My Love With Me (Episode1)


The story is my modification from original DYM from the Aradhikas marriage….plz continue the ride.. Share ur views and comments….

The story starts from the Scene that Radhika claims that Arjunsir loves her not Sam.All are shocked for that statement.Only one person can feel happy for that statement. i.e none other than Arjun..But he has no chance to exppress his feelings.
But Arjuns primary moto is to hurt Sam for his Dhi revenge..So he argu with Radhika and try to marry Sam.. But god knows what is Arjuns heart.. So god supports Arjuns love and marriage happenes..
Radhika’s parents said sorry to Samarat and Piyali..Radhika’s father Dilip Mishra declares that her younger daughter expired from today.
He has only two children one is Ridhima and another is Ankush..
Ankush:Dad..but for me i have two sisters..Elder one is Ridhima and younger one is My Cute princeses Samira..
Ankush walk towards Sam and took her hand into his hands and said sorry to Sam.But i promise you that my family is allways with you.Dont think we are not like Radhika..
By saying this Ankush hold Mala and Dilip hands and leave from that place.
Neli feels that Chashini didnt hurt anybody..Something is there in her mind..She try to save Sam from so many problems..But this moment Sam needs me..What can i do now..
Neli guestred to his mom to handle Radhika..Prerana nod her head..
All one by one leave that place..Arjun look at Radhika with mixed expressions..But he followed Nandhini and leave Radhika in marriage place only..
Teji’s POV:Chashini didnt hurt anybody.. I want to support her..But about my job..I am helpless.Sorry Radhika..
Rdhika sit there and cried continously..She feel some put his hand on her shoulder..She turn back and see prerana..
Radhika try to tell something..but no words and no proofs with her..Prerana pat her back and took her towards her
car.She place Radhika in passenger seat and she took Driving seat and drove off from that place..
Teji feel some sort of relief and move to his place.

Samrat consoles Piyali..Dilip and Ankush Consoles Mala..Arjun thinks about Radhika for leaving her alone.. But Nandini reads his Mind and Heart.
By playing some illness and divert his attention on her..She knows that Arjun has feelings on Radhika..Still Arjun didnt realise that how much he loves her and wants her..Bcoz of this reason still Nandhini controles her..
At this minute Nandini decide to spoil Radhikas life by uding Arjun only.. A evil smile appear on Nandinis face..Arjun didnt observe that..But Rana Kaka find it..
Rana kaka know that Nandini is not good from heart..But he has no chance to save Radhika..Bcoz,long back Nandini save her wife and daughter..
So he bend his head infront of her..
Now Arjun think that Nandu health is worst bcoz of Radhika only..Now at this second he is angry on Radhika..
Neil try to console Sam.But it is impossible to him..So he mix three sleeping tablets in milk and force her to drink it.After 15mins she went into sleep.Neil place Sam on her bed and softly kiss her on forehead and leave that room..He knocks on Samrats room and inform him about Sam and leave from that place hurridly.Bcoz..he is worried about Radhika as well.When he is on the way to his house…Teji stop his car.Neil get down from car and ask him…
Neil:What happened Teji?
Teji:I am sorry to say this..but i am worried about Chasini..
Neil:Dont worry..I think and hope she is with mom..
Teji:S..Prerana aunty took her in her car..Can i join with you sir…
Neil nod his head and both drove off to neil’s place..
Teji:I know Sam is your best and Childhood friend..she is good frnd to me also.But Chasini didnt hurt anybody even anyone hurts her..Once you took any decission plz think from her side also.
Neil:Do you think i also hurt Chasini.. Never man..In my dreams also i didnt hurt..Even though Sam is my childhood and best frnd..So many times she didnt guess whats in my mind and in my heart..But still i love her and like her..But Chasini..She is unique piece..
Neil stop car infront of his house and went in by running only..
In hall Radhika sit like a statue.

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  1. o……dear……so much curiosity arising inside me…..quickly want to reach u nd ask about…..”what happend next?”

    1. Shubhadha

      Def i give new track..with different new story line

  2. amazing episode……….eagerly waiting next

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks subha..really thanks

  3. Sweetie

    Nice one.. 🙂

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks sweetie dear

  4. Wow….this is something different…i love everything on mmz original plot…waiting for this one…update soon ?

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks rosie..

  5. Hair subbu dear 😀 its amazing 😀 awwwwww teji n Neil as always awesome 😀 😀 loved it 😀 😀

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks yaar

  6. Sorry sorry sorry its hai am really sorry dear 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. nice one subha g

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks Amitha

  8. Rg2015

    Hi gud one. I loved it from where u started. Before that thanks a ton for give us yet another mmz track. Thanks to u guys u r keeping such beautiful serial very much alive. By d way here rads seems totally alone. Will Neil and teji support her or will she be all alone.. But then u pointed out smth crystal clearly. In real life ppl to sometimes react this way. The innocent sometimes get cornered and left all alone. Most of d ppl don’t help citing various reasons. I loved it. Will u update frequently or only once a week? Pls tell me thanks.

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks for your i go with Mixing of some of some old scenes and some new emotions

  9. Wow.. wow.. one more.story on mmz track.. I love it… I love it..All eager 2 know wats next..rads wont go 2 arjun’s home isnt.. coz I hate d scene when she enters d house aftr glass pieces piercing her foot.. so sadistic of tat nandini…. now am all eager 4 ur version.whn is d nxt update?

    1. Shubhadha

      Rads go to Arjuns house..i have some new concept in my mind with old mixing scenes..

  10. awesome start dr..looking ahead for nxt.. will Neil and Teji help rads…and will Sam understand Rads nxt one

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks ritu..neil and teji will be with Rads..Sam stood with Rads afterwards

  11. Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks on on friday

  12. Interesting do continue pls

  13. Shubhadha

    S…i continu and completed it…

  14. Shubhadha

    The episodes are on wed..fri..sun… weakly three epidodes

  15. Mehak

    It is nice… interesting starting. … waiting for the next part

    1. Shubhadha

      Thank you dear

  16. Mehak

    Can anyone here support me with my fan fiction please

    1. Shubhadha

      Whsts your ff yaar..tell the detsils dear

  17. Amazing Shubhadha 🙂

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks gauri

  18. Very very awesoooooome plot n lovely narration. .. all the best..plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode…love u loads. …muaaaaahhhhhh. . 🙂

    1. Shubhadha

      Thanks roma..

  19. Mehak

    Destined to be mates … its a twilight fan fiction. … its links are there on my account. …
    Here is the link for chapter 2
    Chapter 1 is introduction
    And link for chapter 6
    Links of previous chapters are there in the links… I have written 6 chapters in total
    Thank you

  20. nyc one w8ing for nxt update dear

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