Strangers (Part 2)


part 2
I turned back, it was him!!!!!!!!!! but how did he know my name ? I was surprised ,but for the 1st time my name sounded so nice to me . he came to me and the first words I spoke to him were “how do you know my name?” he laughed and said “your friends were shouting out your name so loud it was obvious. I dint reply waiting for him to say something more and he did !! he said “I like your name though ,it made me smile again then he said “did I tell you, you have a very cute smile” and I was blushing, my cheeks were all pink , I just couldn’t resist smiling at what he said . its not like he was the 1st person who said that to me but this time it felt something special. then I asked where are your friends so he said “they are waiting for me in the games section. I had a question mark all over my face. So he said ” I came back to talk to you cos I went away without saying bye” I smiled again, and asked did they really dare you to do that? He laughed again and said” yeah they did but they told me to go to the prettiest girl you can see around and ask her for coffee “I smiled and said was that a compliment?” ( well I know what he meant but I wanted to ask ) he said thats the fact , atleast I feel that
We stood there I silence for a while, then he said”can I ask you a question” I replied “yeah sure”, then he said “you shouldn’t get angry” I laughed and said “ok”. again in a low voice he asked me ”would you have said yes if I asked you that question for real” my heart skipped a beat again, I was smiling, blushing oh god!! I just could’nt stop feeling so good about myself now. I thought for a second and replied “well it would depend on how much I know you “ , but I was still smiling. He said “ I thought so too” with a smile , he was such a charmer .then he said ” I gotta go now, it was really nice talking to you , you really made my day special” I said “same here” . well may be he dint expect this answer from me he looked surprised and very happy . he bid gud bye and went off.
I was looking at him rather staring at him till he was out of my sight, I wondered to myself why did I look at him till he was out of my sight? May be I dint want him to leave? Or may be I wanted him to stay for a little more time. Whatever that was I knew that this person made my day too a really special one. the rest of the day I was with my friends but my mind was filled with his thoughts, I know that we dint know each other at all ,this was the 1st time we met , infact the 1st time we even saw each other, there was definitely no possibility that we’ll meet again or anything but he made me feel special in those few moments we shared he made me feel beautiful and special . So my friends and me we were done with all our fun there and when we were heading back home in our car one of my friends arohi bought up this topic again and she was like “did u ask his name? and I DINT” , and I havent realised this until she asked me this question. he knows my name but I dint even ask him his, OH GOD!!! Wat did I do????? we had a conversation , we talked for a while but why dint I ask his name?? I felt so stupid of myself for not asking him and so did my frnds!! All the happiness and all those thoughts just blew away with this I had lost my only chance to know him or atleast try to find him. this was soooo not happening!!!

Credit to: Bhgi

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  1. Bhgi Awesome ?? buddy..Superb Narration of the story and I really liked it..Keep it up..??
    I liked him Asking for a Coffee ? date how sweet !
    I am too excited to know his he the hero?.. So much questions on my mind right now..pls post 3 part too today itself..pls pls I can’t wait for it..
    This Story looks like this happened in real?..
    Pls post next soon..Take care ? buddy..

  2. thnx a lot its an ff i vl let u knw his name keep guessing his name

  3. if i vl get more comments then i cn post parts

  4. Good yaar

  5. U r from ap only bhgi….

    1. Oh so nice i am also….. dekhtehi pyaar ho na nice…..

  6. frm hydeerabad hayati

  7. Superb… love it. Plz post next part today only

  8. Nice story . Plz do continue

  9. superb yaar.enjoyed it.. pls pist nxt part soon

  10. Ur story is awesome yaar. I feel like watching this in real. If any serial writer is reading this story then plz make it a serial. It is just fabulous

  11. thnx guys vl update by evening;)

  12. Its 2 gud:-)

  13. updated 3rd part go through it

  14. Awsme narratn.2 gd story lne

  15. Nice episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode

  16. i alrdy updated two parts jz go through it thnk you

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