My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-44


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Sanskar is getting ready..finally the day for which he was waiting for a long ,has arrived..
she is going to be his wife..he is so haapy as his dreams comes true..he smiles recalling their moments…
@Rag home
Janki is searching for ragini from past 30min but she was no where…she gets tense nd told to shekhar..both goes to mm after seraching ragini at their home nd informed ap..Ap comes to laksh who is geeting ready(Dont forget lak teni marriage also today) u knw where ragini is..

AP:i mean she was no where in house..i havnt ask sanskar as if he knws,i cant imagine his state…
laksh:dont wry maa..i will see, dont tell to this bhai..we will manage..
Ap nodded..all gets tense about ragini..
Laksh caslled police station to ask whether karan was in locker or not..he gets ans as karan was in their lockup..He dials parth no to ask if is he knw about ragini..he about dial but stops seeing entrance where Ragini stood with someone(He He surprise/shock..dont kill me guys)..
All turns nd shocked to see ragini with sindhur on hairline nd mangalsutra on her neck…
Parth laughs evilly

Ragini(hits him on his head):oye duffer stop ur drama..
parth:what drama….i wanna marrry u..i love u
Parth:what next serious..
Ragini:ok..chalo..we will marry
Ragini:chalo na..
she got down frm car nd drags parth out..
Ragini:areh see we r lucky,there is a temple also come
Ragini dragging him inside temple..

Parth:ragzz meri bath suno
Parth:meri plan backfire ho gayaa..
Ragini laughs…
Parth pouts
Ragini:dont play pranks on me..u knw im a big prankstar than u..
Parth:i knw yaar..but i jst tried..kya hai ena today u r going to get married na..i dont knw whether we will get a chance to spend time with eo or to play pranks like played a stupid prank.. not jst going to my sasural..
Parth:are u mad..y r u talking like this
Ragini:ok sry baba..but y r u talking like this..i will spend time with u as like before..
Parth:sach mein
Ragini:ha..aftrall u r my bestie…
parth smiles..
Ragini:btw y did u took me like this

Parth:vo..i will tell u later..first u tell me ,i tied ur hands.didnt u got hurt na.. fine..u tell duffer
Parth:i cant yaar..wait
Ragini:y u cant..r u hiding anything..

Parth:ha..iu have too..plz wait
Ragini:im gonna kill u today,all must be worried about me..i will call nd inform..give mr ur phone
Parth:no..u cant tell to anyone
Ragini glares at him for not underdtanding anything..
Parth:where he is
Parth:wait nd see
Ragini frowns..

parth:he came
Ragini turns nd shocked to see sanskar who is coming towards them..
Sanskar:sry i got late…
parth:u came i will tell ragzz..he only askd me to kidnap u..nd told dont reveal his name untill he came..
Ragini:what i jst said get her
parth:u said take her without knowldge anyone,even herself too..this is called kidnap only naa
Ragini:stop u both..whats going on here..

Sanskar:i will tell..actually u said one day na..u love to marry by escaping frm home nd do marry without knowledge i planned our marriage here..
ragini:then u should told me na..whaaat is d need to tk me like this..
Sanskar:i thought to give surprise..if i came u would hav sense my presense i took parth help..
Ragini:is this duffer plan..
Parth:no actually both..
Ragini glares at both..
Parth:y r u getting angry yaar..he did it for u na..its ur wish na..u want to marry like this na..come

Ragini:ha but..what our family thinks..
Sanskar:i will manage..come fast all r getting tense in home,we hav to go home soon..
Ragini nodded but she thinks about family…sanskar assured her as all will be fine..
Ragini nodded…
Ragsan sits infront of pandit who is chanting mantrs..ragsan smiles at eo entwirling their fingers..parth capturing their marriage with his phone,smiling…
Pandit askd them to stand for pheras..
they r doing phers hoding eo hands staring at eo..

pheras completed..
pandit asks to fill her hair line..
Sanskar took pinch of sindhur nd applied on her hair line while ragini looks at him emotinally..
Sanskar kissed her forehead..
pandit askd to tie mangalsutra..
sanskar tied mangalsutra on her neck..both smiles looks at eo..
pandit declared they r wife nd husband now…
Ragsan takes blessings frm pandit…he leaves…
Ragsan hugs eo happily..

parth:ahem..ahem..still there is a time for suhagrat..will u stop ur romance here..
both departed..
parth:wish u both happy nd rocking married life..
Ragini goes to parth nd hugs him..
parth:stay happy always..

Ragsan smiles….
fb ends..
Suji:sanskar what is this..u both got married
Janki:Raagu kya hua..
Parth:i will tell u guys dont wry..actually its our heroin wish to marry like our hero did it as per heroin wish..
shekhar:can u plzz tell clearly duffer..

Parth:cool dude..he told about ragini wish nd whole story..
Ap:but how could u marry like that without us..u both felt no need all of us na..
Sanskar:badi maa its not like really sorry for made u all tense..plzz forgive us…nd we will marry again now..
Ragini looked at him shock..
Sanskar:ha..that was for my ragini..this is for u all..

Suji:but sanskar..
Sanskar:maa plz try to understand..u want to all see our mrg na..then see..dont waste time..still there is 15min left for muhurt..come..
All looked at them noddingly…
Sanskar:laksh are u reday..whre is teni

Laksh:im always ready bhai..she was in room with their parents..
sanskar smiles..both goes to mandap..
Ragini goes to her parents nd says sorry..
Shekhar:no need princess..go nd sit with sanskar..
Ragini smiles..
Ragsan,Lakteni sits…
marriage rituals started..
pheras complted..
sanlak fills hairline with sindhur..(Ragsan recalling thier first mrg nd msiles)
RAgini(whispered in his ear):i want a kiss
Ragini:ha..cannt u do it
Sanskar nodded smiling..
now its time to tie mangalsutra..

sanskar again tied mangalsutra nd kissed on her back(no one can caught,as all though he is putting mangalsutra button(huk)..ragini widened her eyes…
sanskar smiles nd winked at her.. ragini smiles..
after all rituals ,marriage completed.. im looking with these two mangalsutras
Sanskar:looking pretty
Sanskar:really my wify

Ragini feels some unknwn sensatin heaing wife..yes now she is his wify..she smiles..
Ragsan,lakteni took all elder blessings..
Janki cries.
Ragini:maa i m going to opposite house only na..i should near u only..y r u crying..
Parth:thats y she is crying..
Ragini shekhar glares at him..
Parth:areh jaanu dont with u na..we will get some good time..
Ragini pouts…
parth(wiped janki tears):stop naa baby..
janki nodded smiling..
RAgini hugs both..
bidai got over(teni too)…

Ragini is waiting for sanskar nd dreamimg…tonight she is going to his’s completely…
Sanskar came nd sits beside her..ragini smiles at him..
Sanskar:change ur dress nd sleep..
Sanskar:didnt u herad..sleep
Ragini:do u really want me to sleep
Sanskar:ha.y r u asking like that
Ragini in mind ,what happend to him today our suhagrat but he is behaving like this..
Sanskar:hello dear..where r u lost..go nd change fast
Ragini(stressing words):do u really want me to sleep

Sanskar:ok..dont sleep..stay awake…im getting sleep..i will sleep..
Ragini glares at him nd goes to washroom cursing sanskar..
In washroom ragini talking to herself when we r unmarried he always wants to do romance but now we get a chance but he said he is sleepy..she huffs…nd says is he planning any surprise..she thinks..
Ragini comes out from washroom ,sanskar back hugs her…
Ragini(smiles but pretends angry):u said u r getting sleep na..go nd sleep
Sanskar(huskily):i jst teased u can i sleep today..we should be awke na..
Ragini blushes

Sanskar lifts her in his arms nd makes her lie on bed..nd comes over her..
Ragini comes out of her imagination,smiles at herself about her stupid imagination…she changes her dress fast nd comes out of washroom amusingly nd sees sanskar who is sleeping..
Ragini frowns..she goes nd sits beisde sanskar nd murmurs how could he sleep like this..

Ragini:are u sleeping
Sanskar(opend his eyes) watching cricket
Ragini glarers at him
Sanskar:sleep dear..dont disturb me..he turned other side..
Ragini makes hm turn roughly..

Ragini(angrily):kuch nay..
saying she lie on sanksar chest…
Sanskar:good night
Ragini fumes:good night..sleeep wellll..
she murmurs buddu…
Sanskar smiles…

Done guys..all must be nagry on me right…
why guys..i jst thought to give small jhalak,sorry guys..i didnt think u all will believe…how can i make him negetive…i respect friendship more than love..i believe friendship more than love..i love can i spoil rag parth friendship…im really sorry u got hurtrd by last update..actually i thought to post bcz i love u..but after seeing ur comments i had to post it..hope u will like it..if i missed nay logic tell me i will clarify..

Anisha sis:how could u believe dear…i alreday said parth never be negateve…sorry dear..hope u will clear now..

Anika:its not like that dear.i didnt change my stoty bcz of u..i jst fasten up my story need to say sorry dear..

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