My Possessive Lover (RagSan) episode-43

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Ragini wakes up in middle of her sleep,she looks at clock which shows 11.30pm..she tabout wake up sanskar who was sleeping holding her..but she noticed he was in dfeep sleep so she dont want to disturb his sleep..she takes off his hand frm her waist nd gets up..she kissed on his forehead nd cover him with quilt..nd goes..
After 20min
Ragini calls parth..
Parth:hello ragz,,im sleeping.. y r u disturbing yaar

Ragini:come to my home in 10min..
Ragini:come duffer..if u got late even 1sec..i dont knw what will i do..come quick..
Saying she hanged d call

Parth reached ragini’s home exactely in 10min…
Ragini smiles seeing parth..
Parth:kya yaar..are u ok
She closed his eyes with her hands..nd takes him to terrace…
Parth:do u called me to play game..
Ragini:chup 5sec

parth:kya yaar
she looks at watch nd shouts in his ear happy birthday my duffer..
Parth closed his ears..
Ragini removes her hands frm his eyes..
Parth(rubbing his ears):is toady my bday?
ragini(hits him on his head):haa duffer..

Parth rubbed his head looking around,which was decorated..
Parth:u did it for me
Ragini:no..i did it for Ranbir Kapoor..
Parth pouts
Ragini:ofcourse i did it for u..
Parth:u should have called me..i would have helped u did alone..
Ragini:areh buddu..this is called surprise..dont u like it..
Parth makes a annoyed face…
Ragini makes a sad face seeing parth..parth suddenly jumped on her nd hugs her saying thank uuuuu…i loved it..
Ragini smiles
Parth:first time we r celebrating my bday here..

[Actually ,they used to celebrate parth bday at parth fav place,which far awy frm city..they knws sanskar wont agree for ragini did it]
Parth:are u mad..y r u saying sorry..we will rockk here..
Ragini(smiles):ok.first cut the cake..

Parth nodded ..he cut d cake nd feeds eo..
Ragini arraned music too..she plays music both enjoying dancing…suddenly we heard a thud..
Ragini stood holding her cheek..parth shocked both looks at sanskar who was in rage..
[Sanskar woke up nd doesnt found ragini beside him,he cheks washroom nd whole house being tense..but no info about her…no one can sense how much he tense about her..his heart was beating rapidly nd consoling himself saying she was fine ..she was fine..he recalled the moment when she got missed suddenly like this..he shouts no..tears rolling down from his eyes…he dont wnt to loose her again..he searches for her around her house being mad…he noticed some lighting on terrace..he quickly run to terrace nd sees rag parth r enjoying…he got relieved but angry]
Sanskar:are u mad..u knw how much i got tense..

Im there dieing..nd u r enjoing here..howmany times i told u..inform me..inform me..inform me..y u r careless..
Ragini was jst numb tears rolling down frm her eyes..

Parth:sanksar what u did
Sanskar:u dont come bw us..u knw much im affraid of her safty..u knw how i felt that time without her..i always thinking about her..her saftty..but y she cant understand..she would hav inform me na…
Parth:vo..u r sleeping so she dont want to disturb ur sleep..

Sanskar:sleep??this blo*dy sleep important to me more than her?…i dont understand ..y she was so careless..she would have think about me once i felt when i saw she was not beside me..
Sanskar:ur friend listen to u na..tell her.. one mad man is there who is crazy about her..inform him where ever she wants to go..tell her..

Saying he goes angrily..
Ragini hugs parth nd cries..
Parth:raagu plz dont cry..u knw na..he got tension about u.. could he slap me..(sobbing)
Parth(wiped her tears):stop cry..go nd talk to him once..
Ragini:no i wont talk to him..
Parth:plzz raagu

Ragini:no..i wont go to him..i will come with u ..take me to ur house..(like a kid)
Sanskar:i will come there too
[he angrily returns but controlled himself nd realized what he did,so he came back]
Ragini turned her face away sanskar..
Sanskar:sorry parth..actually..vo
Parth(smiles):no need i can understand..
Ragini:duffer dont talk to him..he slapped me..
Sanskar smiles..
Parth:leave it..go

Ragini:no..i wont go..come we will go ur home..
Sanskar comes towards them..
Ragini:parth ask him to dont come..i wont go with him..
Sanskar:u no need to come..i will take u..
Ragini glares at sanskar..
Sanskar moves to her nd lifts her in his arms..
parth smiles..
Ragini:leave me
Parth:i shuld leave now

Ragini:dont go duffer..
parth:raago plz…we wil meet tomorrow..good night
Sanskar:happy bday parth..good night..
parth:good night..

parth leaves..
sanskar walks to her room without bothering ragini words who was asking him to leave her..
He makes her lie on bed..
Ragini huffs nd turned other side..
Sanskar back hugs her placing his face near her neck nd whispered in her ear sorry..
Ragini:i wont talk to u..
Sansakr:im really sorry..u dont knw how much i got affraid..i didnt do it intensionlly..plzz
Ragini:no..i wont talk to u..i wont talk to u..i wont talk to u..
sanskar:ok..slap me..

Ragini rolled her eyes..
Sanskar:slap me untill ur angry wd gone…
Ragini looks at him..
Sanskar:do it..
Ragini:how can i slap u..
Sanskar:i slapped u it
Sanskar:then..can i slap myself

Sanskar:then..what should i do
Ragini(hugs him tightly nd cries):i really tought to woke up that time but u r sleeping….i listened to u….im not careless..u said i didnt tought about u once…i always thinking about could u talk like that..
Sanskar(rubbing her back):shh..sorry..i said in angry..i knw …im really sorry ra..plzz dont cry
Ragini:how could u talk like that with parth..he would have feel hurt..
Sanskar:i will say sorry to him..he can understand..
Ragini(wiped her tears):never say to parth,dont come bw us..
Sanskar:ok..baba..i said being angry na..sorry..i wont reapeat again..
Ragini nodded..

Sanskar( drags her more close nd caresses her cheek):is it paining
Ragini nodded as no
Sanskar placed his lips on her cheeks nd sucks all over there..ragini tighten her grip on sanskar..after a while they dozzed off like that..
Sanskar comes to rag house where parth,Ragini nd divya r there..he asked them to come nd get in car..
Sanskar:come..i will tell u
Sanskar:come na..

They nodded nd gets into car…
After sometime they reached destination..
Ragini:ur farmhouse??
Sanskar:ha..come..laksh n d teni also here..
sanskar opens d door..ragini widened her eyes seeing the senario where some hot girls r standing over there nd it was beautifully decorated…
Ragini:what is this all
Lak/teni:happy bday is surprise..
Parth rolled his eyes knowing it was for him..
Sanskar:enjoy parth..

Some girls came nd drags parth..parth looks at divya who is smiling nd signed him to carryon..
Ragini:sanskar..u did it for him..
Sanskar:ha..i ruined his celebration last night i thought to do something..
Ragini:u didnt told me..
Sanskar:u r hide anything from parth na..if u told u..u would hav told him..surprise would be ruined..
Ragini pouts
Sanskar:are u not happy

Ragini:obiviously.u did it for my happy..but divya
Divya:dont wry..sanskar bhai told me nd took my permission..
Ragini smiles at sanskar..
Ragsan,divya,lak teni all sits..nd looks at parth who was surrounded by girl makes him drink girl is flirting with parth..parth rolling his girl drags him for dance..
Ragini:today my duffer full khush ho jayagaa..

all smiles..
Sanskar excuses nd he takes ragini along with him..he took her outside..
Ragini:kya hua sanskar..
Sanskar:vo..i made u happy..nd imade ur friend happy..soo
Sanskar:dont u make me happy
Ragini:that means u r not
Sanskar:im happy..but more
Ragini:that means u r not more happy with me
Sanskar:its not like coming straight..kiss me..

sanskar:what type of question is this..i wanna kiss
Sanskar closed his eyes nd departed his lips..ragini moves close to him she jst brushed his lips with her nd back off..
RAgini teases him..she jst touches her lips with his’s nd backing off..
Ragini again brushed his lips nd about to backogg but sanskar captured her lips with his’s..Ragini widened his eyes but smiles..
both r kissing dragging themselves to close..

Its approximately 30min..they brk d kiss breathing…
Ragini hugs him blushing…


Ragsan came inside after completing their romance..they sees divya parth at one corner nd lak teni at one corner romancing..they smiles…all girls r left as parth asked them to leave..
Ragini:duffer..stop romancing now..
they departed…

Parth(comes to sanskar nd hugs him):thank u..
[dont misunderstood parth..he jst like to do health flirting with girls..he thanked him for not about those girls,,he thanked him he did his bday special]
Sanskar:no need.enjoyed na..
Parth nodded..
Sanskar:ok..come lets hav dinner..
All nodded nd thy had dinner nd had some friendly time..

days r passing like this..Ragsan hav misunderstandings by his possisiveness but they r solving by their love…
Ragini opens one box which sanskar bought for her..she widened her eyes seeing one beautiful white nd pink combo lehenga nd choli in was simple yet elegent…
Ragini:wow sanskar..its beautiful..
Sanskar smiles..
Ragini(kissed on his cheek):i loved it so much…can i try once
Sanskar:no..this is for our special night..
Ragini blushes
Sanskar:tomorrow our marriage na..u hav to wait..
[yeah finally ragsan going to be married(may be)]
Ragini:plz i want to try once..
Sanskar:no..i want to see u in it at that night only..
Ragini:atleast i will check is it fit or not..

Sanskar:no will be perfectly fit on u..
Ragini:how do u knw
Sanskar:bcz i bought it..i knw
Sanskar(pulls her close nd whispered in her ear):i knw every measurent of urs..
Ragini hits him playfully ,blushing nd hides her face into his chest..
sanskar smiles..
Next [email protected] Ragsan marriage
Ragini getting ready in bridal dress,thinking about sanskar..she recalling all moments with sanskar..she smiled at herself nd thanking god for giving sanskar to her..when she was in thoughts ,suddenly someone came nd blind folded her frm behind..
Ragini:who is this..
He ties her both hands..

Ragini:who r u..what r u doing leave me..
he plastered her mouth witn tap..
ragini tried to freee herself..but
He holds her nd takes her into d car without knowledge anyone..nd drives…
Ragini stuggles…after a whilke he stopped d car..
He unplasterd her mouth..
RAgini:who r u
He unties her hands.nd finally he take off cloth frm her eyes…ragini looks at him nd shocked..

Ragini:hav u gone my marriage..y did u took me here
Parth(smirking):dont worry..u will have marriage but not with sanskar…with me..u r sith me since my childhood..u have to be with me could i give y to someone..
Ragini(hell shocked):what
parth laughs evilly..

Anika:im sorry for dragging the story anika..i hav fasten up d story line..hope u will like it..

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  1. Nice update? Good and long? Waise pls don’t increase the pace if the storyline. It was perfect as it is? I was hoping the story would touch the golden Jubilee mark considering we hv already reached 43 episodes ? Love Rag-parth bond ?I m still a bit wary of the slap Sanky gave. I understand he was angry and it was heat of the moment ? but still little difficult to let it go. Kaash Ragu would hv hit him? waise quite an expected twist ! Parth kidnapping Ragu? Is this a prank or do all ppl who love Ragu turn out to be possessive?
    I loved d previous episodes especially where Sanky’s tells Ragu abt d bachelor party ?? That is d Sanky we love? And that part where he knows d girl in d mask is Ragu is too sweet??

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    How can you make Parth negative so suddenly
    Parth always supported RagSan relationship, he always stood by Ragini’s side like a true fan

    I’m not liking the way you are changing his character

    It would have better if you have bring Karan back or some new negative entry

    Sorry if I hurted you, you know we all love your stories so if something we don’t like we can share it with you right??

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    Omg parthhhhhhh how could u do this Yaar….it’s awesome…. waitinggggg for next episode?????

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