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Hi this a shrt film I saw ths a long before.. I thought it to write as raglak os..

Here we go….
One day I went to my friend home…suddenly I hear a voice of girl… Its melodious voice I thought to see her façe… she is playing with kids in the park.. wearing a long white gown look like an angel… I was mesmerised to see her….some one patted my shoulder I turn back n see it was my frnd…
Frnd- hey lucky wer u lost we r searchng for u
Lucky- the man is none other than lucky… sry buddy I saw a girl… I juz lost in her beauty n her voice she was amazing
Frnd- oh my god lucky in love…. N where she is???
Lucky- she’s there only but the tym she already left… oops I missed her dude… I wanna see her…
Frnd- don’t wry I thnk she’s this area only…ur love is true means u ll see her soon…
Lucky- my love is true I ll see her soon…
Days started rolling… lucky visited the park daily… one day evening he hear someone caling girl name Ragini.. shes behind him only… he helped her to call her…to his surprise he’s shocked to see her n automatically tell her name Ragini.… He flat on her beauty… without her knowledge he started to follow her… n get her details… lyk name, studies, her likes, dislikes…he’s lyk a shadow to her…

2 weeks later… one fine day ragini waiting for bus to college… she see the old couple having trouble to cross the road.. she think to help them… but laksh come n help… she s really impressed…
On same day evening ragini in the same park chatng with her friends… suddenly one of her frnd told ragini…
Her frnd- hey ragini… I wanna tell u something
Ragini- k tell me
Her frnd- some one following u on past 2 weeks… I saw him behind u lyk a shadow….
Ragini- what rubbish??? I didn’t see anyone… well who’s dat idiot??? I wanna teach him a lesson
Her frnd show him to her surprised its laksh only… she started fall for him…but wait for laksh proposal…

Ragini enjoyed his following… she love to watch his every act… one day she thought to propose cause she don’t want to lose him… he’s waitng in the park only… ragini goes to him n talk
Ragini- hi
Laksh in shock- hi
Ragini- iam ragini… y r u following me… may I know who u r????…(she’s trying to act normal….)
Laksh- iam laksh I wanna tell u something… its really important… nearby coffee shop here… shall we go n discuss about it???
Ragini in cloud nine she thought he’s going to propose her…
Ragini- ohh k k
After reaching the coffee shop…
Ragini- k tell me
Laksh- wait first drink the coffee…
Ragini- k
After having coffee
Laksh- its really important… it ll change ur lyf… don’t take tnsion k
Ragini smiled n say- sure first tell me
Laksh- ur dad havng affair iam ur brother…
Ragini in shock- what???. Don’t tel me anything wrng about my dad… iam gonna kill u
Laksh- its true last month only I came to know about this… so dat tym onwards iam following u…
Ragini- I trust my dad he wont do this cheap things don’t lie to me…
Laksh- I swear… u r my sister n he’s my dad
Ragini- don’t tell me again n again iam ur sis… I thought u r going to propose me after givng struggle only I accept ur proposal… it all went vain saying dis she started crying….

Laksh cant control his laugh so he burst out…

Ragini stopped crying n saw laksh laughing confusingly…
Ragini- hey y r u laughing…
Laksh again started to laugh…
Ragini- if u don’t tell me I ll leave dis place n started going..suddenly laksh pulled her hand toward him..
Laksh- sorry..
Ragini- sorry for what?
Laksh- hmm hmmm I lied to u…
Ragini- dat means its all lie…u idiot… why did u do this…
Laksh- first I thought to propose u but later I change my mind to tease u dats y only I did this… sry…
Ragini eye him angrily…
Laksh loving hold her waist n say- but wat did u say???? After giving struggle only u accept right??? Girls r impossible…
Ragini pouts sad n say- u didn’t propose me yet…
Laksh signal someone in the hotel…suddenly light goes off n projector plays… it was her video… first meetng to last… n end of the video… laksh stand in the stage n started to say… Ragini I saw u frst tym in the park I fell for ur beauty n melodious voice… u r such a heavn beauty… iam sry fr making u cry… but I promise u I never shed a tear from ur eyess…. I love u ragini… u r my bottom of the heart…
Ragini in happy tears – cant control her emotion she goes n hug him tightly I love u idiot….
Laksh- lov u too jaann…


I hope u ll lyk dis….

    1. Rafeee

      thank you ?

  1. Maddy_02

    Nice…..loved it?

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      thank you?

  2. Sindhura

    Oh my god

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      wat hap di?

      1. Sindhura

        Laksh prank dear my god

  3. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved Laksh prank
    Lovely OS DEAR

    1. Rafeee

      he he thank you ?

      1. SPP

        U r welcome

  4. really treat for raglak fans, 2 os in one day thank you rafee

    1. Rafeee

      am also raglak fan… thank you fr lykng my os

    1. Rafeee

      thank you

  5. Outstanding dear and I loved it a lottttttt especially Laksh’s prank

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      he he thank you

  6. Sweet one..

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  7. Megha123

    Awsm yaar just loved this os plzz do come with another raglak os plzzz

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  8. Ruhani

    Superb dr… Hahaha that brother part was so funny

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      thank you ?

    1. Rafeee

      thank you

  9. Pavani


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      thank you di

  10. So nice

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  11. Varsha

    It was realy funny and want more OS dear

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    thank you n sure i ll try to post

  13. Hemalattha

    sooooo sweet

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  14. nice lakshya proposal is unique

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