my love is only mine


next day
twinj were still sleeping in each other arms when due to sun rays kunj wake up and saw twinkle still sleeping peacfully
K to himself “look at this siyapa queen.still sleeping.but she look soo cute when she is sleeping”
he shaked twinkle but she said “kunj let me sleep”saying this she pulled kunj towards herselfand hugged is in kunj face was straight to twinkles and twinkle arms were wraped around kunjs neck.

k “soo you will not wake up:
T “no”
K “twinkle plz get up or i will kiss you”
T ” do whatever”
kunj tried to wake twinkle but this was our twinkle.she keep pulling kunj close and kunj was just blackmaking her.he looked towards her pink lips and started to come close to them but as his lips touched her lips a little ,photo of his bebe and mom come infront of him and he step back
K to himself “whats happning to me.why she is attrackting me soo much.plz kunj she is your in your limits”
saying this he agian looked towards twinkes cute,shinning face and then her pink dry lips
he agin cannot control himself but unwillingly put a jug of water on her face which was near the table.kunj can see the boiling twinkle and was very much scared.the same face which he was smiling was now very much scared.she started beating him with a pillow.kunj started running here and thereboth jumped on bed and by the pull of bedsheet both fell down.twinkle on kunj.they have a cute eyelock
K “twinkle plz get up.youuuu fatoooooooooooo”
fatoooo echos in twinkle ears and funny tune plays
T “what did you said “fato”
and she start hitting him on chest.
“aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah twinkle plz get back will broke.”
twinkle get up and stand there ,kunj looking at the watch
“omgggggggggggggggg twinkle because of you we are late”
T “wht?for where?you had to go somewhere?”
K “twinkle ki forgot about the mission.we had to take the reveng from that yuvi sooo we had to take a flight today and it is after half hour.we had to run.twinkleeeeeeeee”
T not realizing what he said”oay kunj abhii meri shadi bhi nai hoi or tm ny bachy bhi ………..(realize what he said )yeees i had to take the revenge from yuvi for what he did with my mahi di.”
saying this she had tears in her eyes and kunj feels saaad.
bot head up running towards the airport
in flight twinkle sleep on kunjs shoulder.kunj smiles
finally they landed india
kunj collect the luggage and head towards twinkle but twinkle was lost.he found everywhere but didnt find her.some where he found crowd and watched that twinkle is on the car and dancing on the song (jia jia ray jia ray from jab tak hai jaan)
whe she was finishedshe come to kunj
K”what was this ?”
T”this was a alarm for my india that twinklle taneeja has returned”
kunj was shock at the reply but managed to smileth reached to the hotel royal
K to the receptionist”we want two rooms”
R “sorry sir.there only one room free
T “ok give us the keys”
they enter in there room while kunj asked twinkle
K “where would you sleep”
T “i ……no no you would sleep on couch”
and sign toward somewhere but she notice that there is noo couch
T “ok you can sleep WITH ME on bed ”
K eyes popped out “whaaaaaaaat?”
T” shame kunj shame.soooo much badd intensions.(dramaticaly)i will make a border
she made a border she just sleept quickly.kunj smiled at her childish behavior and he also slept

next morning sunrays fall on both and they wake up and found
twinkle on kunj chest and kunj hands around twinkle body.they have an eyelock when suddenly there was a knock at the door.they composes themselves and twinkle opened the door and there was a waiter.
W “mam there is a party in the hottel as it is the bday of the owner of hottel”
T “woooowwwwwwwwwwww!kunj party (to waiter)we will surely come ”
twinkle closes the door
K T together” i need a bath”
both ran towards the bathroom but she was our twinkle soo she won the race but kunj entered forcefully
kunj locked the door and turned back and saw twinkle smirking evilly.she pushed him agaisnt the wall and started to come closer to his lips.kunj start to shiver.twinkle hold his hands and place them on her waist.then she wrapped her arms around his neck.they just an inches apart and both were ready to kiss but again bebe and usha’s pic come infront of kunj eyes and he step back.he was soooo lost in th kiss that he didnt noticed that he was now shirtless and and wet.h picked up his shirt and goes out.twinkle gives thumb up to herself and think”kunj you are sooo good that you didnt take advantage of me,if someone else would be here than what he would do i cannot guess.i sometimes had a doubt that is it right to drag you my revenge.if somthings happens to you than i would not be able to forgive myself..”
she heard the sound of closing the door she think that kunj get out soo she wrapped herself in the towel and came out and than “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”
kunj was also changing the cloths and he was all naked but before twinkle should look him he hide himself behind the curtain and twinkle also hide herslf behind the the same curtain as she was just wrapping herself in a towel and afterall she is a girl.suddenly light gos off
T “kunj watch lights are off soo plz i will not be able to see you soo change”
he wear his pant and looked toward twinkle.accidently he pulled twinkle towel and then “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.”she quickly hide behind the curtain.kunnj close the lights and then ask ask twinkle to go to the washroom.because of fear and darkness twinkle hugged kunj.
K “twinkle,plz stand and wear somthing,i will close my eyes”
T “hmmmmm ……thinks ……..(.kunj you are soo pure,thats why i loooveee……… wait what was i going too say.i love him. ohhhhhh twinkle taneeja had gone mad.i cannot think like this for my bestie.he is doing sooo much for me but what i am thinking is wrong).”
kunj closed his eyes and twinkle went to washroom
from bathroom T “kunj you go i will come,i will take my time to get ready”

in the party
kunj was wearing a white shirt,black pant and a black blazer looking hot and handsome
twinkle came down from the stairs.she was wearing a a red long dress with matching anccestories.and high heels(the same intire which she wore in the jungle date with yuvi in serial)kunj was memurized seeing her and speak slowly
K “this girl will kill me by her looks ”
twinkle snapps her fingers infront of his eyes gaining his atention
T “how i am looking?”
K “beatifull”
T ” you are also looking hot”
K “did i ask?
make disgusting faces and goes from there
announcer comes and anounces that the owner has arrived.everyones eyes were on the bdat boy.he was wearing a mask.all crowded around him but he was continiosly watched twinkle with teary eyes.twinkle was not in the crowd as she was not interested but he was continiously stares at twinkle and suddenly a tear dropped from his eye.kunj witnessses this and find it weird than he look in the direction in which the owner was staring and he saw twinkleee chating on phone.suddenly twinkle lift a small laugh and the owner also laugh at this and again kunj witnesses this and this time he was hell confused.the owner started to walk towards twinkle and showed his hand and ask
O “may i have the plessure to danse with you”
twinkle was first shocked but than agrees as there were soo many people and reporters and twinkle was a famous model soo she agree.the song started (tmhy apna bnanay ka janoon sa py hai.. hate story 3)
he put his hands on twinkles waist and she placed her hand on his shoulders.he twirls her and she lande in his arms.he wa stouching her waist sensually and twinkle was feeling it a bit uncomfortabe.he picked up her by her tighs and then landed her the owner was facing twinkles back.he placed his chin on her shoulders and was his hands were on twinkles tummy while twinkle was holding his hands and she ignored the thought of wierd feeling as she tought it common.they were roaming left and right while he placed her hairs aside was like smelling her neckand while dancing he kissed her neck there were noo limits for twinkle she took off his hands and was about to go when he gain pulled her back and she landed in his arms.he was coming closer to her lips and was rubbing his hands on her waist and was about to kiss her when kunj came and pulled twinkle towards himself and now twinj started to dance and other couples also came up on the stage and started to dance while twinkle was having tears in her eyes which were witnesses by kunj.
K “what happened?”
T “like you didnt noticed.i am feeling like killing dare he to come close to me?”
K “sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now i am with one will dare to touch are now wit me.forget him and
they both started to dance sensually on wajah tm ho song.twinkle was feeling like i heaven.kunj touched his nose to her neck romantically.
K “where do he touched you?”
T “on my waist”
kunj started to make twinkle comfortable and he place his hands slidded down on her waist and they were raoming
K “and where”
T “on my tummy”
he twirls twinkle and now twinkles back was infront of kunj and he rubbed his hands on her tummy.twinke was lost her senses
T “and he tried to kiss me”
listening this kunj jaws opens and he says”so you want me to kiss you”
T (still not in her senses)”yes plz”
litening plz kunj twirls her and she landed in his strong arms.”twinkle….twinkle …..twinkleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”she opened her eyes and said”what?”
K “sooo you want me to kiss you.i thiink my izzat is in danger”
twinkle stands up with a jerk and said “when did i said that?”
he again twirls her and the partners exchange
twinkle was once again with the owner and he again started to touch her smoothly.this time,twinlkle was comfortable but for sometime , while dancing he hugged her and again moves his hand on her bare back and then waist.then he bend a bit and picked her up with the thighs exerting great pressure as he want to feel twinkle close to him.twinkle and the owner eyed each other and have an deep eyelock.twinkle was feeling as she knew these eyes.he put her down and again twinkles back was facing him.he secretly kissed her neck and bare back making twinklee spine shiver.agin he twirls her and the song ended but twinklke was in his arms having a eyelock.none noticed that the song has ended.suddenly with lots of pain and anger controled kunj called twinkle and the others clap meking them back in there senses.the first question she asked to the owner was “do i know you?you seemed to be someone closer to me”
listenig to this his smile changed into a thousand dollar smilewhile kunj again called twinkle she turned her face to kunj and then head owards the owner but he was nowhere.he was gone.
K “what happened?
T “nothing,it seems like i know that owner”
K “dont think too much as you dont have brain.”
T “whaaaaaaaaat?”
k “i mean he do not have brain.”

a room is shown
the same guy who dances with twinkle comes in the room where all twinkles pics were hanged on.
G “twinkle,i missed you soo much.where were you all these years.i missed you soo much.
saying this he head towards twinkle pic and moves his hand on her face.and again kissed her lips.he head his hands in his pockets and took out twinkles braclet.
when twinkle was lost in his touch he took out her braclet
he kisses her braclet and then again her lips.”your the same twinkle.your not a little bit changed.your smell still is the same.i love you more than my life”he keep kissing her and sleep on the photo with the braclet

twinkle ask soft drink from the counter but he mistakenly gives her strong wine.
she finished it in just one sip and the hangover started.she drank 14 glasses but stopped as a girl came there.she was also drunkun.
G “oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.i wanna kiss someone.”
T “okkkkkkkk!i tooo want to kiss someone soo you can kiss me ”
G “oooohhhh idiot.i kiss boys not some mad girl who can not even a guy”
T “why i cant and how do you know?”
G “if you had done it than you would not ask me and because you are mad.let me show you how too kiss a boy.”
saying this she call someone.he seemed to be bad and he recognize twinkle that she is a model.and he admire her body from up and down
G “let me show you”
saying this she kisses the hi lips but soon broke “now you do it.than i will show you how to deepend the kiss”
B “no…….i will show you how you how to deepend the kiss.”
twinkle head towards the man and twinkle wrapped her arms around his neck in a very stylish way.he moved his hands on her body and soon there lips were about to meet when the owner came and punched him on his face.he is revaled to be none other than yuvi
Y “how dare you to touch dar you?”
he was all punching him when he noticed that twinkle is missing.he searched for and found her in the same room where were lots of hers pics.
T in a childish way “am i in all those pic.yes of course i would be.i am a succesfull model.right.yup.i am always right.but my wish is still not fullfilled” and she started to cry in a baby manner
Y “what is that?”

T “i want to kiss someone,and want to deepened the kiss”
Y ” ok now you are not in your sences.drink water.plz ”
T “but i want to kiss.if you are not ready,than goo.i will ask kunj.we had done that before.he will kiss me again.yup he will.”
Y “he kissed you.where?why?how?and why the hell you let him do that?”
T “he kissed my lips.he first …..suck my head lip….and …………and ..foot lip…..than the slippry think …yayaya tounge enter in my …………….
yep yuvi kissed her.he applied his full force and deepend the kiss.he first sucked his uper lip and than lower.he make some space in the tooths to explore her mouth.he picked her up and layed her on bed and again kisses her lips.he applied a great pressure ot which twinkle woke and he broke the kiss.twinklw come upon him and sucked his lips.yuvi was just over joyed at the time as his lady love was kissing him for the first time.he took off her dress and was bout to enter in her when a tought stricked his mind
Y “noooo…….no no..yuvi your twinkle is with you just be happy withis cannot force her as she is not even in her sences.she will feel up soo guilty.he tried to make twinke wear her dress but after all she was a girland without her ppermission.he did this mistake while ago but doont want to feel himself guilty sooo hee switched the lights off and make her wear a jeans and white shirt.she was already slept.when yuvi was about to go,twinkle hold him back and fall on her.twinkle rest up on his chest and sleep smilingly.yuvi kissed her forhead and than he too slept in the same positon.
next day twinkle woke up with the headache
T “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my head.why is it paining??”
yuvi woke u from the nose and rushed to get lemonade for twinkle.twinkle just saw a blurred image of yuvi.she with much diffiulty reached to her room and sat on bed holding her head when kunj entered the room with a weird look.his eyes were blo*dy red and cloths were messy and hairs were all in a bad condition.he came and hugged twinkle tightly
K “where the hell were you all night.i was finding you all night but are realy a siayaapa didnt even think to tell me where are you going?you just vanished from the………………twinkle keep her hand on his mouth.
T “plz kunj my head is paining very badly”
K ” whaaat?why?how?(come close to her and smell wine)twinkle you drink?wait let me get lemonade for you.
he came back with lemonade and make her drink it.
K “so where were you all night?”
T “i remember that ………….. hmmmmmmmmmm…ya i asked for a soft drink he gave me and i drink 6 no no 8 no no i think 14.then a girl came to me and blaber about kisses ………ya that blo*dy manager was about to kiss me(saying this she stands up on the bed)but sombody came and punched him………….aaaaaaaannnnnnnnddd…………it was a dark room,when i woke up in the morning i found myself on the chest of somone.aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.plz kunj i dont remember anything more.”
kunj looked at her cloths and said “twinkle!who …… your clooo…ths?
twinkle was all numb at that time
K “twinkle dammit try to remember what happened last night(a bit louder)”
t in one breath(accually she get a flashback of the kiss)”and he kissed me!”
saying this she started crying badly like a lifeless body.kunj was also very angry but melt up seeing her condition and hugged her
“twinkle plz dont cry.when you cry i feel like killing myself”
T “kuuuuunj , but what i have what will i do?i dont know.i eve cannot take care of myself!”
yuvi residence
he was all smiling endless.he took up twinkles photo and and said
“now i will never let you go away from me.tommorow we will met face to face will become are only mine.
screen freezes on kunj twinkle and yuvi face

Credit to: misha

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