My RiKara Drabbles-#10-Dil Wali Gali

#10-Dil Wali Gali

Gauri was impatiently waiting for the red traffic light to turn green as she was sitting on her Vespa, she was already late for office but sadly the traffic light just intended to get her more late, it was 100 seconds until green light.

As she moved her eyes around waiting, irritated, her eyes fell on the rear view mirror of her vespa, a half cut side portion of someone sitting in an auto had been caught in the mirror,his open hair fluttering in the wind, Gauri adjusted her mirror and Vespa in such a way to get the complete view of him from the rear view mirror.

50 seconds-indicated the red light timer.

A smile captured Gauri’s till now dull face as she kept looking at the boy’s worried, impatient face.

Impatiently sitting in the auto, waiting for the red light to turn green, Omkara moved his eyes around when they landed on the most beautiful creation of the universe-his artistic heart thought, on Gauri whose face was visible to him in the very mirror she was looking at him from, smiling, he himself had a smile dance on his lips.

It was 25 seconds until green light.

They both kept looking at each other, into each other’s eyes through the mirror as the mirror acted as a catalyst to their love story, they both fell in love at the ever so irritating red light signal.


The auto started bringing RiKara out of their eyelock, “Wait…” Omkara said as the auto was just next to Gauri’s Vespa, he didn’t really had a reason to stop it though.

“Bhaiyaa, Can you help me find my way?” Gauri asked the auto driver, finding an opportunity, sitting on the Vespa itself.

“Where you have to go, Madam?” He asked as Gauri looked at Om who was already looking at her.

“Dil Wali Gali…” Gauri smiled still looking at him, they were again lost in an everlasting eyelock, this time without mirror though.


A/N: So Love on the signal, Hows it? Hope you all liked it. Between, Thanks a lot for such an awesome response, when I started it, I never thought I’ll reach this far, like seriously 10th Drabble, thought it’ll get over in 2-3 Drabbles only but your love kept me going and today we reached 10th Drabble, Thanks a lot UF3355 and Nikita_jai29 for continously supporting me, thanks a lot-lot-lot. Hoping you continue your support the same way. Do consider liking and commenting if you liked this one. Credit of  the gif to the maker.

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