My love for YRKKH

Hello everyone.
I usually don’t watch indian television. My mom started watching Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai about 8 years ago. I and my mom live together while my dad has to live in another city for his job.

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai used to come at 9 o’clock first which used to be the time when we would have our dinner. Since she loved watching yrkkh I used to also watch with her to avoid fighting over the remote. I still remember the first episode of yrkkh. Hina khan with long hair and karan mehra with the turtle neck sweater (one that SRK wore in mohobattein).

I always used to criticise my mom about the saas bahu shows she used to watch. The ones where saas would plot against the baahus or where they had a saautan to make the leads life hell. But yrkkh had none of them. I had no reason to hate yrkkh. I slowly started getting addicted to it. My mom and I used to avoid going out on sundays because yrkkh used to telecast on sundays as well. I used to love how yrkkh brought happiness in our trouble filled lives.
Akshara’s identity as a simple sweet girl wanting to get married. Naitik’s character like a normal boy who was scared to get married. Naksh meeting for the first time. Their arrange marraige turning into love marraige. Akshara adjusting in her sasural and naitik supporting her at each step. I also loved how they addressed the issues of our society. Akshara’s journey from wearing a pallu (covering her head) over her head to her wearing dresses and then plazos.

The track where akshara was pregnant with naksh and the singhanias had financial problems. When naitik went in coma and akshara handelled the business. When naksh and naitik had difficulty in bonding with each other. Rashmi and sameers track. Varsha and shauryas track. When akshara had a miscarraige. Naira being born. The missunderstanding regarding dadaji’s death. The leap that took ak nk naksh and naira away. Naksh coming back to india. Ak and bhabhimaa coming together.Ak becoming blind. The naksh and nayantara track. Naira and sukanya track. I know I have missed a lot of thing that happened in the serial. But it was all that we loved.

When shivangi joshi, mohsin khan and kanchi sing entered the show in june it got a fresh breath of air and more youngsters started watching yrkkh. Their fans who had watched their previous shows also became a part of yrkkh fandom. It obviously gave good trp and this new generation was liked by everyone. So the CV’s shifted their focus from ak nk to kaira.

I know that hina khan is leaving the show. I am sad about this fact. I loved her as akshara. But not watching the show just because she is leaving doesn’t do justice to yrkkh. Yeah, her shoes can never be filled but we have to move on. Karan mehra also left but then he moved on to big boss and I support him there. I also vote for rohan mehra. Hina khan would also achieve big in her life. She also said in a recent interview that she whishes the best for yrkkh as it has made her what she is today. When she herself is leaving on such a happy note then let’s accept this change with a happy heart instead of venting out our anger on the show.

We ought to understand that the actors have to move forward for their carrer’s sake. Hina khan’s character was not given proper screen space as almost all the aspects of her character were covered. The CV’s couldn’t think of anything new that would bring the focus on akshara. Hina khan, karan mehra and rohan mehra were all right on their part. This will obviously affect the TRP of the show but let’s all give a chance to the young generation to prove themselves.

I request you all to stop spreading the negativity. we all love hina but we all also love yrkkh. We love yrkkh as a whole family. There are other actors, directors, script writers, producers, make up artists , light me, spot dada’s , etc…. who put all their effort just so that we can watch one episode. So declaring not watching yrkkh just because one person is leaving is not fair.
Every journey has a low point, this is that low point for yrkkh. Let’s all be supportive. If you can’t praise then atleast don’t criticize. There is already enough negetivity in everyone’s life , let’s create happiness.

I wrote this because I love yrkkh to the core. I am going to watch it till its last episode is telecast. Its been 8 strong years let’s hope for 8 more !!
PS : Also in the coming week yrkkh will complete 2250 episodes and will become the longest running tv serial beating balika vadhu.
PPS : My intention was not to hurt anyone. I was just putting forward my love for yrkkh.

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  1. U have put down the feelings of every new n old fans….thank u so much for such a sensible post …show must go on…

  2. Hales

    These r actually the same thing i m saying to everyone where i see a conflict between hina n kaira fan! Yes dude nature needs ppl to grow n change themseleves bit to adapt well …n thts wat yrkkh is doing shifting focus to yoing generations ..i have so so mnay of frnds watching this show now aftr this …so everyone should change thier thinking a bit n give proper chance to young generation as they gave a chance to yrkkh n akshara 8 yrs back! If ppl wont change their old mindset of seeing akshara every where then tym will ovio move on …these fans of hina call themselves true fans ryt!? So cant u think of an actress acting as a mother to ppl very close to her age …n soon will become mother in law..ovio at one tym she would like to take a younger role ..being so called hina fan think about her situation atleast..n respect tht ..when she doesnt have any personal grudges with yrkkh y r u!??

    1. Hales

      Watch yrkkh if u love the concept of positivity n show full of various relations! So m gonna watch yrkkh no matter wat! Coz dude there is a lot of negativity in lyf ..n if i get myself something positive n i enjoy watching it i wont stop it!?

  3. Well said

  4. Piyali

    Well , completely agree on you for most of the points , the best thing which this show used to possess is not being over dramatic , those sautan stories , saas-bahu stories and everything but it used to possess it , I am sorry but now this show doesn’t possess anything like that , you know there used to be a time when not seeing YRKKH int he trp chart , I used to be like why such a good show which doesn’t have any over drama isn’t getting trp but from the recent tracks , what is the difference left between this show and other shows ???
    YRKKH showed us how a girl ran away from her own wedding and never a sign of her again(Tara) , Many more characters have disappeared the same way……a guy having extra marital affair and still his family forgiving him (Shaurya) , a brother trying tO KILL his bhaiyaa bhabhi for money sake (Naman ) , A girl living away from her parents for 8 long years just due to misunderstanding (Naira) , Two girls falling for the the same boy and one being the bad one and other being the good and sacrificing (Naira and Gayu)…..
    What is the difference left between Rashmi sharma shows like Swaragini , Ekta shows like YHM from Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata hai????
    Sometimes I really want to ask , what will they give us justification of Naira living away from her family for years??? Just a misunderstanding , if it was the dadaji track , atleast it was exceptable because the four of them were together but this girl was all alone………..what about that????
    I am a Mad Hina fan but had left the show earlier itself , am a completely big fan of Mohsin from dream girl and shivangi , I hadn’t watched her acting but yet , I watched some promos of begusarai on tv long before , she was the cutest girl I found in that promo, even Kanchi , I still can’t forget AviRaj,……………….thats the point , they need to prove themselves in new shows not such shows …….I hope all the starts rise to fame………..Love you……… happy……….

  5. Well said RESPECT to you ?????

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