my love story (episode 7)

Hi guys !!
This is ammu.
Thanks for your affection and support.
The story begins.
Abhi: princess sry pragya.
Pragya: yes rockstar..
Abhi : pragya ..vo..
Pragya: abhi coffee ???
Abhi : smiles..
Pragya: come on rockstar….
Abhi and pragya leave..
Ishu: they are great as a couple..
Ranveer: like us..
Ishani blushes.
Ranveer and ishani works on the shifting of the NGO.
At pragya home,
Roshni: bulbul..
Bulbul: arey roshni …it’s late and y are you standing here..
Roshni holds bulbul ‘s ears.
Bulbul : I’m sorry ..
They leave..
At SP design house..
Purab: Sid im going for the meeting..
Bulbul and roshni enters.
Purab: let’s leave bulbul.
Bulbul: yes sir..
Sid: roshni .I need some designs for sarees.
Roshni: sure sir..
Roshni and Sid work on the designs..
Sid: it’s awesome roshni.
Roshni: sir..
Sid: yes rishni.
Roshni: can I be Back after a half an hour..
Sid: y???
Roshni: I’m really feeling hungry sir.
Sid: roshni..come with me..
Roshni: sir.
Sid takes roshni to the terrace..there is a lot of food.
Roshni: sir..
Sid: I didn’t eat lets eat now.
Roshni smiles.
Roshni and Sid eat and have fun..
A reporter clicks a photo of them…
At the NGO..
Ishu: ranveer ..lunch..
Ranveer: sure.
Ishu prepares Maggi..
Ranveer: ishu ..will I live after eating this..
Ishu: sure Mr.rv
Ranveer laughs..
Ishu serves Maggi to all the children.
She brings a plate for ranveer.
She hands it and is about to leave..
But ranveer holds her hand..
Ranveer: ishu for u..
Ishu: it’s there.
Ranveer: great joke.
Ranveer feeds ishu.
Tum hi ho plays.
Ishu hugs him.
Unnale en naalum en jeevan vazluthey ..plays..
Abhi drives to a five star hotel.
Abhi: come..
Pragya: here.
Abhi: ya..any problem.
Pragya: come with me.
Pragya gives her shawl.
Abhi: shawl..
Pragya: wrap your face rockstar..
Abhi wraps and follows her
Pragya takes him inside a house.
It’s a small restaurant.
Pragya: coffee ma ..
An old lady comes..
Pragya smiles she takes the order and leaves.
Abhi removes his shawl.
Abhi: where are we..
Pragya: this is a restaurant.
Abhi: very funny.
VIP customer
Pragya: it’s an old age home…
Abhi is taken back.
Abhi haves the coffee …and watches pragya enjoying with them.
He joins them.
Abhi smiles at pragya..
Pragya smiles back..
Allah wariyan plays..
Purab ‘s car stops due to some repairs.
Bulbul: sir..
Purab : let’s walk..
Bulbul and purab walk and they have so much fun..
It begins to drizzle..
Purab enjoys it.
Bulbul to herself am I in love..
And she watches purab…
Sajna be plays..
The story ends..
Hope you guys like it.
Precap::roshni cries..
Sid: I have decided I’m going to get married..
Roshni is shocked…

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  1. Post it more longer with more ishveer scenes plz

    1. Thanks radhika

  2. It will b Roshini…..sid will marry roshini…..todays episode was cool…..abigya,rabul n Ishveer n Rosid moments was cool

    1. Thanks varsha

  3. Guys is it boring..
    If yes ..please tell me..
    Bcoz I’m getting very less comments..
    Anyways I hope you like this episode .

  4. Nice epi ammu I liked it….

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  5. Nice episode Ammu waiting for the next and take care ? of yourself dear

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  6. hi…ammu… are u…….really it’s nice

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      I’m fine..
      How R you..

  7. Can u plz provide the links for previous episodes

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      1. I m asking links of previous episodes

      2. Asmitha you have a search option above near the menu..
        Type my love story ..
        You can get all the episodes..

  8. Nice episode but short. Expecting more ishveer scenes

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