My love is only for you (intro)

Hi guys
Some of you may know me from my previous ff, I decided to start a new one but the couples are the same as my old ones.
For whoever don’t know arshi, they are kushi and arnav joined together. Arshi used to be in this drama called iss pyaar ko kya naam doon. However the show had ended leaving us sweet memories of one of the most cutest couple on television. Kushi is played by sanaya irani and arnav is played by barun sobti. Sorry if the names are misspelled.

So basically the plot is a continuation of the original plot in the show but after one year leap.
Between that one year this is what happend so far
Whole maheshwari and gadodia are at a cliff side. Swara has finally managed to get the house and the company back but sanskaar still does not believe that Swara loves him. Sanskaar is right at the edge of the cliff side and ragini is in front of him. She points the gun at him saying Swara for your mistake sanskaar will pay for it. Just as she pulls the trigger Swara comes and pushes sanskaar to the side and takes the bullet. Due to the bullets force Swara falls backwards and falls down the cliff. Sanskaar then realises Swara actually did love him. While the whole family cries ragini slyly escapes.(don’t worry she won’t be negative for long)
After the one year leap Shanaya aka Swara who has lost her memory is living with arnav and his family
Arnavs family (all positive)
His dadi aka dadu
His younger brother aditya who is also shanayas bff
His mother Monica
His father ajay
His parents are traditional but have really modern thinking. When Swara fell from the cliff, aditya who was in that forest on a camping trip found Swara. He found her unconscious and took her to the hospital, his dad who is the doctor there treated her. His parents who had alway wanted a daughter had decided to keep Swara with them. As she forgot her memory. They named her Shanaya. As it may traumatise the patient they were not allowed to tell her that she has a memory loss they told her a fake story.( later it will be revealed). Even though she knows that they are not her real parents she still calls them mom and dad. She calls arnav bhaiya. Since aditya and her are best friends, people alway assume them as a couple.
Shanaya aka Swara is a really loud, out-spoken girl. She’s a guitarist and she has the most popular gang in college. Her band and her always win every music competition. She doesn’t believe in love and is a very flirtatious girl. But she’s very sensitive and caring
Aditya is similar to her.
Whereas arnav is a angry young man.

Kushi is swaraginis cousin who is staying with the gadodia for a couple of month due to her work.
Kushi is like how ragini used to be. The good ragini. But the only difference is that she is not afraid to speak against elders and is very bubbly.

P.S plz do not have high hopes for this ff as I am very lazy and I know I won’t concentrate properly while typing and I wil type some random shit like I’m doing right now. So apologies in advance.

Plzz tell me wether I should continue or not.

Credit to: Mumina


  1. KEIRA

    I lv ur stry line pls pls pls as fast as make’s a suggestion fr ur story that when swara vil see snskar she tries to remmbr dis strnge feeling and faints snskar takes her hos and docs says that she saw smthng and can gain her mmry back.and swasan bcam gd frendz I hope u undrstnd and don’t mind the suggestion

  2. Harani

    Even this intro is awesome…waiting fr ur ff….mistakes r common yaar…ur ff is always good so mistakes r nt taken into consideration ?

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