My Mr.Perfect & Me – RagSan FF – Episode 4

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***Maheshwari Mansion

Sanskar reached mansion.

Sujatha is cooking Sanskar’s favorite dish GAJAR KA HALWA(CARROT HALWA) and thinking about him.

Sanskar TAT (THOUGHT AT THAT TIME)”So mom is cooking my favorite dish”

Sanskar slowly went to kitchen and back hugged her.

Sanskar “Maa…I’m back…”

Sujatha shocked to the core seeing Sanskar there.She hugged him and kissed him on forehead.

Sujatha “Beta…I missed you a lot…I’m happy that you came back”

Sanskar “Mom i missed you too a lot… I’m hungry…”

Sujatha “Oh i’m so sorry beta…Wait here for 1 minute”

Sanskar “Ok mom”

Sujatha served carrot halwa in a bowl and garnished it with lot of cashew nuts and kismis.

Sanskar “Mom…Nice aroma coming,i can’t wait anymore”

Sujatha smiled…

Sujatha made Sanskar sit on the sofa.She feeds him one spoon of halwa…

Sanskar “Mom…It’s delicious…I missed your hand made food a lot…Thanks for making this…”

Sujatha’s eyes became wet.

After sometime,

Sanskar wiped her tears with tissue and said,”You won’t look good while crying Mom”

Sujatha laughs…

Sanskar “Mom…Where is my sweet little sister Uttara?”

Sujatha laughed and said,”Arrey!!!She’s coming”

Sanskar hides behind door.

Uttara “Mom…Why are you laughing?”

Sanskar comes from behind and scares her.

Uttara “Bhai?”

Sanskar “Uttara…”

Uttara hugged him and said,”Happy to see you back bhai”

Sanskar smiled and said,”Me too”

Uttara “Bhai…My Gift?”

Sanskar with puppy eyes,”Which Gift you are talking about?I really don’t know?”

Uttara “Maa!!!”

Sanskar “Ok…Ok stop…I’m just joking …I gave covers to Ramu Kaka.He kept in your room and mom’s room”

Sujatha “Sanskar?”

Sanskar “Mom…Small gift from my side”

SUS(Sujatha,Uttara,Sanskar) shares family hug.

Sanskar “Ok Mom…I’m going to my room to take some rest…See you later”

Sujatha “Ok beta…Anyways Ramu cleaned your room”

Sanskar “Thanks Mom”

Sujatha “No need of it.Now go and take some rest”

Sanskar “Ok bye Mom…Bye Uttara”

Sujatha,Uttara “Bye”


Sanskar went to his room.He changed his clothes and slipped into sleep.

Just then,

Ragini came there.Sujatha,Uttara wished her.She wished them back and straightly went to her room.She changed her clothes and slipped into sleep…

***Night 11:30 p.m.

Sanskar wake up to drink water.So he got up from his bed and went down. Just then,he heard some foot steps and stopped for a second.

Sanskar TAT (THOUGHT AT THAT TIME)”It’s not either Mom or Uttara… Then who it might be?It’s a thief!”

Sanskar followed that person.He/She took spoon and bowl.He/She opened the fridge door and taking an ICE CREAM box.Sanskar took the rod beside him to beat the person.

Sanskar “Hey Man!You stop there?”

Ice cream fell down from his/her hand.

Sanskar “If you move an inch also,then i will beat you black and blue.So don’t?”

The person stood there like an idol.

Sanskar catched that person.It’s a girl. Sanskar turns that person to his side. He saw her face in fridge light and shocked to the core.

Ragini is continuously saying, “RAM..!RAM..!RAM..!RAM..!RAM..!”

Sanskar smiled seeing her.

Sanskar “You here?”

Ragini opened her one eye to see the person.

Sanskar laughed seeing at her childish expressions.

Ragini jumped in excitement.

Ragini “Mr.Perfect you here?”

Sanskar “Yes i’m here,because it’s my mansion”

Ragini “Your’s..?You Sanskar Maheshwari?”

Sanskar “Yes…You Ragini Malohtra?”

Ragini “Yes”

Sanskar and Ragini laughs seeing each other.

Sanskar “Ms.Drama…Is this the way to come to kitchen?I mean like Chori… Chupkae(thief)…”

Ragini “No…I did this in order to not to disturb anyone”

Sanskar “Ok”

Ragini “What you did Mr.Perfect?”

Sanskar “What i did now?”

Ragini “My favorite chocolate ice cream fell down”

Sanskar “I’m so sorry…Take another one…”

Ragini “No thanks…I don’t like Vanilla flavour”

Sanskar “Oh ok.Then what to do?”

Ragini “Will you bring 3 chocolate cone ice creams for me tomorrow?”

Sanskar “Sure”

Ragini smiles

Unknowingly Ragini steps on icecream.
Sanskar holds her on time and saves her from falling down.Due to force, Ragini’s lips touches Sanskar’s.Both their eyes widened in shock.Ragini pushes Sanskar.
(RagSan first lip lock?)

Ragini “What you did?”

Sanskar “What i did?”

Ragini “You kissed me?”

Sanskar “I didn’t do it intentionally?In fact i saved you from falling down”

Ragini “Ok thanks…Don’t tell this to anyone?”

Sanskar “Is this any good news to share with someone?”

Ragini “Ok fine…I’m hungry…What to do?”

Sanskar “You don’t know how to cook?”

Ragini nodded her head in “NO”

Sanskar “Then i gave you right name,

Ragini “Please…”

Sanskar “Ok wait…Let me check?”

Ragini “Mr.Perfect…?”

Sanskar “Carrot halwa?”

Ragini “Ok done”

Sanskar “Wait…What are you doing?”

Ragini “Can’t you see?….I’m going to eat it”

Sanskar “You can’t take food directly like this?Heat it”

Ragini “How?”

Sanskar “Wow…The person who marries you will die?”

Ragini “I know”

Sanskar opens his mouth.

He heats Halwa and gave to Ragini.

Ragini kissed him on cheek and thanked him.Sanskar freezed for a second.

After eating halwa,

Ragini “Ok let’s go?”

Sanskar “Where?”

Ragini “Won’t you sleep?”

Sanskar “Yeah…Ok…Bye Good night…”

Ragini “Good night…Sweet dreams… Love you…Bye…Take care”

Ragini bites her tongue.

Sanskar freezed for a second and said,

Ragini slaps her head and said,”Oh actually it came like that from my mouth…Sorry”

Sanskar laughs.

Sanskar “It’s ok…You are giving me one after the other shock”

Ragini giggles.

Precap : Ragini is dancing in her room.
Suddenly Sanskar comes to her room and shocked to the core seeing Ragini in shorts. She screamed seeing him.


This was the Fourth Episode.I will try to post as soon as i can…Please do let me know,how you felt after reading this…Any opinions good or bad is welcome.I would reply as soon as possible.Do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…Thank you so much…


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