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Shot 7
Kunj breaks the hug nd cups Maya’s face . Maya come let’s go to the hospital I will get all the best doctors I will never let anything happen to u nd u can’t leave me nd sana like this says kunj stammered
M: no kunj kuch fayda hi nai this is in last stage we can’t do anything I have already enquired everything abt this …
K: but Maya how can u hide this from me u could have informed right … Y u hide Maya … Y saying he falls on his knees

Maya too sits on her knees nd kept her hand on his … Kunj plzzzz control urself .. nd I got to know abt this 3 months before wen we r in states .. nd they said that I have very less time so I brought u here because I know u will be alone after my death..Kunj closed his eyes listening to the word death ..Nd kunj plzzzzz can u spend this last day with me … Because I am gonna di..Kunj kept his finger on her lips before she complete that word
K: Maya plzzzz don’t talk abt that I can’t bear that saying he hugs her .. nd huh I will be with whole day
M: but kunj breaking the hug u shud be happy I don’t want this crying kunj saying she wipes his tears

K: how can I smile Maya I am gonna loose my life … How can I …
M: kunj plzzzzz after my death
K: plzzzz Maya how many times shud I tell u to not to talk abt death says with lil anger
M: plzzzz kunj let me tell … After my death u shud marry another girl who nourishes sana with love nd who cares u nd sana .. nd whenever u remember me u shud get a smile on ur lips not tears in ur eyes .. plzzzz promise me kunj tum e sab karoge
K: Maya I can’t give ur place to anyone else. Nd Maya without u I am nothing I can’t be happy ..I can’t promise u

M: no kunj u shud marry because at certain point of time a child needs both mother nd father …. Plzzzz kunj it’s my last wish … Tum pura karoge Na
K: but Maya interrupted by Maya
M: kunj till now u had fulfilled my each nd every wish but y u r not ready to fulfill my last wish plzzzz kunj if u are happy here den I would be happy …Don’t u want me to be happy kunj looks at her .. OK Maya I will fulfill ur wish saying he hugs her ( bahut sare hugs hogaye hai Na)
M: kunj can u take me out for dinner today
K: OK Maya I will saying he gets up nd forwards his hands to Maya … Maya holds his hands nd both goes inside ….

Luthra mansion
Twinkle in hall cleaning the surface(floor). She felt dizzy but ignored it because she was feeling dizzy from morning … She thought it’s due to weakness … She is doing her work rima comes der nd asks twinkle to get some juice … Twinkle goes to kitchen nd brings juice ….
Just den Anita nd uv too comes der nd sits with rima … All were chitchatting twinkle comes der nd she was abt to give glass of juice to rima but fells down making juice to spills on rima all looked at her angrily but shocked to see twinkle on the floor who is unconscious ….
All goes to her … Uv sits beside her nd start to tap her cheeks but it’s of no use … He takes her in his arms nd takes her to their room nd places her on bed nd calls doc ( shock laga uv ka concern dekh ke kabi kabi aise hojati hai )

Doc comes nd checks her nd inform them that she is pregnant …. All gets happy nd congratulate uv … But the one who is not happy was twinkle … Yes she was shocked to know that she is pregnant …all enters room nd congratulate her … This was the third time that they spoke sweetly with her.(guys they spoke with her sweetly wen they come to know that she was pregnant before also )so she was not shocked to see their new side …
A: twinkle from now u take care of urself nd don’t do any work OK saying she missed her forehead …

Uv comes nd sits beside her he hugs nd thank her …. Rima comes nd congratulate her After sometime all left room leaving twinkle ….
Twinkle starts to cry remembering old incidents….
Flash back
Twinkle was pregnant nd uv takes twinkle to sonography nd regular checkup … After checkup both of them comes out nd uv made twinkle to sit nd he went to doc cabin …
U: doc is that a boy or girl

D: uv it’s a girl
U: wat ???? Again it is a girl … Last time I have killed that baby in twinkles woomb with very difficulty … Now how shud I obbort that baby ….
D: uv we shud do it immediately because it is gonna complete 5 months so it would be dangerous to twinkle if we abbort that baby after 5 months …
U: OK wait I will think something saying he turns his face nd shocked to see twinkle in the door steps … Who has tears in her eyes. She comes to uv nd gave a tight slap … Chii uv I didn’t expect this from u I knew that u can play with my emotions but I don’t know that u stoop too low that u can kill a baby really u r such a stone hearted person ….. Says twinkle making uv more anger

U: wat u thought huh if u slap me I will change my character no I will never … Nd one more thing u shut get abbort this baby right now … I want a boy ….
T: no never I will abbort this baby saying she abt to go but uv held her wrist nd pulls her towards him

U: u shud twinkle u don’t have any option left ..Saying he pushes her on the bed ..
Twinkle gets up from der but uv again push her nd ties her legs nd hands so that she can’t go away nd uv asks doc to do abortion

D: uv I think this is not gud it’s OK let her give birth to this child plzzzz
U: u just shut up nd do wat I say don’t interfere in our matter … Shouts uv …
Doc takes an injection plzzzz uv don’t do like this I beg u don’t kill my baby shots twinkle …Nd cries but this heartless person didn’t heed towards her words nd he kept his hand on her mouth to stop her from shouting …. Here twinkle she is struggling to get out of this but she couldn’t … Doc gave her injection ……

Uv takes his hands nd unties all the ropes .. tq doc saying he shakes his hands … But doc was feeling bad for doing that … Twinkle was crying loudly shouting nd throwing all the things … Uv comes der nd slaps her just be quite nd come home don’t do drama here … Saying he takes her hand nd drags her..Nd goes to car nd drove off …
Flash back ends
T(thinks): babaji plzzzz now u shud save my baby I lost my two babies before they came to this world because of that cruel person … I can’t afford this baby too saying she cries ….
Sarna mansion

Kunj is getting ready in his room for dinner.. just den Maya comes from wash room wearing black saree with golden blouse which kunj gifted her …. She comes to dressing table
K: u r looking beautiful saying he kisses her forehead
M: tq kunj … Nd kunj plzzzzz fill this vermilion ..Saying forwards the vermilion box … Kunj takes it fills her hairline with vermilion …

Both gets ready nd leaves for dinner along with sana. Both of them enjoyed a lot nd came home at late night … Both enters room nd sana was already asleep Maya place sana smoothly on bed … Both changed their clothes into night suits … Kunj goes to balcony nd Maya too comes der … Both sits in the balcony .. kunj hands were around Maya shoulder nd Maya head on kunjs chest … Both were sitting silently without speaking anything … Just den Maya start to cough nd blood oozes out from her mouth kunj was tensed nd he brings water nd made her to drink ….
K: Maya wat happened plzzzz look at me let’s go to hospital now plzzzz .

M: no kunj it’s OK … I am fine I want to be with u nd can I sleep on ur lap
Kunj make her to sleep on her lap nd start rubbing her cheeks ….Maya slowly drifts into sleep actually it was her last breath …Yes she died but kunj is unaware of this he is just caresing her cheeks whole night without sleeping … Nd staring at her thinking she is sleeping peacefully … Yes she is sleeping peacefully forever nd ever …

Luthra mansion

Twinkle is sitting in the room uv comes there with a plate in his hand … He goes to her nd sits beside her nd feeds her … He gave her tablets nd made her to sleep …
U: twinkle this time I want boy at any cost says uv sternly nd huh tomorrow we r going to checkup so be ready ..
Twinkle was scared hearing check up word nd her eyes become watery … Uv made her to sleep … Nd he slept beside her

Twinkle starts to cry silently without coming to uv’s notice
Screen freezes
Hope I reached ur expectations
Plzzzz ignore grammatical errors nd typing errors no proof reading
Keep smiling

Loads of love ???????

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  1. Presha

    Loved it

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    Fabulous Nishu dii!!!???
    But Yuvraaj ……Disgusts me!!! Just yukk???

  3. Aamna_2690

    Gummie Bear!
    Twinkle’s past ?? literally made me cry ??
    Uv should be hang to death ?? How can he kill his own babies ??? Felt bad for Kunj and Maya to ?? Hate this Uv , Anita and Rima ??? Give then worst punishment possible ??? They deserve to die but the worst punishment would be harsh suffering’s ??? Epsiode was Fantastic ??? post soon Gummie Bear ??? Love U ❤❤❤

  4. Awesome

    This uv?? feeling like killing him

  5. amazing and emotional also ?
    feeling very bad for twinkle?
    post soon☺

  6. Baby

    dii loved it ♥
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    plsss post asap ♥
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  7. That was amazing and also very emotional… Plz plz post ASAP… ?

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    Finally maya mar gayi?!
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    Amazing yet emotional
    Loved it
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  9. SidMin23

    Amazing post soon hate this uv and felt bad for Maya and Kunj hope soon Twinj will be together soon.

  10. Amazing fantastic fabulous marvelous mindblowing episode diii
    Feeling bad for twinkle
    Emotional episode
    bechari Maya
    plzzz post soon diii
    luv u dii sabse jayada my chiki diii

  11. Kiya1234

    Superb episode post soon

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    it was very nice felt bad for maya and twinkle …twinj will be together soon

  13. amazing yr !kuya scene were so emotional!
    twinkle past was very terrible! this uv is a disgusting!
    hme stories me pdh ke itna bura lgta h but hmari societies me bhut si ladies hogi jinke sath aisa hota hoga !soch ke bhi Gussa aata h jo log apni wife ke sath aisa behave krte h !
    keep writing
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    thanks for posting
    & luv u so much

  14. Ananya_DSK

    Nishu akka…. Where exactly had you disappeared for so long? Never mind…. I just needed to tell you that I missed you and your amazing writing very much…
    Coming back to the episode… This was so amazing Akka… I always love the amazing way you describe everyone’s emotions, be it Maya or Twinkle…
    Poor Twinj!! Both of them are in such pain… I pity Twinkle’s condition.. no support from her in laws, and absolutely no love from her parents… Hope things get better soon…
    Please post soon Akkaaaa
    Love you loads ???

  15. Anusha

    Superb episode dear
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    I hate this Yuvi …how could he abort his own children ??
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  18. Superb episode
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    Hate him
    Akka give him worst punishment

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