“..My Love is Your Love..”


Hi. This is my first fan fiction. This story revolves around two lovers SAHIL and SANAM.

The story begins with a married couple arguing with some nok-jho. There’s a sweet fight between them. The man taunts his wife that thank god ,I got the idea to shift to my new company from here. Other wise your sisters would have spoiled you more by saying against me tat I’m not leaving u for shopping this and tat. Now I will be a free bird. Their wont be any question arising on me.. Yippee 😉 Then the lady says tat, u mean my sisters are villans for you?. Then he says yah! ! But i dint mean tat? and runs from there. Then the lady runs behind him to beat and while running their nok-jhok starts .Then a teenage girl with a sweet voice shouts by closing her ears , arei mom n dad please stop ? ab bas bhi karo!(she is sanam, an innocent girl,with charming nature. She gives her best in everything, little bookworm but can sacrifice anything for her loved ones) !
Her mom says see sanam today your dad started first. Then her dad says, wow ? today u accepted tat daily you start the fight ? ? . The lady in shock says i din’t mean tat ?. Sanam laughs at them and says, if your argument is over can we start packing.
Though sanam was not happy to leave from mumbai but she accepted it only for her father. Her father was one of the top10 buissnesman , named shekar goyal but one night turned him upside down. But still her dad dint lose any hope, he worked hard n now due to his hardwork he has successfully built his own company in delhi. Now their family is shifting to delhi. Sanam’s life will totally change in delhi. She will meet her soul mate. She is not happy becoz, she is going to join another school, leaving her frnds. Sanam is afraid tat how wil she manage her new school , evrything will be new, New frnds, new teachers ,a totallly new environment for her. Sanam is their only daughter in goyal family. Her parents fulfills her every wish before sanam could ask for.
Next morning the goyal family leaves to delhi. They reach their apartment in delhi. After reading sanam to herself ‘ huh this is my first experience in new city.. Hope i enjoy it.. After reaching home ,shekar leaves office with an urgent call. Sanam and her mom arrange their things in the house. Sanam giggles with her mom saying, see when dad comes home we will act like sleeping, his face will be with watching. Shekar comes home, n sees them sleeping n just text the same way said by sanam. Both mom n daughter notice shekar by opening their eyes a little. Then shekar says you both will never change.,u had ur dinner in my absence ? . Sanam and her mom starts laughing. And they three finish their dinner with their sweet nok-jhok. Later they three hours to their room to sleep. While sleeping sanam thinks tomorrow is my new day at school starts!! Hope i get new frnds n get mumbled with them. With a heavy heart n with so much stress n nervousness she sleeps.
( wat will happen at sanams skul, wil she adjust in the new Environment, or will she face problems,will she met her soul mate there or somewhere else) keep reading frnds. Its just an imaginative story. Hope u all like it.. )

Precap: Sanam reaches school n collides with someone. (if u think its sahil, but its not ?)

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  1. Intro is intrstng , keep going. 🙂

    1. Thanku.. Sorry for the typos ?

  2. Nice intro..waiting for next part..All D Best to ur story..on Reading d Precap I too thought that its Sahil..but u said no waiting to know who was that..
    Take care ?..

  3. Nice start best of luck dr…

  4. Nice intro, I liked your name ruhisha, please continue. ..

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