My Mr.Perfect & Me – RagSan FF – Episode 3

Hello everyone.This is NSM back with the next update on RagSan couple.I know i’m late…Sorry for that…Thank you so much for commenting on my previous update. Please keep supporting me like this guys …


***Maheshwari Mansion

???It’s Morning

Ragini went to kitchen and saw Sujatha there.Ragini back hugged her and said,

“Good Morning Suji Aunty”

Sujatha smiled and said,”Good Morning beta.You wake up so early?”

Ragini “Actually it’s one of my good habit”

Sujatha laughed…

Sujatha “Ok now tell me,what would you like to take in the morning?”

Ragini “My favorite choclate milk shake”

Sujatha smiled and said,”Ok done”

Ragini “I will be back in 5 minutes”

Sujatha smiled and said,”Ok…”

After few minutes,

Ragini “Suji Aunty i’m back?”

Sujatha “Good…Now take your favorite choclate milk shake and finish it…”

Ragini kissed Sujatha on cheek and thanked her.

Sujatha laughed and kissed her on forehead.

Ragini “Ok Aunty…Now tell me,where is Uttara?”

Sujatha “Beta…Actually Uttara went to college just now”

Ragini “Ok…May i ask you one thing…”

Sujatha “Ask anything beta?”

Ragini “Aunty…Aap ka beta ghar mae nahi rehta hai kya?”

Sujatha laughed and said,”Suddenly why are you asking about Sanskar?Is there any something…Something…?If it’s like that,then tell me i will talk with Subhadra.

Ragini “Nothing is there like that Aunty… I’m just asking you causally…”

Sujatha “He just went to London 1 week before on some business meeting…He will come back soon…”

Ragini smiled and said,”Oh ok Aunty”

Sujatha “Ok…Then?”

Ragini “Aunty i’m getting bored sitting here in mansion…”

Sujatha “Then go out and enjoy…I forgot to tell you one thing..,Arjun sent your scooty here”

Ragini “Really?”

Sujatha “Yes beta…These are your scooty keys…Go and enjoy…But keep one thing in your mind,come back to home before 1:00 p.m…?Ok…”

Ragini “Ok Suji Aunty…Bye…”

Sujatha “Bye beta…Take care”

Ragini “Ok”


***Ragini’s Pov

Wow…After a long time,i’m going outside. Don’t know from where to where my life journey going on…May be some special person there in my life.That’s the reason God stopped my marriage with Sasank Kapoor in Kavita form.And coming to Mumbai,i love staying here with Suji Aunty and Uttara.I can feel my Mom’s presence in her and Uttara is like my best friend…Hey Golgappa stall!!!

Ragini “Bhai Sabh…Give me one  Golgappa”

Golgappa Man “Ok”

Ragini “Wow…It’s amazing…There is some magic in your hands”

Golgappa Man “Madamji someone hitted your scooty”

Ragini “What?”

Ragini ran to the place where she parked her scooty.

Ragini “Hey Man!Come out”

Driver “I’m sorry mam.My sir ordered me to drive fast…So…”

Ragini “First call your sir outside”

Driver “Sir…”

Sanskar opens the car door and steps outside.

Sanskar “What non-sense is this?”

Ragini “Oh Hello Mr.Perfect…I’m not doing any non-sense here…Because of your stupid car my BIJILI got hurted so badly”

Sanskar “What?From where this other lady came from?”

Ragini laughed and said,”You don’t know,

who is BIJILI?”

Sanskar “I don’t know?

Ragini “BIJILI is my pretty scooty”

Sanskar laughed and said,”What?Like seriously?You are giving names to things …Anyways stop your drama…Ms.Drama…

Ragini “What you called me Ms.Drama?”

Sanskar moves close to Ragini and said,


Ragini starts crying…

Sanskar “Hey!!!What had happened?Why are you crying?”

Ragini “This is the last gift i got from my parents”

Sanskar felt bad and said,”Ok please don’t cry…I will pay for the loss”

Ragini “No need of it…”

Sanskar “I know some good mechanic’s here.They will repair it”

Ragini “Really?”

Sanskar “Yes…Take this Hankey?”

Ragini “Thank you Mr.Perfect”

Sanskar smiled and said,”It’s ok Ms.Drama”

Sanskar in bossy tone “Driver…I want this scooty back in normal position that too in 1 hour…Did you get that?”

Driver “Yes sir…”


Sanskar “Ok now happy”

Ragini “Hmmm”

Sanskar “By the way,What’s your name?”

Ragini “I’m Ra…Wait…First tell me your name?”

Sanskar “No…Ladies first…”

Ragini “Ok…My name is Ragi…”

Just then,Sanskar got a call from his Mom…

Sanskar “One second”

Ragini “Ok take your own time”


***Phone conversation

Sanskar “Mom”

Sujatha “Sanskar…How many days will you stay there beta…Always busy…When will you come back?”

Sanskar laughed and said,”Mom…Very soon”

Sujatha “And you are eating food on time or not?”

Sanskar “Mom…I’m eating on time”

Sujatha “Good…I forgot to tell you one thing,that is Ragini is staying in our house…Do you have any problem?”

Sanskar “What?I mean when?”

Sujatha “Yesterday?”

Sanskar “Ok…”

Sujatha “Do you have any problem?”

Sanskar “No Mom.Not at all…”

Sujatha “Ok bye beta…Take care”

Sanskar “Ok bye Mom…”


Ragini “It’s your Mom?”

Sanskar “Yes…”

Ragini “So friends?”

Sanskar “Ok friends…”

Ragini “I’m Ragini & you?”

Sanskar TAT (THOUGHT AT THAT TIME) “Is she the same one?No…No…What i’m thinking?”

Sanskar “I’m Sanskar”


“Is he the same one?No…No…What i’m thinking?”

Ragini “Would you like to eat Golgappas?”

Sanskar smiled and said,”No…I don’t eat that kind of food…Anyways thanks for offering it”

Ragini “Ok…Your wish”

Sanskar “Hey my driver came with your scooty”

Driver “Mam…Now it will works again like a new one…Take your scooty…”

Ragini “Thanks…How much?”

Sanskar “It’s ok…”

Ragini “Oh my God!It’s 12:45 p.m…Ok bye Mr.Perfect…See you”

Sanskar “Ok bye Ms.Drama…See you”


Precap : Sanskar gives surprise to Sujatha and Uttara.RagSan gets 1000 volt current knowing each other.

To be continued…

This was the Third Episode.I will try to post as soon as i can…Please do let me know,how you felt after reading this…Any opinions good or bad is welcome.I would reply as soon as possible.Do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…Thank you so much…


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