My One and Only Wife (kanchi ) Part 3 by Ashu Last Part

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Author Note

Raaz is ended. Shaurya will never come back and kanchi living happily with their son sabir.


Let’s start

Kanchi were sleeping peacefully when they heard women shouting. They gets up and went outside and saw a big fat women r stuck in auto. Women looks at Kabir and said kabi help me. Take me out. Sanchi looks at Kabir and asked do you knw this fat women. Kabir said no. Women shouts Kabir take out ur Bua I’m stuck. Kabir looks at.

Sanchi asks him y he is looking at her like that. Do you knw her. Kabir nodds. Sanchi asks him is this ur bua. She was think how can she be fat. Kuch toh garbad hai. Bua shouts beti stop watching cid. First can u guys take me out.

Sanchi wispered to Kabir that how can we take her out. She is stuck. Kabir asked Bua if she knws how thin u r. Than y did u came in auto.

Kabir pulls Bua at otherside and sanchi pulls Bua otherside. Kabir is pulling and sanchi otherside is pulling They fell down and again pulls Bua. Bua gets pain. She shouts oh idoit u two pulling me otherside. U two pull me together .Kanchi clicked it.

Sanchi pulling Bua hand and Kabir holds sanchi tightly. Kabir tickles sanchi. Sanchi laughs. Bua looks at them. She glared at Kabir. Kabir make puppy face and pulls hard that he fell down and Sanchi fell on him. Bua asks them to stop ur romance first pull me.

Kabir asked sanchi to push her from otherside and I will pull her. Sanchi pushes Bua and Kabir pulls her. Finally Bua came out but she fell on Kabir. Oh Poor Kabir. He shouts sanchi save me I’m dying. Sanchi is searching Kabir. Sanchi shouts Kabir where r u. Kabir shouts I’m under Bua. Sanchi lauhgs seeing Kabir. Kabir told her not to laugh. Pliz save me.

Sanchi gives her hand to Bua. Bua holds her hand and sanchi fell on her. Kabir shouts anybody here pliz save me bulldozer will kill me. All laughs at them.

They make sanchi Bua stand up. Kabir gets tired. He asked them to lift him. Boys lift him and take him to his house. Bua couldn’t enter inside. Sanchi hits her forehead. Now she break my house.

Sanchi asks her to wait she pushed Bua inside. Sanchi went to Kabir and saw him. Sanchi asks when ur bua will leave. Kabir told her my one and only wife I’m in pain and u r asking about Bua not ur hubby. He makes puppy face. Sanchi smiles and hits his legs and he shouts sanchi.

Many days passed kanchi started to love bua. Bua also likes them. They smile, laugh together. One day they were seeing some sad movie. Kabir was sitting in middle of sanchi and Bua. Kabir laughs seeing the movie. He gets shocked to see sanchi and Bua crying. He gives tissue to them.

They lean their head on Kabir and cries. Kabir sleeps consoling them. Movie end sanchi wipes her and saw Bua and Kabir slept. She leans on Kabir and slept.

In the morning Kabir wokes up and saw them sleeping. He slowly went freshen up and aftersome makes break fast. Sanchi woke up and saw Kabir missing. She went to freshen up. After sometime she enters kitchen and saw Kabir sitting on the table and again sleeping holding spoon. Sanchi smiles seeing him. She gets some smell. She saw paratha burnt. She cleans everything and makes new break fast.

Sanchi set the table. Kabir woke up and saw burnt paratha. He cries saying now my one and only wife will make me eat this. But where is she.

Sanchi calls him. Kabir cums with puppy face. Sanchi saw him. Kabir told her sanchi is burnt. Just then he saw food on the table. He pinches himself. Sanchi asks wat r u doing. Kabir told her I’m seeing food. Sanchi replied Kabir this is all food. Cum and eat it. Kabir sat with her and sanchi feeds Kabir. Kabir asked u made this. Sanchi replied ur one and only wife. Kabir smiles and said my one and only wife.

Bua smiles at them. Be happy my kabir with ur one and only wife.

Scene sifted to their happy faces.

The End

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  1. Anu88

    O so sweet story yaar……….love it so so much……… u dear………

  2. So sweet…. Loved kaanchi bonding

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    Nice… In the beginning I was laughing like something.. It was superb…. Happy end.. Take care..

  4. Soo sweet cute story lovely ashu?????

  5. RuCh23

    Cute!!! Awesome bua ???

  6. Riyarocks

    Ashu, u know what, kabhi kabhi I feel ki tumhara ye writing talent, by birth tum mein gifted hai…….such amazing ideas, amazing concept…….& yaar, iss plot ka kya kehna….Bua ji ka…”Atithi tum kab jaoge se hum saath saath hai” tak ka safar tha iss episode mein………luv u a lot sweetieeee & a big teddy hug for u……..bye…….tc……

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    Hahaha.. ashi bua ko dekhkar m itni hasi.. ki apni baat hi bhul gayi.. kar kya rahi ho aaj sare ff khatam kar dalogi kya.. kasam se yaar kar kya rahi ho.. thoda gap dekar to karo ek sath heart attack dene ka plan h kya.. ??.. btw Epi istotally hilarious.. maza aa gya.. ok bye. Mujhe nind aa rahi h.. ??gud ni8 tc.. lovv u??

  9. Abhilasha

    Hilarious…????????…superbbbb yar……….u nailed it!!

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