana, the happy moments she spend with his family, the pure soul that she is.

He continued caressing her cheeks remising her beautiful antics as an irritating voice disturbed him amidst the beautiful chirpings, Gauri woke up suddenly as Omkara removed his hand instantly…confused, Gauri switched off the alarm.

“Alarm tha Omkara Ji…” Gauri said in her cute tone spotting the confusion on Omkara’s face.

“Achaa…” Omkara said as he pulled Gauri who was about to get up on bed, she landed on him.

“Omkara Ji…” Gauri blushed as Omkara smiled, falling in love with her all over again, as he did every time he saw her.


A/N: First of all Happy 1 year Anniversary of Dil Boley Oberoi to all of you, Happy 1 year Anniversary of our RiKara, yesterday night I couldn’t sleep since I was preparing for what all I’ll write in the AN today about my little journey with RiKara but see, today when I have to write it, I am blank…totally blank , chalo leave it, for now I’ll just say, I hate Gul Khan but still I am thankful to her for giving me RiKara, Our amazing RiKara, tomorrow its going to be 1 year of our RiKara and I would just pray that we go on celebrating years and years of this amazin couple. Secondly, hope you liked this drabble. By the way, since I was remembering  old days of  DBO I remembered a few analysis I had penned down on RiKara in the initial phase of show and I read all of them…made me so nostalgic, here’s the link to them if anybody is interested to read:

Again, Hope you all liked it.

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