My Love With Me (Episode17)


Arjun fill sindhoor in Radhika’s maang..Radhika look into his eyes and feel some tense in his eyes..But Radhika free her hand from Arjun…
Radhika:Arjun sir,Breakfast is on table.. I am moving..
Arjun:Radhika..I am sorry for raising hand on you..Really i worried abt you..
Just sit here..
By saying this he bring the firstaid box and change the bandade to her..
Radhika:Thanks Arjun sir..
By saying this she try to move from that place..
Arjun:I am also comming to BS only..I will drop you Radhika..
Radhika:No need of it..already Neil msgd the time.I go with Neil..
After 5 mins a car stop infront of gate..Radhika is surprised.. bcoz, Andrew is there in the car.. are here..

Andrew:S..Neil msgd me to pick you..
Radhika:No need of it sir..Arjun sir is there..He ask me to wait here..I come in his car..I stand here to inform this to Neil..
Arjun look at them and he control his anger on Andrew..Radhika look at Arjun and think…
Radhika’s POV:What can i do..if Arjun sir didnt stop his car infront of me? Oh god plz help me..First i chop Neil and Teji into pieces for not comming and send Andrew in their place..
Radhika close her eyes and pray to god..
Arjun stop his car infront of Radhika and open the door..Radhika look at Andrew and say thanks and bye for him and sit in Arjun’s car..Arjun didnt look at Andrew and move from that place.A small smile appear on Arjun’s face..and Radhika notice that smile but she didnt talk anything abt that..
Arjun:You said that your Neil or Teji will come to pick you na..Where are they?
Radhika:may be they are bussy in their work..any urgent,they send Andrew sir to pick me..
Arjun:Then why you didnt get in his car and waiting for me..
Radhika:Bcoz,He is third person..and i dont want to expose anything infront of third person..
Arjun:That means i am not third person to you…
Radhika didnt answer him and sit clam by enjoying nature..A small beautiful smile dance on her lips…
Neil:Andrew can we move?

Andrew nod his head and sit in passenger seat..Where Neil took driving seat..and Teji in back seat..
Andrew:Why Radhika is so possasive abt Arjun?
Teji:Bcoz she loves him…
Neil smile for Teji’s answer and look at Andrew..
Teji:But she didnt realise that she has feelings on him..
Andrew:I know Arjun very well.He didnt have any feelings..If he had really such type of feelings why he refused my sister..

Andrew:Actually we both are good and best frnds from childhood.When he was eight years Nandhini dhi and Arjun came to London..He also join in our school.We dont know what connection we have..but day one onwards we are good frnds..After that we became best frnds..He was good in studies..He was good from heart..All girls are back to Arjun..He didnt call any girl on his bed..They only followed Arjun..So many times i ask Arjun why you spend times with such type of girls..He always gives reply with a small smile..Actually i know the reason why he was like that? From his childhood to today Nandhini dhi control his feelings and emotions.. He feel only Nandhini dhi was all to him..he can do anything for her..But internally he has his own soul and feelings..He accepted me as a best frnd..But he didnt came to my house.. Every time i only go to his place..One day i went to his place and search for Arjun there i saw that Arjun was moulded by Nandhini..She just trained him how to ruin others..She trained him how to play with girls emotions..
Flashback by Andrew:On the day Arjun told his dhi about Ria..Nandhini answer him dont bend for her..
Arjun:I think she is serious from her side Nandhu..
Nandhu:Then asusual use her Arjun..

Arjun:How can i do with her Nandhu.. She is Andrew’s sister..I cant spoil her life.
Nandhini:Dont bend to her Arjun..If you can do such type of stupid things we cant success in our have any feelings on her you spend more than one night with her.
By hearing that Answer Arjun shout like ..
Arjun:Nandhu plz..I didnt have any feelings on her.I concerned abt her.. bcoz she is my best frnd sister..I dont want to loose Andrew..
By saying this he left from that place.I got angry on Nandhini but control my feelings bcoz of Arjun..
When I was ready to move from that place..I stoped there and here her conversation…in that conversation I here that she use some pills to control Arjun feelings and emotions….
Andrew stop the conversation and look at Neil..Afterwards lot of things happened Neil..
Teji:What happened afterwards?

Andrew:I move from that place and ask Ria abt her feelings on Arjun..I ask my sister to stay away from Arjun..And i told her Arjun didnt have any feelings on her..He just concerned abt you bcoz you are my sister..And i told her Arjun is very clear from his side..but Ria took a drastic step and atempt suside..By god grace she was safe..On that day Arjun came to hospital for Ria…But i stop Arjun and ask him not met her..Arjun look at me.. My(Andrew) Conversation:I know Arjun what happened between you and Ria..I try to control her..I ask her to saty back from you..But i didnt expect this reaction from her…But one thing Arjun you sister was not correct.She spoil you by giving wrong directions. Nadhini dhi is not correct..She is not good for you Arjun..Belive me Arjun…
Arjun look at me and didnt react..
Again i strat and use some negative words on her..he gave a tight slap to me and ask me not show my face to him again..I try to convence him and try to tell about Nandhini dhi..So,I hold him and try to convey things from my side.Unknowingly i also raise hand on Arjun..From that sec onwards we didnt talk with each other.Arjun is angry on me that i talk bad words about his dhi and i am angry on him that he didnt listen my words and didnt see concern, love and friendship in my eyes…
After that incident we both have got jobs in same company..Bcoz of our egos we didnt talk with each other..and behave like enemies..
We work togeather in same branch and in same project..He is talanted and intelligent..He had a event management business in London..I think still he run that business with some of our friends..he earn lot of amt on that business..and he had shares in two or three companies in London..He spend most of his earnings on orphanages only..From his childhood onwards he always talk about Rana kaka and about “birds nest” orphanage..

We togeather work for maybeline company in London..Suddenly he resign his job..I miss him..Even though i didnt talk with him..he is only my best frnd…unexpectedly our company ask me to take responsibilites in India..So,I shift here..
You know Neil..Now my sister was married and lead happy life..After that incident my mom and me decided to do marriage for Ria..We know Ria had crush on Arjun..And i know it was not is just attraction..But Ria is not ready for marriage..We convence her and start searching for a good guy for Ria..One day one business family approach us and ask me about Ria..I ask him how can they know about our allieance..That family told to me that their family saw our Ria in a function and decide to ask Ria hand to his son..
I enquire abt that family and happy for that match..But problem arises from Ria side..I dont know how to handle the situation..But one day suddenly she agree for marriage..We feel happy for her decission and do that marriage..Now she is so happy in her life..But that happiness is bcoz of Arjun only..
Teji:Bcoz of Arjun sir..
Andrew:yes Teji..

After two days of marriage i went to my sisters house to visit Ria.I buy lot of things to her..I went inside snd didnt find anybody there..Suddenly i hear a loud voice of my sister..I walk towards that direction and stunned…
Ria:How many times i told you? I am not at all intrested to come..
Nandan(Ria husband): Plz Ria..It is my business circle..If you didnt come they create so many gossips..plz…
Ria:No no..I didnt have any feelings on you..I just married you to my family happiness..
I(Andrew) got angry on Ria and walk towards her and try to give a big slap..But Nandan hold my hand and ask…
Nandan:You have no right to slap my wife..and more over it is my mistake to compell her to attend the party..
I(Andrew) am spell shocked by that
answer..I leave that place and move from that place..But when i am ready to sit in my car Nandan hold my hand and say sorry for his behaviour with me..I look at him with confused look..
Nandan:I am sorry..You have full rights on Ria..But i promise to Arjun that i didnt hurt her and i didnt give any pain to her..
I(Andrew) just look at him with unbelivable look..

Nandan:Dont look like that..I am share holder in Arjun’s business which was owned by him from long back..three weaks back he approched me with this praposal and ask me to marry Ria.. When i saw Ria in his mobile for first look only i fall for her..I said yes to Arjun..But Arjun told total story to me and then ask me to decide..I said ok for him bcoz really i want Ria in my life..Arjun took promise from me that dont hurt Ria i any case bcoz she is my sweet buddy and my best frnd sister.. She missunderstand my care and concern on her in wrong way..So ,you want to marry her dont hurt her in any situation..He took promise from me dont tell all those things to you also..So,You dont feel about Ria..def i change her with my love and care.Its my promise..
But to a shock…Ria run towards Nandan and hugs him..and tell sorry to him..and promise him that she didnt think abt Arjun..From this second onwards i treat him as my best buddy..
From that sec onwards she is very honest towards Nandan and they both are happy in their life..Arjun is in contact with Nandan and Ria..But he is not ready to accept me bcoz i talk bad about Nandhini dhi..There are no proofs to expose Nandhini infront of Arjun..But belive me Neil…Nandhini is not good and she show fake love and concern on him..
By listening all this Neil and Teji understood how Andrew miss Arjun..
Neil:Dont worry Andrew..we togeather solve all problems and be togeather with our partners in our lives..
Andrew:I have no problem with my wife bcoz she is very supportive..And my kid that one year old son is so active..You know his Name..Arjun..
My wife is best friend of me and Arjun.
We miss Arjun in our we kept his name to my Son..Always Arjun called me Rubby and my wife with Piya…Rubby is my nick name..only he called me with that name..My wife is Priya…only Arjun called her piya in our college days..Our son called with those names only…We called him Arjuuu..Bcoz Arjuu is pet name of Arjun called by priya..
By saying this Andrew wipe his tears..
Neil and Teji notice it..

They reached to BS and enter into their respective places..All are bussy in their works..
Neil went into Smarat’s cabin..Samrat look at him and ask him to sit..
Neil:I want to expose things to Sam..It is very difficult to prove Nandhini is culprit..I know it is difficult to handle Sam..But i think it is necessary..And more over it is very difficult to expose Nandhini infront of Arjun without any proofs..
Samrat:I agree with you..I create a situation for you people to go for dinner..There you express your feelings to Sam..
At that time Piyali enter into cabin with tension face..Both Neil and Sam look at her..
Piyali:Samrat..Nandhini send a courrier to Arjun..She send Divorce papers to Arjun and put a letter in that pack.
Neil:What is the content in that letter.
Piyali handover that letter to Neil..
Dear Arjun,
I clear things in Kajrat..and i arrange all things to settle here after two months..Now i am going to London to sell our house and settle things there.
Before that you take Radhika signature on these divorce papers and clear all the mess.And make things fine with Sam.This is the last option we have to give pain to Samrat..Still Samrat belives Radhika.Atleast Piyali and Sam didnt belive her..Moreover her family is not supported her.This is the time we put check to Radhika..Dont fall her Arjun..I know you have feelings on her..After closing Sam’s chapter we shift to Kajarat and we convience Radhika’s parents for marriage..If Radhika is with you then you didnt move in our revenge motive.
Sam thinks that she really loves you.. before she realise that she didnt love you and she is in love with Neil we clear all things..Just remember it.

There is no time for me to discuss those things in phone.Bcoz of that reason i wrote a letter to you..Arjun go according to our plan..I will be back in one week..If i post it to our house means there is a chance that Radhika can handover this courrier..Bcoz of that reason i post it to BS..
After reading the letter Neil look at piyali and ask her where and how you receive this one mam..
Piyali:Actually the courrier boy give it to Zubin and ask abt Arjun..
Zubin replied that he is only Arjun.. and took that courrier from boy..Then i took it from Zubin and look at from Address.There i saw the Nandhini name..So,I open it and saw these divorce papers in the cover..
Neil:God is with us..This is enough to prove Nandhini is wrong.
Samrat:First take xerox copy of these papers..and send originals to Arjun and Xerox copy to Sam..Piyu you talk with Nandhini causually and ask her when did she come back to Mumbai.. and suggest her divorce idea..
Piyali nod her head..
Teji, Zubin and Kartika enter into the room..
Samrat look at them..
Zubin:Sam call Radhika to her cabin.. So,we rush here..
Teji:Arjun is restless.. bcoz just now only i send some photos to Arjun mobile..
Neil:Which photos you send to him..
Teji:According to our plan..i send Sam and Samrat sir photos which is crossed by Red sketch and Send Rana kaka’s house and Birds Nest orphamnage photo..
Neil call to Andrew and ask him to call all of us for meeting..bcoz,Sam call Radhika to her cabin..and ask us about location and shoot..
Andrew said ok for that..
Neil look at the courrier and then at Teji…and smile like a devil..
Teji look at him and ask..

Teji:Now what are you coocking in your brain?
Neil:It is time for you to act as a courrier boy and describe the plan to all of them present there.
Teji:My fate..i am working in BS and i stole Bonnie keys for Chashini and now i want to act as a courrier boy..I dont know how many roles are there in my list..
In sam’s cabin..
Sam:Hai Radhika..Yesyerday you didnt answer my question..I want the tips how to behave good and innocent like you..plz tell me..
Radhika:Sam..plz dont ..
At same time Andrew call to Sam through intercum and said about meeting..
Sam look at the phone and Radhika and ask her to attend the meeting..
With in five minutes all are in confrence room..
All are placed in their seats according to Neils plan..
There are only two places one is beside Neil and another one is beside Arjun..
If his guess correct Both Radhika and Sam want to sit beside Neil only..But he want to sit Radhika beside him.. Bcoz,Then only he try to irritate Arjun and Sam..
Both Radhika and Sam enter into Confrence room and went near Neil.. but Radhika sit beside him and adjust the chair..
Sam has no she sit beside Arjun..Both Arjun and Sam look at Radhika..
Neil look at kartika and sign with his eye to execute the plan..
Kartika nod her head..

Kartika:Zubin..This Radhika is too much..She claim that Arjun loves her and married Arjun..Now,She is beside Neil every time..And Neil also show lot of concern and care on Radhika..
Zubin:Yah you are right.
Kartika:And moreover Arjun sir eyes always search for Radhika..if she is infront of him means his eyes stuck on her.
Sam listen their conversation and look at Arjun..Arjun look Radhika without blinking his eyes..
Kartika:First Sam loose Arjun..Maybe she lost her Neil also..
Sam listen those words and look at Arjun and Neil.
Zubin control his laugh…
Kartika:You observe one thing Zubin.. Sam feel jealous when Radhika is with Neil..I think Sam had more feelings on Neil than Arjun..
Zubin:But she didnt realise it yaar.. there anything imp issue you discuss with Zubin..
Kratika:No sir..
Andrew:Can we start our meeting now..
Zubin and Kartika nod their heads..
Andrew:Neil wat abt location?
And Radhika wat abt Taglines..and Sam can you identify costumes and models for shoot..and Arjun..can you calculate your budget plan for first shoot..Wat abt Kartika,Zubin and Teji..
You complete your presentations or not..
Radhika:I am ready with my presentation and taglines sir..
Andrew:Very good Sweetie..

Radhika:Excuse me..My name is not sweetie..I am Mrs.Radhika Arjun Mehara..
Sam look at Radhika and Arjun..Sam feel confidence in Radhikas voice and some unknown feelings in Arjun Eyes.. She stood that he is happy for that answer.
But Arjun didnt respond for anything. He sit like a nornal man who is not at all intrested on her..Bcoz of that reaction only Sam is in confusion..
Neil:Ok..leave it Chasshini..And Andrew i am ready with location..It is good if it is a natural place..So,I decide Kajarat hill station is good..
Both Arjun and Radhika look at each other faces after hearing Kajarat place..
Neil identify Arjun’s reaction when hearing that place name..
Neil:I think it is near to our place..and more over we complete it beyond our budget..
Andrew:I also hear about this place..
Is all are ok with that place..
Piyali also said ok for that place.. Samrat book hotel rooms and took confirmation from hotel management.
Andrew ask about taglines..
Radhika present her ideas and taglines with help of Teji..
Really Andrew and Arjun both are impressed by her presentation.
After that they close the meeting and enter into their respective places..
Radhika sit in her place and think abt the place..kajarat and kamatya devi temple..
Zubin and kartika look at her..Zubin feel her pain..
Sam enter into Piyali’s cabin and saw Arjun also waiting there..
Piyayali:Sam come and sit..I want to talk an important issue with you people..
Sam and Arjun look at each other faces and look at piyali..
Piyali:Just now i talk with Nandhini.. She told to me that she go to London for some important work..And Arjun i know you are also so tensed from one week bcoz of Radhika..I think you people plan for a dinner today night..
Sam look at Arjun and ask him..
Sam:May be you want to took permission from your wife..
Arjun:There is no that much of intimacy between us..
Today night we go for dinner..I select the place and msg it you..
By saying this he left the cabin..
At same time Neil enter into Piyali cabin and both Arjun and Neil look each other..
Neil:Sam can you give rough sketchs today evening..
Piyali:Neil..Today Sam and Arjun plan for dinner..She give it tomarrow..
Ok sam..i have an important work..i join you afterwards…
By saying this Piyali also move from that place..
Neil look at Sam and ask…
Neil:R u serious abt dinner..
Sam nod her head with posotive answer..
Neil:Arjun and Radhika are married.. Why you interfere in their lives..Now he is not your lover..He is some other’s husband..And that someone is our frnd..
Sam:Not our frnd..she is your frnd..
Neil:Actually i want to ask for dinner with me..Now you decide sammy..what is my place in your heart..You come with your frnd or with some others husband..
Sam look at him with confused look..
Neil:My next step is depends on your thing you remember Sam..Arjun has feelings on Radhika.. bcoz of that reason only he worried for Radhika on that day and left office in hurry..Still he has the ring to his finger..Today mrg in confrence hall also he didnt abject when she tell her name as Radhika Arjun Mehera.. and more over he feel proud and we all found some happiness in his eyes..
So,think all these things and take good decission..

By saying this he leave the place and walk to his cabin.Before entering into his room he saw Radhika think something and play with her msngalsutra..Neil walk towards Radhika and says you play here with mangalsutra,Sam is going for dinner with Arjun..By saying this neil move into his cabin..Arjun and Sam collide and the files fall..They pick the files and smile seeing each other.Radhika looks on.Samrat look towards Radhika from his cabin..
Sam sit in his cabin and think abt kartikas words..
Sam’s POV:I am really that much of jealous and possasive towards Neil.. first i go and talk to Neil and clear the mess between them.Sam go to his cabin and called him idiot..He didnt respond for it..Sam again call him as idiot and asks can’t he hear her..
He says she will get answer if she calls him by his right name Neil..She call him Neil and ask him Wats your problem?He asks will you come with me on dinner,just say yes or no..Sam didnt give any reply..Neil says i understand you,you wont come with me on dinner,as you wont get chance to go for dinner with anyones husband,i am prou d of you,what did you become,you are getting ruined to ruin Radhika,decide it,you will come with me ,or Arjun..Just choose my friendship or revenge on Radhika.
Sam try to tell something to him.. Neil ask her not to say anything and leaves from his cabin angrily.
ARJUN starts the car.Radhika comes infront of the car.He recalls the old moment smilar and smiles.She ask for lift,as their way is same.He says he has no mood to feed flour to any cow..Radhika:Mrng you are intresyed to drop me in office and now you are showing your attitude sir..and for me also there is no mood..
while they are arguing Neil and Teji come out from Office.Both Arjun and Radhika look at them..and Neil and Teji share a cute smile with Radhika..
After looking Neil and Teji,Arjun ask her to sit in the car..She sit in the car and says drive,do you want to spend whole night here..Arjun look at her and start his car..
Radhika:Arjun sir r u going to dinner with Sam?
Radhika:Why Arjun sir..R u married now? you think tbis marriage and sevem rounds will stop me..A small mistake can’t me.
Radhika:This marriage is a small mistake for you..
Arjun:it is just drama,it will be better if you end this and move from this mess..
Radhika hold his hand and says now it is tough to move back,this marriage is big step in my life..there is no way to move back,you cant go anywhere leaving your wife..
Arjun stops the car and asks..
Arjun:it means i can’t go anywhete leaving my wife..Who will stop me?
Radhika:your wife..i have technically some rights on you Arjun sir…
Arjun:then i will also have some rights being your husband,what abt it?
By hearing this Radhika leaves his hand..but Arjun hold her hand tight and says if you like to mske me your husband,then you have to become my wife..if you want me not to go to sam, you have to come close to me,are you ready for that..
Radhika takes her hand off..
Arjun smiles and says,i think this husband and wife game will be fun..
After 10mins he stop the car infront of his house..They both enter into their room..
Arjun hold her two hands with his hands and says i have plan to go out.. Radhika,it depends on you..can i go or not..he touches her this sudden action Radhima close her eyes..
Arjun look at her face and smile..
Arjun:i has given my time to you..Now you will decide..i can go anywhere or not..Think well Radhika..
The scene shift to Sam’s room..
Sam recollect the Neil’s words..At the same time Samrat comming to Sam.. He ask whom is she going to meet.. She says Neil..
Samrat:But your mom told me that you are going to dinner with Arjun..
Sam:S pa..bcoz of that reason only i mention Arjun name for your question.. spell Neil’s name..
But one thing Sam..i didnt stop you and didnt explain you..but go with good decission in your life.
Sam:But i want to explain to Radhika..
She ruined my life..
Samrat:May be she saved you from ruining..I just know only things.. my daughter wont be happy by ruining anyone..and i dont think Radhika is on wrong side..i expect and wait for the time..that when will your heart door have another new knock..the house or heart is vacant,someone will come.. I know already someone is there in your heart..but you didnt recognise him..
Neil plays the guitar.Sam calls him and he does not take the call.Arjun gets ready for dinner.Radhika sit at the end of the bed and looks on.Arjun asks am i looking so good that you are eating nails..
Radhika:You said i am like tom boy, bahenji type,then why this husband and wife condition.
Arjun sits next to her and says you walk like guys,you are still bahenji.. and not win modeling contest ever, but you married me by claimung that i am in love with you..and we both are in relationship you have to come close,you have to keep wife’s duty, else i will go..
Radhika just look at him..

Arjun move close to Radhika..She move far from him..Again he move close to her..Again she move far from him.This time Arjun move close to her and hold her waist and pull her close to him..He adjust her hair strands behind her ear and said..Final decission is in your hands..By saying this he move from that place..
Sam is on the way and recall Samrat ‘s words and think abt Neil and their bonding..Arjun is on the way too and think abt the moments happened with Radhika.. Sam dail to one number..but they didnt lift the call..A small smile appear on Arjun’s face when his phone is ringing..He cut the call and msg the address..Sam saw the msg and drive her car to that location..Arjun talk with someone on phone and give sugesstions to that person how to decorate the room with natural flowers and perfume candles.. Both Arjun and Sam get down from their cars and walk towards the reception..The receptionanist show the way to Sam..and another one to Arjun..

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