My Pain!


Dear Mum and Dad,

I have been trying to ask you the answers of “Why?” But couldn’t do so.. I didn’t had the courage to talk to you.. About everything.. Your protection was not care.. It was like a cage..

Where i am going? With whom am going? Taking all details.. Calling me like every 30 minutes when i would be with my friends asking when i will be back? I used to say, yell sometimes! ” Why can’t I go out like i want! Why can’t I go out like my brother does! Freely! Why me? Why girls? Why not boys? You both always said ” Its necessary for girls” I ask “Why?” But you both used to shut me up with those angry glares! Why?

Whenever i tried to do something from my heart.. You both stopped me! Why?

When i used to write a personal diary, you guys used to read it! Why?

When i used to paint something, You came to me and said ” Stop wasting your time and concentrate on your studies” Why?

Wasn’t i supposed to do anything what i want?

Why it had to be always about your reputation, this society, the people! Why couldn’t it be about me? Why?

You both always said that you always gave me support.. But did you really do it?

Well, What about the time i used to get scolding from you both on my capabilities?
What about the time when i was so excited for my 16th birthday but lost my money and you guys.. Ruined like no better!
Why boys are always superior? I used to go and come from my school and college by walking.. But my bro had car.. Why?

I used to get so excited doing something for you both.. But in the end somehow or another always getting up scolded! Why?

When i used to show my result card to you, You used to see that one subject in which i have scored less.. But you didn’t ever appreciate on the other six subjects in which i got the highest marks.. Why?

When i used to make cards for you both late night.. I always found my card in dustbin the next day.. Why?

Why couldn’t my favourite Biryani be made every week while my bro’s favourite dishes used to be cooked every 2nd day.. Why?

Why i had to give my front seat in car?

Why couldn’t i sit and watch a movie peacefully without any taunting? Why?

Why you both showed “OVER PROTECTIVE BEHAVIOUR” I used to get suffocated.. Why?

People wish for their long lives.. I wish for death.. Why?

Why always my mistakes were pointed out but never got appreciated on my good habits? Why?

Why my tears were considered my weakness?

Why I had to give up my dream to achieve yours?

Why couldn’t i be an engineer but had to be a doctor cause it was your dream? Well what about mine?

Why my brother could choose his career as he desired but I couldn’t?

Why wasn’t i given a chance to explore the world?

Why was i given the title of Coward when you guys didn’t let me go out and see the world?

Why i had to study all the time sacrificing my sleep but couldn’t even spend my time like i want for like not even 3 hours?

Why couldn’t you be my best friend mum like other people’s mum?

Why couldn’t you ask me once ” What you wanna be” Dad?

Why couldn’t you ask me once “Do you wanna share anything” Bro?

Why didn’t you had time for hearing my stories mum?

Why didn’t you make me “Daddy’s princess” Dad?

Am i this only? A robot?

Why should i live my life like you guys want?

Why can’t i do what i desire?

Why can’t i do what i dream?

Why can’t I be as free as my brother?

Why you guys didn’t trust me enough that you daily used to keep check on me?

Why didn’t you come to pick me up when i had to carry that heavy bag loaded with books in that burning glare of sun?

Why couldn’t i wear jeans?

Why i had to wear that duppatta?

Why i had to cover myself for people?

Why a daughter can’t be like a son?

Why son’s are given more importance?


I Ask WHY?!

Why Mum n Dad?
Can you please answer me?
I wish you could understand but alas you wouldn’t.. Why??

In tears,
Your daughter!


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  1. Muniya

    Fabulous piece of writing…
    So true…
    After reading this I feel like i m very lucky to not lead a life like this…
    But there r so many girls whose lives, whose dreams hv no values for their parents or family members…They r bound to do everything according to their parents wishes…and boys r always treated like prince…they can do anything they want…
    It all depends on people’s mentality…i just don’t understand how can they diferrenciate between their own children?

  2. Exactly true
    Very gud …………..very very very very very touching

  3. Akankshanna

    True…… Heart touching………. ???????

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