Strangers (Part 1)


HI READERS , lets begin the enthralling journey of dis story

Part 1

dat was a perfectly normal day wid nodng unusual .. me nd my frnds were in inorbit mall just shpng roaming around nd havin fun until I caught sum1 staring at me in admiration!!!! He was wearing a red tshirt nd blue denims ,he was so damn cute nd he had a charm in his face nd an innocent look nd his eyes were d most attractive in his face .. for a moment I wondered was he staring at me or was it sum1 else ,bt den he saw me lukin at him nd he smiled at me .. nw I knw he was starin at me .. I dnt knw y I felt a rush of happiness in my hrt I wanted to smile bak but I dint .. I lukd away nd after a while I turned bak again to c whether he’s still der ,he was gone .. I laughed at myself wat am I even thinking .. so v moved on .

later after sometime v went up to d food court section to have our lunch .. v went upto a table to have our food wen I suddenly realised d guy who was lukin at me b4 was sitting wid his frnds at d table beside us , exactly at a view wer v both can c each other .. he lukd at me nd gave a wide smile nd I cudnt do anydng but smile bak to his cuteness nd I think he knew I ws blushing!!! I thought to myself wats dis .. I dont even know dat guy ,have seen him fr d 1st time bt I felt gud wen he was staring at me nd now im blushing wen hes smilin at me .. dis sounded absolutely ridiculous nd stupid but dis was hpng in real .. well I ws lost in all these thoughts wen suddenly my frnds started at me hey look look ….to my surprise d same guy got up frm his seat nd was walking towards me , I mean us .. all my frnds were like hes comin here but fr whom ? none of dem saw him staring at me or me smilin bak at him .. nd I behaved as if I dint know anydng!!!!! He walked straight to me .. my heart was beating faster dan it usually does .. I felt a lite nervousness .. he stopped infront of me, kneeled down and askd me “wud u like to have a coffe wid me” …. I was shocked ,surprised nd dumbstruck .. nd b4 I even reacted …. he said in a low voice pls dnt mind I was dared to ask u fr it .. u dnt have to reply anydng!!! I just smiled nd I knew i ws blushing but ws trying so hard dat he doesn’t notice dat. But I thnk he did notice dat cos he smiled nd said thank u fr not slapping in my face “he was being funny”, I gave a wide smile my face was glowing .. den he went bak to his frnds..

now after all dis my frnds were literally interrogating me wid so many qs, like wats gng on huh? I thnk he likes u, do u like him? , if not y r u blushing nd all sorts of stupid qs , nd I ws like no v dont even know each other but hes cute .. nd all my frnds in chorus did d aaaaaawwwwwww thng nd he heard it … I ws trying so hard to calm dem down but I ws enjoying It too

we had our lunch nd in btw der was a lot of starin gng on frm his side though I pretended I wasn’t lukin. Dey finished der lunch nd dey were gone .. my face stopped glowing nw.. after a while v also finished our lunch nd we started to leave wen suddenly a unfamiliar male voice cald out my name “divya” nd my heart skipped a beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit to: Bhgi

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  1. He knows her before…. intrestinggggg

  2. Finally Bhgi u updated ur story..Thank God….Really nice..Awesome writing..i am eagerly excited to read next part..keep it up buddy..Nice story..
    It looks it happened in real?..? r u that girl?.. Just kidding buddy..
    Wats ur name?.. Just asked..
    Waiting..and update next soon..
    Take care ? buddy..

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  4. The end was really good. I appreciate ur skills; the story seemed so near to reality
    Good going☺

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  7. finally u updated ur story…nice story yaar

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  14. thnx A lot hg it means alot to me:)

  15. Name changd??? :O

  16. Awesome I’ll keep reading but you keep writing…Pls

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